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SEMPERscotland Summer 2013 Issue SEMPERscotland is a Scottish-wide police staff association serving the existing police force; Police Scotland,whose primary functions are, to support and represent all minority ethnic employees of the Service and to promote equality of opportunity and fairness throughout.


THE CHAIR It has been a busy couple of years for me. I can’t believe time has flown. As I look back on the accomplishments of SEMPERscotland over the past years, I’m amazed at what we can do when we pull together to support visions inspired by our common interests – a real example of the phrase, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Several times during the course of the years we were face with what appeared to be insurmountable challenges that tested our mettle.

We, however, looked beyond the surface, embraced the unavoidable and “stepped up to the plate” in order to deliver our objectives. We at SEMPERscotland are driven by our passion and intrigue for racial equality in all its form and I take enormous pride in our achievements to date. Whilst our organisation remains active in all areas of concern to minority ethnic police employees, we have a special concern for

Bassem Akbar - Chair the recruitment and development of our young men and women from the community who will drive forward social and political change within the Service and the wider Scottish society. What matters to us is: equality, fairness, diversity and treating people with dignity and respect according to their needs. And, most importantly, OUR Police Scotland. As we grow in size, status and substance, our prime objective is to

support you but we need you to carry on supporting us so we can serve youbetter. Please feel free to communicate with us to give your suggestions and comments; tell us what your interests are and what we can do for you in order to strengthen our collective voice. Thank you for helping SEMPERscotland to continue to serve and punch way above its weight.

SEMPERscotland Bishopbriggs Police Office, 113 Kirkintilloch Road, Bishopbriggs, G64 2AA TEL: 0141 207 5809 FAX: 0141 207 5810


DCC RICHARDSON As Strategic Lead for Equality and Diversity in the newly formed Police Scotland, I am delighted for the opportunity to provide you with a few words.

DCC Richardson

These are exciting and challenging times as we enter a new era of policing in Scotland. We have gone from 8 individual forces into one and are committed to providing the same excellent standards of service to our communities in our efforts to keep people safe.

Fundemental to all of that is the bedrock of the police service, our officers and staff who come from diverse backgrounds and deliver services in often difficult circumstances 24 hrs a day. The Police family embraces many different cultures and each and every person has a valuable contribution to make in a successful future. Police Scotland is committed to providing a workplace where people feel valued and are encouraged to maximize their potential, ensuring the environment that our Staff and Officers work in is one in which their views and opinions matter, that they are treated fairly and with dignity and respect at all times. SEMPER Scotland in representing and supporting all minority ethnic employees of Police Scotland, is integral to the Force moving forward and we will work in partnership to ensure that the impact of recent change has little or no effect on the previously excellent working relationship legacy Forces had. Police Scotland are committed to positively impacting on areas of imbalance ensuring that no matter what your background, belief or culture is, there is equality of opportunity and fairness for all. I and my team look forward to working with and supporting you in the coming year, which I am sure will bring many challenges and successes.



PC Allan McLean (L) and PC Misheck Muchemwa (R) receiving the award on behalf of SEMPERscotland.

“On Tuesday June 18, 2013, PC Misheck Muchemwa and PC Allan McLean attended the Scottish Awards for Business Excellence 2013 ceremony at the Roxburghe Hotel in Edinburgh, to receive the prestigious European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Award from Dave Bradley, CEO Quality Scotland, on behalf of SEMPERscotland.

This was in recognition of the important work being undertaken by SEMPERscotland to support minority ethnic officers and staff. The event was well attended with representatives from both the private and public sectors. Mish and Allan were able to raise the profile of SEMPERscotland by outlining what we do to a wider public. John Loughton the winner of 2008 Hijack Big Brother was the Keynote Speaker and delivered an entertaining and insightful speech challenging the audience on issues around doing things for ‘me’ or for ‘we’. The EFQM Committed to Excellence accreditation is a 2 stage process that took three months for SEMPERscotland to complete. The award was conferred to us by external examiners from Audit Scotland on April 16, 2013.



