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December 6, 2012

NASA Welcomes Seminole State Students to Celebrate Is Marijuana in Florida’s Future?

By Ashley Vazquez and Ambar Wessin

The dream of having all-access media passes to Kennedy Space Center recently came true for a group of Seminole State students on Nov. 2 when the Seminole State College of Florida Film Club joined two reporters from The Seminole Scribe newspaper, along with members of the international press, to celebrate the homecoming of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Despite waking up at 2 a.m. on a cold, windy morning for the long drive to Cape Canaveral, Tracy Chisley, activities director of the Film Club, said he was thrilled to cover the ceremony and hopeful for more access to similiar events in the future. “I was like a kid in a candy store,” Mr. Chisley said, “in regard to how I felt being around the international press and other various media.” Included in the all-access passes was the chance for

reporters and filmmakers to talk one-on-one with the astronauts who flew in space. The event provided Seminole State students the unique experience of working alongside the international media and capturing photos and video footage. “Having a chance to see the Shuttle up close and personal was just simply amazing,” Mr. Chisley said. “I knew all of my fellow classmates attending would get caught up in the excitement of the moment, but

also, we realized that if we work hard that we could experience many more moments similar to Atlantis’ homecoming in our career in news, TV or film.”

By Austin Rogers

Going to Kennedy Space Center and representing the Seminole State Film Club was also a change for Matthew Jezak, President of the Film Club.

With Colorado and Washington both legalizing the recreational use of weed, would it be in Florida’s best interest to follow in their footsteps? “Florida should absolutely legalize pot,” said a local student dealer who did not want to be named. “People are going to keep growing, dealing and selling, legal or not, so why not just make it legal?”

“Lately, we’ve had some members that have been really active and, as a result of their active membership, it has

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His income from dealing, he said, is normally between $100 and $200 a night so, if he makes about $700 to $1,400 a week, by the end of the year, he will have made between $36,000 and $54,000. If Florida were to legalize marijuana, the dealer said, people would go to the bank and apply for a small business loan like a lot of dealers in Colorado and Washington. By doing this, his income from selling weed would be taxed by the government, so not only would he be making money, but the government would also benefit. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Photo by Matthew Jezak

Another student dealer agreed. “Legalizing marijuana and marijuana products is going to happen sooner or later because everybody loves weed,” the dealer said. “It doesn’t hurt anybody. You can’t overdose on it and, unlike alcohol, which kills so many people, there have been no reported deaths from marijuana.”

Space Shuttle Atlantis embarks on it’s final journey to the Vistor’s Complex at Kennedy Space Center/Matthew Jezak

Going buy the book: As textbook cost increase, so do students’ options By Kyle Yeoman In a few weeks, students will have the option to return books they no longer need or want for cash at the bookstore. The buyback is open year-round but most students return books for quick cash near the beginning and end of the semester. Sean McGauvarin, Seminole State College student and employee at the bookstore, said the amount of cash depends on a few things. “It depends on the supply of certain books,” he said. “If a book is overstocked or an older model, then you would probably receive little to no money cash back.” A newer option for students needing to save money is renting books, which some said

is less costly. The only catch when renting books is returning them by a certain due date, usually after a semester is over. “Renting books would be a better way instead of buying them and selling them back,” Mr. McGauvarin said. “However, buyback would depend on the condition of the book, and whether it’s refundable.” Seminole State College student Kenneth Edmund said he likes the buyback policy. “I think that the buyback is very important,” Mr. Edmund said. “The downside is you’re not always reimbursed as much as the book is worth. I think that the bookstore should offer more money for returned books.” However, renting books could be a better investment, Mr. Edmund said.

“With renting, you can return your books when the date is due,” he said. “When you try to sell your books back then there’s always a chance you may not receive money back due to them being overstocked or if there’s a new book in stock.”

According to the Center for Disease Control, there are 24,518 deaths from alcohol poisoning and 0 from marijuana. Legalizing marijuana also makes for good business. “I believe marijuana should not only be decriminalized but legalized on a federal level,” George Bernard, professor of business at Seminole State, said. “By legalizing this, you will not only see the economy get better but you get rid of the need to throw people in prison for getting high.”

