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TakingITGlobal Volunteer  Handbook   Global  Issue  Team  Member                                                




1. Welcome 2. About  TIG  (FAQ/Tour)   3. Your  Job  Description  (Responsibilities)   4. Your  Tools  (Training  Videos/Comprehensive  Written  guide)   5. Your  Contacts  (OV  Lounge,  Groups,  Coordinator,  TIG  Staff)   6. Reporting  Structure  (MyWeek,  Calendar  of  Meetings)   7. Calendar   8. Thanks                                      


WELCOME Dear  Volunteer,  

Welcome,  TIG  volunteer.  It  is  so  good  to  have  you  on  board!  We  want  you  to  know  that  we  have  an   extraordinary  appreciation  for  our  volunteers,  and  a  deep  respect  for  their  time.  We  know  you  do  not  need  to   be  helping  TakingITGlobal,  but  we  really  do  appreciate  that  you  are.     This  handbook  well  help  you  gain  a  deeper  understanding  of  TakingITGlobal,  it’s  mission,  and  how  you   fit  in  to  it.  By  the  time  you  finish  reading  (and  watching)  this  orientation  guide,  you  should  be  confident  in  your   understanding  of  your  new  responsibilities  and  the  tools  you  use  to  fulfill  them  -­‐  and  if  you  don’t,  you  will   definitely  know  who  to  contact  for  help!  So  make  sure  to  hang  onto  this  handbook,  and  refer  to  it  often.     As  a  TakingITGlobal  volunteer,  you  have  a  right  to  a  respectful  and  positive  work  environment,  and  if   you  ever  feel  uncomfortable  in  any  aspect  of  your  position,  please  contact  us  the  Online  Community  Manager,   Sena  Hussain,  at      For  further  information  on  workplace  safety,  please  see  sections  4   and  5  of  the  Volunteer  and  Intern  Policy  Handbook  (which  can  be  found  in  chapter  4  of  this  document).    We   want  you  to  have  an  amazing  and  unique  experience  working  in  a  cross-­‐cultural,  globally  minded,  technology   driven,  youth  led  organization.  We  hope  that  this  experience  can  inspire  you  to  pursue  your  dreams  and  help   you  develop  the  skills  you  need  to  create  the  change  you  wish  to  see  in  this  world.       Please  take  your  time  to  become  familiar  with  the  material  in  this  handbook.  Consider  it  your  first  job   as  a  TIG  Volunteer.                            


ABOUT TIG   Who  We  Are is   the   social   network   that   connects   youth   to   the   global   issues   that   affect   us   all.   Through  the  use  of  Information  and  Communication  Technologies  (ICTs)  we  provide  opportunities  for  learning,   capacity-­‐building,  cross-­‐cultural  awareness  and  self-­‐development  for  thousands  of  young  people  around  the   world.   TIG   was   founded   in   1999   by   two   young   Canadians,   Jennifer   Corriero   and   Michael   Furdyk,   who   were   19   and  17  at  the  time.  TIG  started  its  operations  with  the  launch  of  TakingITGlobal’s  On-­‐line  Community,  which   was  envisioned  as  a  space  to  foster  inspiration,  information  and  involvement  among  young  people  around  the   world.  From  a  small  organization  with  a  modest  volunteer  staff,  TakingITGlobal  grew  into  a  prominent  youth   organization  with  over  300,000  members  and  hundreds  volunteers  around  the  world.   Our   on-­‐line   community,,   has   become   the   most   popular   online   social   network   for   young  people  interested  in  connecting  across  cultures  and  making  a  difference.    This  site  features  hundreds  of   thousands  of  pages  generated  by  our  community,  and  administrated  by  our  volunteers  -­‐  which  now  includes   you!  Without  out  volunteers,  TIG  simply  would  not  have  the  capacity  to  host  the  wide  array  of  useful  tools  we   offer.  Our  Events,  Opportunities  and  Organizations  pages,  the  Global  Gallery,  and  our  the  monthly  Panorama   Zines   are   all   organized   by   our   volunteers.   Without   our   volunteer   translators,   TIG   would   only   be   available   in   English,  and  not  the  12  other  languages  we  can  claim  to  host.  Even  our  discussion  boards  are  moderated  by   volunteers!   It  is  our  vision  that  youth  everywhere  are  actively  engaged  and  connected  in  shaping  a  more  inclusive,   peaceful  and  sustainable  world.  It  is  our  mission  to  enable  a  collaborative  learning  community  which  provides   youth  with  access  to  global  opportunities,  cross-­‐cultural  connections  and  meaningful  participation  in  decision-­‐ making.  It  is  our  purpose  is  to  facilitate  global  understanding  and  grow  leadership  among  youth  to  enhance   their  participation  in  social  movements  for  a  better  world.  And  it  is  our  volunteers  that  help  us  turn  these   goals,  dreams,  and  aspirations  into  reality!                  