DCC Richardson

The Scottish Police Federation is the statutory staff association representing police officers in Scotland up to and including the rank of Chief Inspector. It is because we recognise the differing needs of our members that the Joint Central Committee introduced the new position of Equality Secretary and I am delighted to be the first person to hold that role. I have long been aware of the work undertaken by SEMPERscotland and experienced first-hand the valuable contribution it makes to minority ethnic officers who are also our members. Working with representatives from SEMPERscotland allows me to better understand the issues affecting those officers from ethnic minority backgrounds and in turn offer them a service that is tailored to their specific needs. It is for those reasons that I am looking forward to working more closely with the executive team of SEMPERscotland to ensure that our members receive absolutely the very best of support and representation.I was also keen for SEMPERscotland to be co-opted onto the Scottish Police Staff Association Equality Working Group and am delighted that the invitation was accepted. Together we can become a stronger voice in the area of equality and strive to eradicate discriminatory practices and behaviours.Although my dealings to date have been mostly with Office Bearers, I am looking forward to meeting and working with the other members of theexecutive team and local representatives. If I can be of any assistance to any member of SEMPERscotland please contact me on,


TO HELP YOU SEMPERscotland wants to provide the most effective support service possible to its members. Whilst the Executive Committee does its best to meet the needs of members who seek support, we need your help to ensure that we continue to build on the successes of the past. Towards this aim, we are asking you to simply tell us what you see as the three most important things that would assist SEMPERscotland to provide the kind of support service that would best meet the needs of minority ethnic police officers and support staff in the Scottish police service. All constructive comments and suggestions for improvements are very much valued and appreciated. Thank you in advance for taking the time to influence the way forward for SEMPERscotland, the organisation with your support needs at its heart. Please email us your comments at.


We are in the throes of updating and reviewing our information systems to enhance our support to current and future minority ethnic employees. As a result, one of the things we’ve decided to create is a formal Skills Database particulary considering support for special events like the upcoming Commonweath Games. The Skills database will enable us to, amoung other things, compete a full Skills Auditensuring that: • Training/experience gaps are identified • The skills minority ethinic mployees bring to Services are highlighted • Our resources are better utlised. Can you please download and fill in the skills database and send it back to us on

ACDP PROGRAM Wendy Alletson

This developmental programme aims to prepare and equip police officers for senior posts within the service. It offers accelerated career challenges and personal growth opportunities which seek to optimize leadership and management potential. DCC Neil Richardson is the executive lead for ACDP and a former programme member. Wendy Alletson (pictured) is the ACDP Coordinator and based at the Scottish Police College.

There are currently 16 officers on the As the event progressed it was programme, ranging in rank from Constable to Chief Inspector. A selection process is held annually for the programme. This is open to probationary officers, constables and sergeants who are recognised by their Local Commanders as having potential to be “senior managers”.

encouraging to see that participants were learning from feedback, demonstrating increased leadership effectiveness, teamwork and personal resilience.

Several expressed that they could relate the challenges they faced in theactivities to their own roles as operational leaders. Officers access a variety of placements The event provided an opportunity to within each phase of the programme develop self awareness through to develop experience and knowledge participation and feedback, teambuilding of all aspects of the service, have through working with peers across access to a mentor and a range of forces in collaborative and competitive other developmental tools and events. situations, whilst also providing an invaluable opportunity to network. An example of this is the “Leadership in Practise Residential” The picture gives you and idea of one of where ACDP officers, English and the activities – not all of them involved Welsh High Potential Development getting into the water! Scheme Officers and candidates For further information about any aspect within the selection process of the programme or support to access it, participated in an event run in please contact: partnership with the Royal Military Police. Tel : 01259 732038



Frazer Campbell

“Why isn’t there a Black Police Association in Scotland?’ asked David

Williams of Equilibra, my instructor at the Scottish Police College during a 5-week course to train me to deliver National Equal Opportunities Training. A good question, one that I wasn’t able to answer, ‘You should have one, tell me when you have set it up’. That was early in 2002 when most black and minority ethnic people in the police family of Scotland were on their own in various places throughout the country. It was still fairly uncommon to see a person of colour in the police, although things were changing, I think I remember someone around that time estimating there were about 150 black and minority officers (and that might have included support staff but my memory fails me). But I do remember that we were isolated and had no voice.

Alasdair Ferry, a man with vision and an enormous amount of energy, was to change all that. All black and minority ethnic people in the police were invited to an event at the Dunblane Hydro toA find out how we felt about institutional racism and the way we were treated. Not going wasn’t really an option, after all a free lunch was on offer and with the support of the Chief Constable getting the time off was easy. At the end of the event during a question and answer session Alasdair stood up and said he wanted to set up the equivalent of a Black Police Association and asked anyone interested to stay behind after the event finished. The seeds that were to grow into SEMPERscotland had been sown.