Priscilla Amalbert, another Seminole State College student, said that she likes the buyback policy as well. “I’ve only done buyback once and I received a fair price for one of my books,” she said. “I think that students should receive more than half of what a book is worth. Still it depends on what kind of condition a book is in.” Donna Collins, Seminole State College bookstore manager, said that buyback is good for students but “iffy” for the bookstore.

LUNCH FAVORITE: 2 slices and a drink:

ONLY $4.50 10% Discount with Seminole State ID

(407) 323-9666 In the Publix Plaza on Weldon Blvd. Open 7 days a week 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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Photos by Danielle Wiebe

Professor Bernard also said that it’s inevitable that weed will be legal because the market won’t go away. “There is absolutely no reason why possession is a federal crime,” he said. “By criminalizing weed the government is only hurting themselves and business.”

2 December 6, 2012

Buy the book: Continued from page 1

“It’s risky for the bookstore since we don’t control what is actually used in the classroom,” she said. “It’s a great service that puts cash back in students’ wallets. We encourage students to sell back their unwanted books to increase total savings.” In any case rental is not always the best choice for students, Ms. Collins said. “Renting books is the most popular option available; it’s not the best option for everyone,” she said. “Some students pass on rental because they would prefer to keep their textbooks throughout their college career. For these students, purchasing a used or digital textbook is your best choice to save cash.”

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Flipping Pancakes for the Homeless:

Local shelter provides monthly breakfast

By Sabira Mawji @SabiraMawji

Without the hot and fresh breakfast provided by two local organizations recently, more than 70 homeless or low income individuals could have gone without the most important meal of the day. The event, at the Rescue Outreach Mission in Sanford, was hosted by United Muslim Foundation (UMF) and Seminole High School’s Interact Club on Nov. 17. Volunteers of the two groups gathered in the women and children’s shelter’s kitchen beating eggs and flipping pancakes at the rate of 12 pancakes every five minutes.

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A recent Seminole State graduate who did not want to be identified said she is currently staying with her three-year-old son at the Sanford shelter and is wondering what her next move will be. “I went to school thinking I would get a job right after I graduate to support me and my baby,” she said while wiping her tears away. “I couldn’t even afford to go to my graduation.”

Altamonte SGA: Member of the Month

Brazilia Towns has been an outstanding contribution to student life this semester at the Altamonte Springs Campus. From participating in student life events to attending every Student Government Association (SGA) meeting, Brazilia has been there. She has supported the Altamonte Springs Campus and has shown incredible school spirit. Due to her contagious upbeat personality and student life participation, Ms. Towns has been awarded by the Altamonte Springs Student Government Association the Member of the Month Award. Ms. Towns has obtained a $5 gift card to Natures Table, a certificate of appreciation and a basket full of various chocolates. Overall, Brazilia Towns is an extraordinary woman and a fine example of a student at Seminole State College of Florida.

Yet, the mother said she was grateful for the people who cooked breakfast. “I don’t remember the last time I had pancakes like these and then seeing my baby smile with the toys some people donated was breaking my heart,” she said. Zainab Alidina, in her fourth year as director of the Hunger Team, a United Muslim Foundation’s chapter, said her reason for picking Sanford’s Rescue Outreach Mission Shelter was because it is “right in her backyard,” and she wanted to make sure the people in her community were taken care of with a main concern for women and children. Interest in the Hunger Team, Ms. Alidina said, started after a late night meeting at Panera Bread. “One day, we had a UMF meeting at Panera until 9:30 p.m. and I saw this man taking a whole bag of fresh bread and putting it in the dumpster,” she said after asking the man why he was throwing away edible food. The worker responded by saying it was company policy to bake everything fresh every morning. As a result, the bakery started donating fresh bread and pastries to UMF every Monday and Thursday after the nonprofit organization provided the necessary paperwork that allowed UMF volunteers to pick up the remaining items and drop

off foods to ones in need.

