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: HP HP0-J18


: Implementing HP StorageWorks EVA Solutions

Version : R6.1    

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1. Which factor, in addition to storage and storage growth, is a typical driver for the implementation of Enterprise Virtual Array 8000 solutions? A. throughput B. data availability C. backup window D. management cost Answer: A 2. What happens if an HSV controller reaches a critical temperature? A. Ungrouped disks are powered off. B. Cache is put in write-through mode. C. Unused host ports are deactivated. D. Array shuts down after 180 seconds. Answer: B 3. You have a host connected to an EVA6000 using two HBAs. You find that the EVA is only accessible through one HBA. What are the possible causes? (Select three.) A. There is a faulty FC cable. B. The Fabric is not properly zoned. C. One HSV controller is powered off. D. Virtual disk properties are set for no failback. E. The wrong HBA WWID was added to the host-defined ports. Answer: ABE 4. When a cache battery fails on and EVA8000, why is it important to replace this as soon as possible? A. No units will be presented if the second battery also fails. B. Primary controller is disabled until cache battery is replaced. C. Secondary controller owns all units until battery status changes. D. The cache works in write through mode on the primary controller. Answer: A 5. Which replication method could cause an overcommit situation? (Select two.) A. clone B. Vsnap C. snapclone D. fully allocated snapshot E. demand-allocated snapshot Answer: BE    

6. The occupancy alarm level on an EVA4000 containing one disk group is set to 90%. When will an event be generated on the Command View EVA management station? A. when a virtual disk is filled above 90% B. when 90% of space is allocated on a single disk C. when 90% of disk slots are occupied in the array D. when usage of disk space within the disk group is above 90% Answer: D 7. Click the Exhibit button. Which EVA product is being implemented?

A. EVA3000 B. EVA5000 C. EVA4000 D. EVA6000 E. EVA8000 Answer: E 8. How many PSEGs are used in a Vraid5 Rstore? A. 3+1 B. 3+2 C. 4+1 D. 4+2 E. 4+3 Answer: C 9. Which tool is used to implement redundant paths to a Vdisk from an EVA4000/6000/8000 on an HP-UX    

system? A. SAM B. altPath C. PVlinks D. MPIO DSM Answer: C 10. What is a characteristic of Vraid0? (Select three.) A. 4+0 PSEGs per Rstore B. 4 +4 PSEGs per Rstore C. good read and write access D. no disk failure data protection E. single disk failure data protection F. good read and poor write access Answer: ACD 11. What happens when I/O requests are issued to a Vdisk on the non-owning controller? (Select two.) A. I/O requests issued have no performance impact. B. A read request issued has no performance impact. C. A write request issued has no performance impact. D. A read request issued has a higher performance impact. E. A write request issued has a higher performance impact. Answer: CD 12. You connect a 0C6D expansion rack to a fully equipped 2C12D rack. What is the maximum number of disk drives that can be added to achieve a supported configuration? A. 56 B. 60 C. 72 D. 84 Answer: C 13. What causes the first write overhead on an Enterprise Virtual Array? A. Vraid1 B. Vdisk diagnosis C. metadata update D. controller intercommunication Answer: C 14. Which component in an EVA4000 subsystem is responsible for bypassing failed disk drives?    

A. fibre channel loop switch B. disk drive enclosure I/O module C. the Array controller (HSV controller) D. environmental monitoring unit (EMU) Answer: B 15. How many concurrent disk drive failures with an RSS could be covered with a double disk failure protection level? A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. 4 Answer: A 16. From which page would you display the loop switch property? A. from the rack property page B. from the controller property page C. you can not display the information D. from the disk enclosure property page Answer: C 17. A customer wants to purchase a new Business Copy license for their EVA. What is the snapshot license policy based on? A. number of planned snapshots B. usable capacity of the storage in the EVA C. usable capacity of the virtual disks replicated D. usable capacity of the planned snapshots/snapclones Answer: C 18. Which attributes are required to create a Vdisk container in Command View EVA? (Select three.) A. size B. name C. spare capacity D. redundancy level E. access control list F. source virtual disk Answer: ABD 19. Through which interfaces can you enter the storage system name on a new EVA? (Select two.) A. Command View EVA    

B. Operator Control Panel (OCP) C. Environmental Monitoring Unit (EMU) D. Replication Solutions Manager (RSM) E. Storage System Scripting Utility (SSSU) Answer: AE 20. A Vraid5 virtual disk has been created in a 12-member disk group. What is the result of the loss of one disk? A. reordering of disks in each RSS B. reduction in the number of RSSs C. no change in the number of RSSs D. addition of a new Redundant Storage Set (RSS) Answer: B 21. When presenting a virtual disk to a host in Command View EVA, what will happen if you do not specify a LUN? A. No LUN is presented to the specified host. B. All LUNs are presented to the specified host. C. The next available LUN is presented to the specified host. D. The most recently selected LUN is presented to the specified host. Answer: C 22. Which statements are correct? (Select three.) A. The EVA4000 contains 2 host ports. B. The EVA4000 contains 4 host ports. C. The EVA6000 contains 4 host ports. D. The EVA6000 contains 8 host ports. E. The EVA8000 contains 4 host ports. F. The EVA8000 contains 8 host ports. Answer: BCF 23. Which arrangement properties describe a robust availability disk group configuration? (Select three.) A. The number of disk drive enclosures is odd. B. The number of disk drive enclosures is even. C. The member disk drives are arranged in horizontal rows. D. The member disk drives are arranged in vertical columns. E. The number of member disk drives is 14 or a multiple of 14 plus 2. F. The number of member disk drives is equal to or a multiple of the number of disk drive enclosures. Answer: BDF    

