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After years of spending money on candles in retail stores, I had an epiphany while walking through a farmer's market. I stopped at the booth of a woman who had been making her own candles, and selling them at markets, art fairs, out of her studio and online...for a very long time. We got to talking and she invited me to her studio for a few lessons on how to make candles for myself. There are so many different ways to set about making candles, and while I had thought that it would be a time-consuming and difficult process to learn, I was pleasantly surprised. Since those first few attempts, I have now joined my candle making friend at the weekend farmer's markets around town...selling my own creations. Here are just a few of the tips and techniques I have to suggest should you decide too, that candle making is your thing! Candle making has a long history to say the least, considering the fact before electricity and the light bulb, candles were the only light source. Candles throughout time were made by using the tallow, or the fat, of animals, but now there are many options when you set out to purchase candle making wax. Each wax reacts a bit differently, and while you can read up on each one, I really suggest trying them all out for yourself. I do not have a personal favorite. I like working with paraffin just as I like working with gel wax, soybean wax, beeswax and now palm oil wax. As I said, each one has its own attributes and each one allows you different options when making candles. As far as creating scented candles, some people prefer the fragrances made especially for candle making. These are scents that will bind well with the wax, and so as an option these are just fine. I have lately however, become fond of using essential oils. They are all natural, and I just personally like the smell of them more. I have never had a problem with working with essential oils, and mixing the scents to my liking has allowed me to add a personal touch...and has also gotten me quite interested in the art and science of aromatherapy. For the coloring of candles, I do suggest the dyes that are made especially for the craft of candle making. I have experimented with other dyes, such as food coloring...and they just do not bind well with the wax, making it impossible to get vibrant colors that last. When it is time to melt the wax, be sure to have a pot made specifically for candle making, or create your own double boiler using a large pot for the water, and a smaller pot or can for the wax. It is never a good idea to simply melt the wax in a single pot on the stove. Also with regards to melting the wax, be certain that you have a reliable way of controlling the temperature of the wax, and a candy or cooking thermometer. If the wax get too hot, it may burst into flames...ruining your day at the least and at the worst, quite a fire hazard. If you choose to make free standing pillars or tapered candles, you may want to try using paraffin or beeswax, or a mix of the two. These two waxes set up solid and are also good for working with molds. For making votive candles, tea lights or candles in containers any wax will work. But for a

kick, try out the gel wax. Gel wax sets up transparent, so the glow from candles made from gel is very intense and beautiful. Also with the container gel candles, there is a wide variety of options as far as decorating the candles and embedding curious and fun objects into the wax. Just be sure that the objects you use for the embeds, are fire proof! In all, making candles from home and learning the art of candle decorating and design is not a difficult thing to do. I have enjoyed my many years "in the business", and I know that whether you embark on this art form as a business venture or as a hobby, you will enjoy it just a much. Happy candle making!

Sally Stow is the Chief Editor of which is a resource filled with lots of tips, tricks and advice on the craft and business of candle making. For even more information on making your own candles Click Here.

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==== ==== Great Tips on Making Candles ==== ====

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Great Tips on How to Make Candles

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