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: HP HP0-J19


: HP Storage Essentials SRM Standard Edition

Version : R6.1    

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1. HP Storage Essentials SRM Event Manager indicates several CIM_ERR_FAILED messages for managed hosts. What is the most probable cause of this error? A. WMI is not running. B. CIM Extension is not functioning. C. The firewall is preventing a connection. D. The management server is not functioning. Answer: B 2. Which actions are required to reinitialize the HP Storage Essentials SRM database? (Select three.) A. Stop the AppStorManager Service. B. Stop the AppWBEMManager Service. C. Click the Create new database button. D. Click the Re-initialize the Database button. E. Enter the password for the SYSTEM account. F. Enter the password for the DB_SYSTEM_USER account. Answer: ADE 3. What do the capacity and utilization reports display? A. host performance - CPU and memory usage B. device utilization - a centralized view of capacity usage per system C. file utilization - frequently used files and unused files which may be archived to tape or optical media D. storage utilization - thresholds set by administrators that provide notification when additional storage capacity must be added Answer: B 4. Which security types determine if you can modify elements within HP Storage Essentials SRM? (Select two.) A. role-based B. user-based C. zone-based D. permission-based E. organization-based Answer: AE 5. In which authentication mode must a Microsoft SQL server database be to enable monitoring and management from HP Storage Essentials SRM? A. single B. Windows C. SQL server    

D. mixed-mode Answer: D 6. What is required to generate the HP Storage Essentials SRM permanent license key? A. client unique ID B. server IP address C. host serial number D. client install checksum Answer: A 7. You are unable to discover Microsoft Exchange servers in HP Storage Essentials. What is the most probable cause? A. There is an incorrect static IP address. B. There is an incompatible version of Exchange Server. C. SMTP is not running and this is affecting Active Directory. D. Stale DNS records are affecting Active Directory lookups. Answer: D 8. You set up event filtering in HP Systems Insight Manager. What is the result? A. Events that do not pass the filter are lost. B. Events that pass the filter trigger a notification. C. Events that pass the filter are indicated by a filter symbol. D. Events that do not pass the filter are hidden, but can be recalled. Answer: A 9. Which items are backed up during a database export? (Select three.) A. appiq.log B. CIMOM.log C. tnsnames.ora D. CIM repository E. database schema F. jboss configuration files Answer: CDE 10. A Linux client has the requirement for periodic password changes. What can you do to eliminate the needed change for the Linux CIM Extension? A. Set the root user account to be used with the CIM Extension on the Linux host. B. Set the credentials flag to start the CIM Extension with a generic login and password. C. Use an account from the Everything Organization to prevent the need for a password change. D. Use the Always Trust option for the specific Linux host to prevent the need for a password change.    

Answer: B 11. In Capacity Manager, which term refers to drives not in a RAID set? A. unmapped B. unallocated C. unused raw D. unconfigured Answer: C 12. You attempt to access the HP Storage Essentials Web Interface and receive an HTTP ERROR: 503. What is the most likely cause? A. Connection to the Oracle database failed. B. The appstormanager service is not running. C. HP Storage Essentials connector is not running. D. Assigned credentials for the appstormanager service are invalid. Answer: A 13. During a Report Cache Refresh, you received the error: unable to extend segment in undo tablespace "UNDOTBS1". What is the cause of the error? A. The database is full. B. The database index is full. C. Materialized views are corrupted. D. The temp tablespace is corrupted. Answer: D 14. You want to back up the HP Storage Essentials SRM database. Which method is recommended? (Select two.) A. Shut down the database and copy the files. B. Use the dbadmin utility to export the database. C. Use the HP Systems Insight Manager database utility. D. Enable database archive mode and use RMAN for backup. E. Database backup is not supported in the HP Storage Essentials SRM environment. Answer: BD 15. John, your customer, is running HP Storage Essentials SRM Standard Edition. He would like to create a zone set for a Brocade switch. What should you recommend to him? A. Upgrade to Enterprise Edition. B. Install Brocade Fabric Manager. C. Purchase additional MAPs for each zone set. D. Nothing. This is included with the Standard Edition.    

Answer: A 16. Which HP Systems Insight Manager functionality uses the user accounts defined in the global protocol settings? A. SNMP trap forwarding to a destination B. SMTP notification from managed systems C. WBEM communication with managed systems D. primary reachability checks for managed systems Answer: C 17. What is considered a discovery filter in HP Systems Insight Manager? A. TCP/IP address range specified for discovery B. a DNS extension specified for selected systems C. individual systems selected from the discovery list D. system collections selected from the discovery list Answer: D 18. Where must user accounts be created to allow users access to the management server? A. at the domain server B. within HP Storage Essentials C. within HP Systems Insight Manager D. at the management server user admin tool Answer: C 19. You are modifying or creating an HP Systems Insight Manager automatic event handling task. What do you select in addition to the task name, events, systems, and actions? A. priority B. protocol C. time filter D. start date Answer: C 20. What is the procedure to optimize HP Storage Essentials SRM discovery time for an EVA? A. Add RMItimeout=18000. B. Modify the noCIMOM=true. C. Add the EVAenhancedperf=all. D. Modify the synchronizerNoExtents=all. Answer: D 21. What happens when the locale of the management server is changed from English to another supported language?    

