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Spring 2011


Facility Hours ///////////////////////


Towel services, locker services and equipment check-out are available at the Operation Center within each SRC. To obtain these services, a student or member must present a valid ID. The ID will be retained at the Operation Center in exchange for the equipment being used. Should items be lost under your care, the member or person responsible will be billed a replacement cost plus an administrative fee to replace the missing item. Some items, such as racquetball racquets, require a small fee for checkout. Racquetballs can be purchased at the Operation Center as well.

Accidents and Injuries

Participation in programs and services offered by Recreation Services is voluntary; individuals assume responsibility for their own health and safety. Individuals who intend to participate in vigorous activities should, for their own protection, have a physical examination to determine if they are physically able to participate. Medical insurance is strongly recommended.

Alcohol and Tobacco Policy

All Southeast recreation facilities are non-smoking, no tobacco facilities. No alcohol is permitted in recreation facilities or on fields.

Food and Drink

Food and drinks are permitted in the lobby area only, unless approved for special events or occasions. Only water is permitted in fitness room areas.


Spring 2011 Rec Guide  

Spring 2011 Rec Guide

Spring 2011 Rec Guide  

Spring 2011 Rec Guide