JULY OCTOBER 10TH - 11TH , 2013 17TH , 2013

It wasn’t easy to get it started but we got there. Meetings held late in the evenings at a variety of headquarters, struggling to fit them in after the end of a shift or with your family, no money to pay for anything,(I know one of the founding members paid for everything anyone bought for the committee from his own pocket, something I didn’t find out until later) and coming up against subtle aggression from some quarters within the police trying stop us in our tracks. And one incident of one of the founders being told their career would be over if they continued to be part of it (something that person chose to ignore and thankfully continued to make a difference). Despite the difficulties we were determined to create our own Scottish black and minority ethnic staff association. October 2003 was to be the month SEMPERscotland went public. The Scottish Police College was to be the venue and an impressive list of VIPs had been invited, including the then Justice Minister, Cathy Jamieson; the then Lord Advocate and Solicitor General, Rt. Hon Colin Boyd QC and Elish Angiolini QC; all eight Chief Constables; representatives from HMIC and the Commission for Racial Equality. In the run up to the launch SEMPERscotland lost its founding father when Alasdair Ferry was tragically killed in a traffic accident. Everyone involved in SEMPERscotland was devastated. Our hearts went out to his family. The launch went ahead. I know it sounds trite and clichéd but no one was in any doubt that Alasdair would have wanted it any other way. Robin Iffla took post and got us through a day filled with emotion and afterwards as the first Chair of SEMPERscotland led it to become the success it is today. Since becoming fully operational in January 2005, SEMPERscotland has achieved great things, some things you will never read about and others that you will be unaware of because they are now accepted as the right way to do things after someone from SEMPERscotland stood up and challenged existing policy and procedures.

MENTORING BME YOUNG PEOPLE Mentoring is an increasingly popular way of providing guidance and support to young people in need. Recent years have seen youth mentoring expand from a relatively small youth intervention to schools, community centres and youth institutions. Active Life Club has a history of active youth involvement on its management committee since its inception in 1999. Young people involved been coached and mentored to play an active role in society and develop as young leaders.

Active Life Club Members

Active Life Club has been a stronger partner with SEMPERscotland since 2006

and developed many initiatives, particularly Cricket Trophy with Police Scotland for five years to foster better relations and empowering young people to engage with Police. We also developed partnership with Police through coaching in the community and delivered youthful Leadership training for volunteers to play an active role in local communities. Young people involved on the committee are developing as young leaders and ready to mentor other young people and also benefit other organisations to engage with communities, particularly young people. For more information on Active Life Club, check them out on Facebook.

IT GETS BETTER GPA launched its “It Gets Better� film

on Saturday (15th June) at Pride Scotia in Edinburgh. GPA is proud to affiliate themselves with SEMPERScotland and that is enshrined in our Memorandum of Understanding.



Chief Sergent John Pow

On 1st April 2014 new Conduct and performance introduced replacing the current Misconduct and Efficiency Regulations.

The new Regulations will significantly change the approach to dealing with misconduct and poor performance for Police Officers (they do not apply to Police Staff). The focus will be on learning, development and improvement and on supervisors pro-actively addressing issues of poor conduct and performance. The Regulations will introduce Standards of Professional Behaviour, to help officers understand what is, and is not acceptable. These Standards have existed in England since 2008. Where misconduct allegations are made two avenues of investigation will exist dependent on the severity of the behaviour. Less serious misconduct will be progressed locally (in the officers Division) and it is hoped that the officer will cooperate with the investigation to identify learning, in the knowledge that it is being viewed by the Service as less serious and has a maximum disposal of a Final Written Warning. More serious misconduct will result in a Misconduct Hearing similar to what exists at the moment.A three stage process is introduced to develop officers who are performing poorly. Should informal procedures fail, the process involves supervisors serving an “improvement notice” on the officer and implementing an action plan to develop them to the required standard.The Regulations also formalise the role of “Police Friends” who can advise and represent officers throughout the process. Police Scotland is working with the Scottish Government and staff associations to ensure that appropriate training is given to all Officers. Should you require further information please contact the project team on:



Suzie Mertes - Chief Inspector

In 2014 Scotland will host a number of high profile events The Golf Open, the Commonwealth Games incorporating the Queen’s Baton Relay, and the Ryder Cup - which will require substantial police involvement. There is no shortage of members of the public who wish to be involved in these events and a recent request for potential volunteers from the Commonwealth Games organisers, was hugely oversubscribed. Police Scotland is seeking to capitalise on the interest these events have generated to attract

Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 Logo

However, the real opportunity and challenge lies in

channelling the desire to be involved in these high profile events into a longer-term sustainable commitment to assisting Police Scotland through volunteering, perhaps as a Special Constable or a Voluntary Police Cadet. Growing volunteering gives us the opportunity to enhance our engagement with our diverse communities, particularly those parts that are underrepresented in policing.

