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Community Chest provides emergency assistance for families and individuals in need of assistance for rent, utilities, house payments, medical needs, food and other items.

INITIAL PURPOSE: “It was decided to advise the post war planning committee that a Community Chest be formed for reasons of meeting the medical needs of the indigent and other needs that might arise.� Minutes of meeting of Subcommittee on Community Service of the Post Ware Planning Committee.

Community Chest has been striving to help make lives better since the closing months of the Second World War. In 1945, Community Chest began a legacy of helping those in need. 2008 was our 63rd year of helping Oldham County residents.

Member Agency

Gasoline prices was repeatedly mentioned as one of the reasons many of the clients were requesting assistance from our agency during the calendar year of 2008. Many people simply came up short for rent, utilities and medicine after filling up the gas tank during the spring, summer and fall of this year. Some clients were on fixed incomes and others were earning wages close to minimum wage or slightly higher. Fortunately funds were available to help several families in Oldham County during the months when gasoline spiked so high.

Referral Taken

Get Status/Situation of Client (Name, address, phone, employer, # in household, situation, need)

Review CCOC Client Assistance History

Referral with NO Background Checks Completed

Referral With Background Checks Previously Completed


Verify Situation (Contact landlords, employers, utility companies, doctors, gov. agencies, etc.)


Determine Assistance Will Be Given & Amt


Assistance Approved

Assistance Declined

Update CCOC Systems

Update CCOC Systems

Determine Assistance Will Be Given & Amt


Assistance Approved Referring Agency Informed

Assistance Declined Referring Agency Informed

Update CCOC Systems

Update CCOC Systems

Check Written

Deliver Check to Vendor or Referring Agency

Inform Referring Agency Inform Referring Agency Inform Client of Approved Assistance Inform Cleint Declined Status Check Written

Deliver Check to Vendor

Refer Cleints to other MUW resources or government resources which will provide better long-term assistance Update CCOC Systems

The processing of client information did not change during the calendar year 2008. The systems in place provided a good foundation for the agency to distribute funds to individuals in need.

Board Members

Ruth House

KY Cab. Family & Children


Direct From Clients

Women Crisis Center

MUW 211


Metro United Way

Judge Exec. Office

County Clerk Office

Tri-County Action

Coop. Ext Office

City/ County Police

Local Hospitals

Health Dept.


Community Chest of Oldham County

Prison Ministries

Sheriff Office

Good News Homes

Multi Purp. Comm. Action Agency

Family Resource Center

Red Cross


Home Health Agency

Area Business People

2008 Was Back to Normal Operations Calendar year 2008 was a normal year of operations for Community Chest. The Executive Director works from a home office through-out the year. Client assistance continued to remain strong during 2008. Energy prices, both gasoline and home heating, challenged many of Community Chest clients this year.

2008 Client Assistance Assisted 1 Time 2008

Assisted 2 Times 2008

Assisted 3 Times 2008

Assisted 4 Times 2008





Turned Down 204

Directed with Info 75 Total 1,183

2007 Client Assistance Assisted 1 Time 2007

Assisted 2 Times 2007

Assisted 3 Times 2007

Assisted 4 Times 2007





Turned Down 143

Directed with Info 106 Total 968

2006 Client Assistance Assisted 1 Time 2006

Assisted 2 Times 2006

Assisted 3 Times 2006

Assisted 4 Times 2006





Turned Down 122

Directed with Info 4 Total 764

Source of Funds

Amount $ $49,582

Metro United Way


Mahan Foundation

% of Total



Funds received through application process with MUW


Funds received due to long term relationship with foundation.

Samuel Head Trust



Funds received through submission of application process.

Mallory Taylor Foundation



Funds restricted to medical expenses reimbursements for clients




Churches, investments and misc. donations



Total Revenue

A Special Thanks to our Donors

Trailing Five Year Revenue Trend $100,000 $90,000

$87,773 $75,567






$60,000 $50,000 $40,000 $30,000 $20,000 $10,000

The board of directors appreciates the time and dedication of all the donating organizations and individuals contributing to our agency during this past year. Without the ongoing support of donors like Metro United Way, the Mahan Foundation, and Mallory Taylor Foundation, our ability to help residents of Oldham County would be impossible. Community Chest Board of Directors

$0 2008





Direct Assistance - 82.1%

Admin Exp. Category

$ Amount

% of Admin Exp.


Executive Director




Occupancy/ Supplies







Client Exp. Category

$ Amount

% of Client Exp.

Rental Payments


Utilities (Ele/Water)


House Payments


Administrative - 17.9%

10.5% Bd. Mtgs




Medical Assistance




Total Expenses for 2008 $81,340 Other






Total Ending Assets 12/31/2008 Checking/CD - $21,493

Board Meeting Agenda Topics • • • • • • • • •

Detailed review of the emergency assistance given year to date by the agency Review of every revenue receipt Review of all expenditures processed by the agency Review of all tax return information Review of all Metro United Way filings Review of all funding requests to other agencies Review of Community Chest’s interaction with other county agencies and Metro United Way agencies Review of agency rules for providing emergency assistance Review new cases and new business

Board Meetings February 13, 2008 Ponderosa Restaurant (Time: Noon April 23, 2008 Ponderosa Restaurant (Time: Noon July 23, 2008 Director’s Home Office (Time: Noon August 20, 2008 Director’s Home Office (Time: Noon November 15, 2008 Director’s Home Office (Time: Noon

Vice-Chair Ann Brown Bd. Member Since 1996 Term Expires 01/2010 Bessie Klein Bd. Member Since 1997 Term Expires 04/2009 Wendell Moore Bd. Member Since 1994 Term Expires 04/2009 Judge Jerry Crosby Bd. Member Since 1994 Term Expires 08/2010


John Mitchen, Jr. Bd. Member Since 2001 Term Expires 04/2009

1:30) - 1:30) - 1:30) - 1:30)

Chairperson Jennifer Dick Bd. Member Since 1994 Term Expires 01/2010

Jennifer Dick Chairperson & Bd. Member since 1994

2008 Board Member Profile Spotlight Community Chest of Oldham County is very fortunate to have our current Chairperson. Jennifer has been a board member with our agency since 1994. She also serves on other boards and is very active with her church and related organizations. Jennifer’s dedication to our county and her affiliation with other organizations has provided Community Chest the stability to receive substantial and on-going funding from multiple sources. This provides our agency both funding diversity and highly prized stability in challenging times. Jennifer’s continued guidance and belief in our agency vision is very appreciated by our board.

Shirley Hempel Bd. Member Since 2006 Term Expires 10/2010 Suzy Joplin Bd. Member Since 2006 Term Expires 12/2010 Anita Fritz Bd. Member Since 2007 Term Expires 12/2009 Advisory Board. Member Tim Moore Since 1995 01/2010

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