24. You have a disk group that contains 12, 72GB and 12, 146GB disks. The occupancy level of each 72GB disk is approximately 36GB. What is the approximate occupancy level of each 146GB disk? A. 36GB B. 72GB C. 108GB D. 145GB Answer: B 25. How does EVAPerf store array passwords on the management server? A. as free text in the Windows registry B. as encrypted text in the Windows registry C. as encrypted text in a database located in the EVAPerf install directory D. as free text in a secure database located in the EVAPerf install directory Answer: B 26. You are implementing an EVA6000 2C8D solution at a customer site. The customer needs highest availability and you add disks in groups of eight to the array. On which property page of Command View EVA can you locate the RSS ID and index information? A. Vdisk B. disk enclosure bay C. disk group, Vdisks tab D. disk group, general tab Answer: B 27. Which statement is correct about the allocation policy of snapshots? A. If one snapshot in a disk group is created using allocation on demand, all snapshots in the same disk group must use allocation on demand. B. If one snapshot in a virtual disk family is created using allocation on demand, other snapshots in the same virtual disk family can be fully allocated snapshots. C. If the first snapshot in a virtual disk family is created using the fully allocated method, all subsequent snapshots in the same disk group must be fully allocated. D. If the first snapshot in a virtual disk family is created using allocation on demand, all subsequent snapshots in the same virtual disk family will use allocation on demand. Answer: D 28. How does the management server communicate with the HSV controller? A. using SCSI tagged command queueing commands B. using Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) commands C. using Storage Management Appliance (SMA) commands    

D. using Storage Cell Management Interface (SCMI) commands Answer: D 29. How does releveling occur after the loss of one disk in a 16-member group containing 10, 10GB Vraid1 Vdisks? A. across 16 disks in the group B. across 15 disks in the group C. across 10 disks in the group D. across 14 disks in the group E. the group does not need to relevel Answer: D 30. A disk group member failure occurs with a Vraid5 virtual disk. What happens to the data if the disk group has assigned spare space and there is also enough available free space? A. Data from the failed disk is reconstructed into a snapclone. B. Data from the failed disk is reconstructed into the free space. C. Data from the failed disk is reconstructed into the default disk group. D. Data from the failed disk is reconstructed into the allocated spare space. Answer: B 31. Which statements are correct about loop switches? (Select two.) A. The switches support failover. B. Four switches are supported for the EVA8000. C. Up to two switches are supported for the EVA6000. D. The base model EVA4000 hardware includes switches. E. Performance is degraded for random I/Os on large configurations. Answer: BC 32. What is the purpose of the operating system Unit ID property of a Vdisk? A. All operating systems require a unique ID to assign a virtual disk a device name. B. Some operating systems require a unique ID to assign a virtual disk a device name. C. The operating system Unit ID contains the information about the selected file system. D. The operating system Unit ID is automatically generated by the operating system when the drive signature is written. Answer: B 33. An EVA has identified a disk drive as failed and entered it into the drive suspect list (DSL). What happens if this disk drive is again detected by the controller? A. The disk drive is bypassed and spun down. B. It is re-initialized and used as ungrouped disk.    

C. Non-disruptive diagnostics are run on the detected disk. D. Data written on the disk is replicated into the recovery file. Answer: A 34. You have a disk group made up of 10, 72GB disk drives. You add a single 146GB disk drive to that same disk group. How much disk space is required to provide double protection level to that disk group? A. 144GB B. 288GB C. 292GB D. 584GB Answer: D 35. What is meant by the disk replacement delay policy? A. The time to wait before manually starting reconstruction. B. The time between changing disks due to a double disk failure in the array. C. The time between disk failure and installation of two or more physical disks into the array. D. The time between disk failure and controller's search for empty space to replace a failed drive. Answer: D 36. What is the minimum number of physical disks supported in an EVA 2C12D? A. 24 B. 48 C. 64 D. 96 Answer: B 37. Why would you consider configuring two separate disk groups instead of a single one? (Select two.) A. higher availability B. lower cost of ownership C. higher storage efficiency D. better database performance E. better utilization of disk space Answer: AD 38. Which statement about changing the storage system password for an EVA is correct? A. If you change the password with the controller OCP, the change is propagated to Command View EVA. B. If you change the password in the controller OCP, the password must also be changed in Command View EVA. C. If you do not know the password that was entered with the controller OCP, you have to reinitialize the storage system.    

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