Volunteering, especially amongst young people encourages good citizenship

and inclusion, grows respect for the Service and provides a potential gateway to a police career. Volunteers will never replace police officer or police staff but they can add value to policing by bringing to it their own special skills, experience, connections and commitment. Through volunteering we also hope to stimulate interest in a police career and in the Special Constabulary particularly amongst currently underrepresented parts of our community. We also want to improve our community engagement and increase our ‘reach’ into communities.


The Chair of SEMP receiving th ERscotland e award.


nd Team on stag

otla The SEMPERsc

SEMPERscotland was the winner of the Community Champions Award for Equality and Social Justice at the annual Scottish Minority Ethnic Achievement Awards at the Crowne Plaza. The work we do within the diverse minority ethnic communities, as well as the tireless promotion of fairness and equality in the police was highlighted and commended.

In March of this year, SEMPERscotland officially presented former Chief Constable, David Strang, with a plaque in recognition of his exceptional personal and professional commitment to the promotion of diversity in the Police Service. David Strang , receiving his plaque from Misheck Much emwa and Bas eem Akbar

Tayside Division’s Diversity Adviser Nasreen Mohammed has been awarded a British Empire Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in recognition of her services to the advancement of Diversity and Equality within the Scottish Police Service. Nasreen Mohammed

WHAT SEMPER MEANS TO ME “SEMPER promotes good relation between different groups of people within the Force and serves to protect BME staff against injustice and racism”. Pakistani Society Information and Advice Centre “The Black Leadership Network applauds the work that SEMPERscotland does, not only in providing mentoring and other support to black minority ethnic police officers and staff, but also in assisting with the development of a strategic anti-racist approach for Police Scotland.” Black Leadership Network (BLN) “The Gay Police Association has been working with our partners, SEMPERscotland from the very beginning. We have a joint Memorandum of Understanding and our objectives are the same, to assist and represent minorities within the police service and to work towards eliminating discrimination whatever form that may take.” Gay Police Association (GPA) Scotland “We are indeed pleased and proud of the great role and difference SEMPERscotland has made to both our BME officers and the minority ethnic community in general. It has given us confidence and a sense of belonging” African Forum Scotland

WHAT SEMPER “We need SEMPER because the fight against inequality and discrimination still goes on.” Police Staff “It’s about being able to see things from the perspectives of others, so as to be better at what we do.” Police Officer “SEMPER to me is a voice of empowerment, guidance, reassurance and constant support. Because of this valuable support, I constantly enhance my knowledge through trainings programmes and seminars offered by SEMPER.” Police Officer “SEMPER has been instrumental in assisting in my development. I have had inputs and training days for courses and activities which have been beneficial, I am happy to say that with that assistance I have now been promoted and supervising 25 officers.” Police Officer “SEMPER to me, means regardless of whatever else is available to all Police Officers and Staff, there is a body that understands the additional challenges that black and minority ethnic people face.” Police Officer “I’m happy that you are there to represent my voice in shaping issues and policies.” Police Staff “To me, only SEMPERscotland has demonstrated the support to instil any hope my chosen career has left.” Police Staff “To me SEMPERscotland is an organisation designed to protect the interests and values of ethnic minority staff within the Scottish Policing environment. An organisation who truly understands the challenges and difficulties faced by ethnic minority staff and able to provide the appropriate advice and assistance.” Police Officer

MEANS TO ME “SEMPERscotland means that our committed black and minority ethnic officers in Scotland can have the excellent support and network to ensure they can thrive and fulfil their duties to the best of their abilities, as well as reach their individual potential in the police force without hindrance or race or any discrimination.” Migrants Right Scotland “We have a good working relationship with and appreciate the work done by SEMPERscotland for our members.” Scottish Police Federation “As a national intermediary organisation that provides capacity building support to the ethnic minority voluntary sector, including SEMPERscotland, we are delighted to see the continued good work of the organisation as it not only officers invaluable support to ethnic minority police officers and staff, but also, support to Police Scotland in developing a more strategic approach to addressing race equality both within and outwith the Force.” Council for Ethnic Minority Voluntary Sector Organisations (CEMVO Scotland) “We believe in developing young leaders and SEMPERscotland has excelled in creating partnerships to reach out to young and fostering community relations. It will play an instrumental role in Police Scotland achieving its value-based policies.” Active Life Youth Club “As an organisation that works to protect the rights of minority ethnic communities, CRER is pleased to know that there is a body within Police Scotland helping to ensure that equality and fairness is entrenched in the Service’s procedures and policies. By providing support internally to employees from a black minority ethnic background, and encouragement and reassurance to communities externally, SEMPERscotland’s contribution to the police service will be invaluable.” Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights (CRER)

SEMPERscotland Issue 1