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Final Fantasy XII is the twelfth game in the Final Fantasy instalments. Final Fantasy XII was created by Square Enix for Sony's PlayStation 2. The game was first introduced into the market as a single-player game since the Final Fantasy X. The creation of Final Fantasy XII started in 2001. During the early stages of the development of the game, Minagawa, one of the creators, said that they had a lot of ideas and features they planned to put in the game. However, they weren't able to add them all because of some hardware limitations and other restrictions. Despite the restrictions, some of the ideas they had in mind were able to push through. The creators wanted to remove the part of the game where players would just have random encounters. A playable demo of the game was released together with Dragon Quest VIII on November 15, 2005 in North America. An English version of the demo was released in New York on October 11, 2006. In America, Alexander O. Smith acted as a producer for the game and he did the translating as well. He tried to remain loyal to the script written by Daisuke Watanabe and Miwa Shoda. The story line of the game stars in a location called Ivalice is where the setting of the game takes place. The kingdom of Archadia is capturing other kingdoms surrounding his empire. The land of Rozarria is about to wage war with the Archadian kingdom, however, the kingdom of Dalmasca is trapped in the middle of the two kingdoms. By chance, Vaan, a Dalmascan stray, accidentally goes on an adventure when he an his allies help Princess Ashe get back her birthright and go against the kingdom of Archadia. There are six main playable characters in the game. These six characters are Vaan, Ashe, Basch, Balthier, Fran and Penelo. Just like in every Final Fantasy game, the player controls the character from a third-person perspective. This view allows the player to see who their character interacts with. However, unlike other Final Fantasy games, the gamer could also control the camera with the right analog stick to view his or her environment. Although the player could control other characters during fight scenes, the player could only use Vaan's point of view when the player enters a town or a city. In the world of Final Fantasy XII, all areas are represented proportionally by different characters compared to former Final Fantasy games. Former Final Fantasy games allowed characters to roam around miniature terrain/s. In the game, players go around the Final Fantasy world, either, by foot, by airship or by Chocobo. Players also have the option to save their game in a memory card using crystals or gate crystals. These crystals could be used by the player to teleport to other gate crystals. Just like any other Final Fantasy games, this game still makes use of a currency. However, this time, the creators made more improvement to it. As an alternative to Gil, generally opponents drop

"loot" which can be bought and sold at shops. This adds a new feature to the game, when the player is able to kill a monster; he or she gets to receive different kinds of "loots." Selling these loots in shops, also unlock some Bazaar options. Aside from these, Final Fantasy XII's battles are done in the open field. However, players would still have to make use of menus to command their characters, when fighting an opponent. Players are also allowed to fight in a new system, called Active Dimension Battle. In the ADB, players could fight using the third-person perspective instead of battling in a separate battle screen. The player is given the option to give commands to any of the three characters in the battle party or to play a gambit system, another new feature of the game that allows the player's characters to act on their own. Attack, Magicks and Technicks, Mist, Gambits and Items are the battle commands that could be use by the player to defeat enemies. However, there are some characters that are controlled by the game's artificial intelligence. Aside from these, a fight starts whenever the player's characters are within the range of an aggressive enemy or vice versa. When characters or enemies start to do some action, they are connected through target lines, which have different colors to show the different types of actions. Also, the player can switch characters anytime, unless the character that is being controlled by the moment is targeted by an attack or ability. Also, Characters, who are killed or knocked out, may be replaced by another character. Another feature in this game is called the Mist. The Mist is the key energy that enables players to use magic and perform Quickenings, which is the game's version of older Final Fantasy Limit Breaks. Limit Breaks are powerful combat moves and this only happens when the player is able to make large damage moves to his or her enemies. The character, the player uses, can learn three Quickenings, all of which are all different depending on the character. After winning over a combat, the player could also call out an Esper to the battlefield. Just like in the Final Fantasy X game, Espers are creatures that become active in battle. However, unlike Final Fantasy X, Espers follow the commands of the hidden gambits than the player's. Also, just like any other RPG game, characters get to level up whenever they earn experience points from winning over enemies. Whenever the character gets to level up, his or her character's statistics increases and the character's performance during fights will also improve. Aside from levelling up, characters could also be improved through the License Board. The License Board are constituted by panels that contain permits that allow characters to perform specific actions. Final Fantasy games are one of the best-known games in the world. Final Fantasy XII is anything different. It was able to sell almost two million copies in its first week in Japan alone. On PlayStation 2's seventh anniversary in North America, it was listed as the tenth best selling game for the console. It was also able to receive different awards, such as the "Best PlayStation 2 Game," in 2006, the "Game of the Year," "Best Role-Playing Game" and many others.

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==== ==== Final Fantasy XIII-2 ==== ====

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