Melissa Falcon, Vice President of the Interact Club, a high school community service club sponsored by the Rotary Club of Sanford, and Daphne Curran both said giving up their sleeping-in on Saturday to see the smiles on children’s faces after handing them a hot plate filled with eggs and pancakes was worth losing a couple hours of sleep. “I come for the hours but I mainly come because it really is a great experience and I love being able to help out,” Ms. Curran said. “I wanted to try it and see if it was something I could do for a while.” However, the warmth of giving was not only provided in the kitchen but leaked outside where five tables were set up, stacked with clothing, blankets, canned foods and toys for anyone in need to take. The volunteers from the Interact Club and other United Muslim Foundation members sat from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. helping locals search through items that they would need to survive the cold season. In fact, volunteers of the United Muslim Foundation and the Interact Club meet every third Saturday of the month at the shelter’s women and children center, offering breakfast for the current tenants and for homeless individuals nearby. Every month, a three-gallon tub of pancake batter is provided by the International House of Pancakes and baked items are donated from the local Panera Bread. Each plate is packed with one or two pancakes, an egg sandwich and a pastry with a cup of maple syrup on the side. Behind the check-in counter, Ms. Addie, who has worked at the shelter for more than 15 years, made sure everything was clean in the living room and kitchen while offering counseling for the women staying there. “This is something Photos by Sabira Mawji I always wanted to do: work with women and children,” she said. United Muslim Foundation and Interact club try to make sure the community is in good hands by ensuring their volunteers do their best so no one is left with an empty stomach.

For more information, Visit or call (407) 321-8224. Volunteers are often needed at the Rescue Outreach Mission, located at 1701 W 13th St. Sanford.

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December 6, 2012 3


Simply Art: Faculty find time to donate art By Michael Tennant @mtennant71 Art can be many things to many people. Some look for the intricate detail of a complex work, while others take joy in the simplicity of life. Sometimes the best art is simple, stark and natural. With everything else striped away, the viewer may be left with the raw emotion of each piece. Seminole State professors donated works to the Fine Arts Faculty Exhibit, which runs until Dec. 13 in the Fine Arts building on the north side of the Sanford/Lake Mary campus. From complex sculptures and vases to simple etchings or digital photography, the diverse exhibit allows the faculty to show many examples of their capable work. Megan Stepe, gallery curator for Seminole State College, said she tries to make the different pieces of art flow throughout the exhibition.

Stark Visions

In contrast to simple innocence is the gritty darkness found in etchings by art professor Laurence Vienneau. His work, a black-and-white etching of a raven on top of an armored horse, displays the stark reality of war, but the title ‘St. Crispin’s Day Oct 25, 1415,’ brings thoughts of Shakespeare and Henry V, images of the French and English soldiers dead across the battlefield.

Natural Art

Often, great art comes from nature. Jay Spalding, professor of studio arts at Seminole State, said he finds his inspiration in the beaches around Florida. His work ‘Yucatan Coral Pitcher’ uses a piece of coral he found while vacationing in the Yucatan Peninsula.

“I was really drawn to the contrasts,” Ms. Stepe said, “between the beautiful reds and the black and whites.”

“I’ve had that piece in my head for many years now,” Professor Spalding said, adding that he feels the work has a organic natural quality to it, mimicking the textures that are found in the coral reef.

Simple Strokes

These are just a few of the pieces on display at this exhibit.

Different styles of art appeal to different people. In ‘Story of “O-Print Two’ a digital inkjet print by photography professor Jennifer Bronwynn Copp, a child radiates a simple innocence standing alone in a plant nursery. “I use my daughter as an inspiration for my current work,” Professor Copp said, “exploring the ideas of family.” In the background of her print, potted plants fade into the sunlight, while an innocent child stands among fertilizer bags.

“They (the faculty) do great work.” Ms. Stepe said, “The students are very lucky to have them to learn from.” The Faculty Exhibit takes place every fall, with a student exhibit taking place in the spring. The gallery also shows four other exhibits featuring professional artists, throughout the year

For more information, visit:

Don’t Despair About Skin and Hair: Preventing and Treating Cold Weather Dryness By Taryn Martin Beauty Columnist

Many people experience dry skin and hair this time of year, due to harsh winter winds and the lack of humidity in the air. Heaters also produce dry indoor air, according to dermatologist Dr. Susan Taylor in the Huntington Post article, “Winter Skin Care Tips.” Dr. Taylor recommended taking one five minute bath or shower per day, using lukewarm water, as long, hot showers can strip skin of essential natural oils. It is also important to moisturize skin at least twice a day, including applying moisturizer two to three minutes after bathing, when skin is most able to absorb hydrating products. “Cold air is more abusive than other times of the year,” cosmetologist Liana Ramirez, who works at Oviedo’s J. Lauren Salon, said. “In general, hair requires only a limited amount of washing, just enough to be cleansed. In winter, you should be extra careful so that your natural oils are not depleted due to