ONLINE VOLUNTEER  JOB  DESCRIPTION   GLOBAL  ISSUE  TEAM  MEMBER­‐issues WHAT  YOU’LL  DO:  The  TakingITGlobal  Global  Issues  page  is  how  we  get  our  members  informed  about  what  is   going  on  in  their  world.  From  deforestation  in  the  Amazon  to  history  of  Democratic  Republic  of  Congo,  we   want  our  members  to  be  informed  on  the  issues  that  affect  them  and  their  communities.  As  a  Global  Issue   Team  Member,  you  will  be  part  of  a  small  team  of  dedicated  young  volunteers  tasked  with  maintaining  and   updating  one  of  our  nine  Global  Issue  pages,  and  the  sub-­‐issues  that  are  associated  with  it.  You  will  be   responsible  for:   § § § §

Helping to  keep  the  Statistics,  Organizations,  Videos  and  other  resources  up-­‐to-­‐date  and  relevant   Searching  the  TakingITGlobal  website,  as  well  other  websites,  for  relevant  and  interesting  resources   Attend  frequent  online  meetings  with  your  Coordinator,  and  the  rest  of  the  TakingITGlobal  volunteer   community   Submitting  Weekly  reports  to  your  Coordinator  on  your  continued  progress  

WHAT YOU’LL  NEED:  As  a  Global  Issue  Team  Member,  you  will  a  rich  and  rewarding  experience  working  with   some  amazing  individuals  that  share  your  interest  in  youth  activism,  but  before  you  do,  you  must  be  able  to   bring  a  few  things  to  the  table.  You  should:   § § § § §

Be willing  to  work  a  few  hours  a  week  for  6  months  as  a  TakingITGlobal  Online  Volunteer;   Have  a  background  in  the  Issue  you  will  be  working  on;   Have  the  ability  to  work  on-­‐line  with  little  structure  or  supervision;   Be  able  to  work  within  a  team  of  volunteers  from  around  the  globe  through  Internet  communication;   3-­‐6  hours  per  week  to  give  to  TakingITGlobal,  and  a  reliable  Internet  connection.    

WHAT YOU’LL  GAIN:  As  a  Global  Issue  Team  Member,  you  will  gain  the  valuable  experience  of  volunteering   within  an  organization  that  is  recognized  as  a  leading  innovator  in  social  media  and  youth  activism.  This  is  not   only  something  you  can  show  to  future  employers,  but  is  a  way  for  you  to  develop  your  skills  as  an  active  and   engaged  member  of  society.  You  will  walk  away  from  this  experience  with:   § § § § §   6  

Online volunteer  training  tools,  and  access  to  volunteer  workshops   Strong  connections  to  globally  minded  youth  from  around  the  world   Real  world  experience  in  the  non-­‐profit  sector   Developed  communication  skills,  and  experience  as  an  online  volunteer      

TRAINING TOOLS   Volunteer  Guides  

The  following  are  a  set  of  text,  graphic  and  video  guides  that  will  help  you  understand  how  to  complete  your   role  as  a  TakingITGlobal  Volunteer.    Please  insure  that  your  logged  into  TIG  before  following  these  links,  as   many  of  them  require  permission  to  view.         General  Volunteer  Tools  Video­‐72d1-­‐42c6-­‐9eee-­‐7d1afd23504e     Global  Issues  Tools  Video     TIG  Site  Tour     Do’s  and  Don’ts  of  TIG  Volunteering     Volunteer  Hours  Tracking     More  Volunteer  Videos     Intern  and  Volunteer  Policy  Handbook                  



As a   global   organization,   communication   between   the   TIG   Staff   and   the   TIG   volunteers   can   sometimes   be  very  challenging.  Thankfully,  we  have  a  wide  array  of  tools  to  help  us  stay  in  touch  and  stay  connected:     EMAIL:   As   a   volunteer,   we   are   happy   to   provide   you   with   your   very   own   TakingITGlobal   Email   address.   To   activate  your  new  address,  please  follow  this  link:  We  find  Gmail  to  be  a  very   effective  email  service,  partly  because  of  the  way  it  tracks  and  organizes  email  threads,  but  also  in  the  way   that   it   lets   you   chat   with   all   your   contacts.   The   use   of   this   account   is   optional,   but   it   does   help   to   have   the   entire  TIG  Team  on  the  same  network,  especially  while  working  together.  Here  are  some  contacts  that  you  can   add  right  away:   • • •

Online Community  Manager:  Sena  Hussain,   Online  Community  Connector:  Niall  Buryk,   Online  Community  Volunteer  Assistant  Manager:  Aysha  Imtiaz,  