A. Only the application text changes to the other language. B. The application text changes to the other language and the currency changes correspondingly. C. The application text and online help change to the other language and the currency changes correspondingly. D. The currency changes and you must additionally modify the locale in the server OS to change the application text. Answer: C 22. How do you create an authorization in HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM)? A. Assign a trusted certificate with a SIM user. B. Assign a username and password to a user. C. Associate a user with a toolbox and target systems. D. Associate an operating system user with a SIM user. Answer: C 23. A Windows host with external SAN storage is showing as local in the element properties. What is the most likely cause? A. The SNIA libraries are not installed. B. Host is not running a CIM extension. C. The storage is not mounted to a drive letter. D. Host is running unsupported multipathing software. Answer: D 24. Which HP Storage Essentials SRM Standard Edition tool allows you to view the name, status and time the last status was reported for any running task? A. Task Finder B. Task Viewer C. Task Discovery D. Task Dashboard Answer: D 25. Capacity Manager displays some storage on a storage system as unmapped. What is the state of this storage? A. not exported to a storage port or a host B. assigned to a storage port, but not to a host C. assigned to a storage port and a host, but unmounted D. not assigned to a storage port and reserved for metadata Answer: A 26. You want to check license availability. How often does the management server update the Current    

Usage Summary table after the first update? A. every 1 hour B. every 8 hours C. every 12 hours D. every 24 hours Answer: D 27. You installed HP Storage Essentials SRM Standard Edition 6.0 and are configuring an account for the CIO. Which roles will be available on this account? (Select two.) A. Reporter B. Business Tools C. Chargeback Manager D. Provisioning Manager E. Performance Manager Answer: AE 28. When are management server events marked as cleared? A. every sixty minutes B. whenever the refresh button is used C. after the deletion and frequency time is set D. when the automatic delay time is completed Answer: D 29. During data collection, the HP Storage Essentials SRM collector task will timeout if the SMI-S provider does not respond within the default time frame. How do you change the timeout value? A. Edit the runcim.bat file. B. Edit the cxws.config file. C. Edit the wrapper.conf file. D. Edit Custom Properties through the GUI. Answer: D 30. HP Data Protector Software and Veritas NetBackup are installed on the same host. What is the result of a CIM discovery? A. No backup applications will be discovered. B. Only HP Data Protector will be discovered by default. C. Only Veritas NetBackup will be discovered by default. D. Both applications will be discovered and can work in parallel. Answer: B 31. Which file from the HP Storage Essentials SRM [install dir]\logs folder holds information about internal    

provider transactions? A. appiq.log B. cimdb.log C. appdb.log D. cimom.log Answer: D 32. What are steps of the HP Storage Essentials SRM discovery process? (Select two.) A. Setup B. Unlock C. Detail Scan D. License Scan E. Hardware Scan Answer: AC 33. What enables HP Systems Insight Manager to collect data from managed SAN elements? A. entering a new license key B. installation of SMI-S providers C. the CIM extension on managed hosts D. a CIMOM client enabled on the storage system Answer: B 34. Which statement about the manual discovery process of HP Systems Insight Manager is correct? A. It cannot be initiated from a Remote Desktop. B. It supports systems listed in hosts or .xml files. C. It is not applicable to virtual devices or virtual partitions. D. It is required to associate iLO boards with the related servers. Answer: B 35. What are Product Health features? (Select three.) A. Configure email server. B. View and download files. C. Change JBOSS java settings. D. Configure SNMP community string. E. Make changes to custom properties. F. Change archive mode for RMAN backups. Answer: BCE 36. What are HP Storage Essentials SRM Standard Edition plug-ins? (Select two.) A. Policy Viewer    

B. Sybase Viewer C. File System Viewer D. Provisioning Manager E. Global Database Viewer Answer: BC 37. What are the two components of the connector? A. SE Database connector which connects both HP SIM and HP Storage Essentials SRM to the database B. ODBC connector which connects HP SIM to HP Storage Essentials SRM; HP SIM connector which connects HP Storage Essentials SRM to HP SIM C. MySQL connector which connects HP SIM to HP Storage Essentials SRM; HP SIM connector which connects HP Storage Essentials SRM to HP SIM D. Storage Essentials connector which connects HP SIM to HP Storage Essentials SRM; HP SIM Connector which connects HP Storage Essentials SRM to HP SIM Answer: D 38. Which security feature protects the intercommunication of HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM), its clients, and its users? A. Secure Shell based scripting is limited to UNIX platforms. B. HP-signed Secure Socket Layer certificates ensure authenticity. C. Secure Task Execution limits access from specific HP SIM servers. D. Secure Shell known_hosts files contain a list of discovered servers. Answer: C 39. Which component creates and updates the HP Systems Insight Manager database with discovered information? A. provider B. CIMOM C. connector D. SMI-S interface Answer: C 40. Which protocols can be used by managed devices to send alerts to the management server? (Select three.) A. Ping B. FTP C. SMI-S D. SMTP E. SNMP    

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