TIG  GROUPS:  You  may  or  may  not  be  familiar  with  the  Groups  resource  that  TakingITGlobal  offers.  This  is   another  great  way  to  share  documents,  messages,  and  contacts.  You  can  find  your  groups  here:   • • •  

SKYPE:  We  also  have  a  fondness  for  Skype,  as  it  lets  us  communicate  by  voice  and  by  video,  for  free!   • • • •



TIG: TakingITGlobal   Sena  Hussain:  sena.hussain   Niall  Buryk:  nmburyk10   Aysha  Imtiaz:  aysha-­‐i  

TEAM MANAGMENT   Reporting  Structure  

These reporting  tools  are  a  quick  and  convenient  way  for  you  to  keep  a  record  of  your  volunteer   achievements,  and  keep  your  coordinator  informed  on  how  your  team’s  progress.  It  also  lets  the  TIG  staff   identify  problems  the  online  volunteers  are  encountering.     MyWeek:  This  is  a  reporting  function  that  we  ask  all  our  volunteers  to  use  on  a  weekly  basis.  There  are  four   sections:  Highs,  Lows,  Issues  and  Plans.  Our  goal  is  to  celebrate  our  Highs,  reflect  on  our  Lows,  get  support  for   our  Issues,  and  let  everyone  know  about  our  Plans.   Monthly  Reports:  Monthly  reports  are  basically  a  condensed  version  of  your  weekly  reports,  and  are  required   to  be  submitted  at  the  end  of  the  month.  They  do  not  need  to  be  long  or  extremely  detailed,  but  they  should   give  us  a  good  idea  of  how  much  you  have  accomplished  in  the  past  month,  and  how  you  feel  your  team  is   doing.  Feel  free  to  reference  your  MyWeek  history  to  help  compile  your  Monthly  Reports.  You  can  find  the   monthly  report  form  here   Online  Meetings:  Once  a  month  we  ask  that  all  our  volunteers  attend  an  Online  Meeting  hosted  by  the  TIG   Staff.  This  is  a  way  to  talk  with  your  supervisors,  get  answers  to  your  questions,  share  your  ideas,  and  meet   some  other  awesome  volunteers.  The  Online  Meetings  usually  happen  on  the  first  Wednesday  of  the  month  at   10:30  am  EST,  here:    We  will  be  sending  updates  the  week  before   the  meetings  to  remind  everyone  to  come,  and  we  understand  that  not  everyone  will  be  able  to  attend  due  to   other  responsibilities  and  commitments,  so  please  let  us  know  via  email,  and  we  will  be  happy  to  schedule  a   secondary  meeting  at  your  convenience.   Calendar:  The  Online  Volunteer  Calendar  helps  the  OV’s  stay  organized.    The  calendar  displays  when  our  OV   meetings  will  be  held  -­‐  which  gives  you  lots  of  time  to  either  clear  your  schedule,  or  give  us  notice  that  you  will   not  be  able  to  attend.  The  calendar  also  shows  when  you  should  submit  your  monthly  reports  and  MyWeek.    It   can  be  accessed  here:     • •   Or  through  your  gmail  Calendar  tool  (please  email  from  your  gmail  account   to  gain  access  to  this  calendar,  if  you  don’t  have  it  already!).      

The calendar  also  shows  International  Days.  These  days  are  recognized  by  the  United  Nations,  and  help   us  organize  all  the  different  sections  of  the  OC  through  a  shared  theme.  We  encourage  you  to  contact  other   volunteers  for  support  on  these  issues  (  i.e.,  for  the  upcoming  World  Health  Day  on  April  7th,  you  could  share   a  Health  related  resource  with  the  Global  Issue  -­‐  Health  team).      


THANK YOU!!!   Further  Reading  

Once  again  we  would  like  to  thank  you  for  volunteering  your  time  with  TakingITGlobal.  We  are  not  only   grateful   for   your   time,   but   excited   to   be   working   with   you!   It   is   our   privilege   to   be   connected   to   the   global   youth   who   are   shaping   the   future.   If   you   have   any   questions   regarding   the   material   in   this   handbook,   you   should   already   know   who   to   contact!   (and   if   not,   please   send   an   email   to   one   of   the   following:,,   For  further  information  on  TakingITGlobal,  helpful  documents,  and  volunteering  tips,  please  check  out   the  TakingITGlobal  Online  Volunteer  Team  group.  Thanks  again,  best  of  luck,  and  kind  regards!   TIG  TEAM    


Copy Right  TakingITGloal,  2011.      


Global Issue Team Member Handbook  

A handbook for TakingITGlobal volunteers working as a Global Issue Team Member.

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