excessive washing.” She also recommended applying a “hydrating hair mask once a week,” like the Enjoy hair mask, Redken All Soft Heavy Cream or a moroccan oil hair mask. Protective clothing can help to prevent damage to skin and hair. However, experts emphasize the importance of avoiding rough fabrics like wool against bare skin. “Wearing a scarf, hat or cap can protect your hair shaft,” Ms. Ramirez said. And, since skin cells are made primarily of water, according to Dr. Taylor drinking water can keep skin and hair hydrated from within. Twenty-year-old Seminole State College of Florida student Rachel Baldivaso said she uses moroccan oil to keep her hair hydrated in the winter and recommended using a heat protectant and reiterated the importance of not over-washing hair. “For your hair, just don’t wash it a lot,” Ms. Baldivaso said.

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4 December 6, 2012


Social Media Survival Skills: Don’t doom yourself to unemployment; start cleaning up your profiles By Kimberely Lewis Staff Writer

Students have sped into the age of social media, trying to improve their image or maximize their circles. But some students seem to forget that posting personal photos, likes and retweets are a reflection of their personality.

“Everyone needs to have an understanding that the original intent of social media has changed,” she said. “It is not purely a social form of keeping up with family and friends. It is now a form of perception that one can create through photos, likes, links, and posts.”

1. Create an informative and exciting bio On sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, users are asked to create a short biography showcasing their strengths and talents. This should be simple and factual as well as display the user’s personality. 2. Constantly update vital information Constantly scan personal social media through the eyes of an employer, add and subtract according to what is current and vital. 3. Shamelessly self-promote Post resumes and portfolio work online. This shows courage and confidence to potential employers.

4. Be Interactive Post on a frequent basis, whether about personal or professional, daily and weekly posts to social media show an interest in connecting and gives off a well-rounded image. Don’t make the entire profile private, this shows that there is something to hide, and does not make the user look personable. 5. Cyber stalk yourself and your employer Use websites like Google and Bing to research yourself and review the first several hits. If they are not something you would want your boss to see, change it. Before an interview, troll the web for information about the business or company you are applying for, this can mean the upper hand for the future employee.

Today’s employers are more frequently Information and tips compiled from research by the Seminole Scribe Staff. lurking the social media accounts of their current and prospective employees using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“Graduating students should be posting about volunteer work, studies abroad, awards and honors and future aspirations and goals,” she said. “Photos and updates about a night on the town should stay in a frame at home.” Students also need to understand, Ms. Wright said, and “be cautious about how they are being observed,” since personal accounts can help or hinder the job application process, especially if the employer is social media savvy. “It is not necessarily what someone has on their account, but why it is there,” she said. “They can be perceived as having poor judgment, not thinking critically, not considering the bigger picture of perception, etc.” Ms. Wright frequently hosts workshops on cleaning up personal sites to create a more employable image because, on social media, perception is everything. A positive perception of an employee can mean the same difference as a negative one. “One needs to be able to trust that others can determine context,” she said. “Trusting that others have such an ability and common sense to do so can be risky. Judgments, stereotyping, assumptions, can be different from one person to another.”

. T I D E T R A T S U YO

. T I H S I FIN Nearby. Online.


The effect of technology on everyday life 2012

Jennifer Wright, director of Integrity and Ethical Development at the University of Central Florida, said social media is not just for being “social.”

5 Steps to Get Your Social Media Resume Ready

December 6, 2012 5


Atlantis’ Homecoming: Continued from page 1

Letter to the Editor:

allowed us to get access to places like that and get our name out there as well as get us some access to things that we wouldn’t have normally had,” he said.

Hello Scribe,

I tend to agree and disagree with the November 1st article about smoking on campus, also with John who you featured in a letter to the editor. Those who smoke, myself included, may have long days at Seminole State that they don’t want to spend frustrated because they can’t “take a break.” I have been smoking for a while now and I know my time constraints. Monday through Thursday, I am at school for long hours of which I would rather not spend craving. My fellow smokers at the SLM campus and I were discussing this topic and we agree that proper placement of the designated smoking areas would cut down on complaints from non-smokers. I know of four smoking areas that are in odd paths on that campus, which create problems for others. I am one who avoids smoking around people who don’t, so in turn I normally go out to my car between classes. Location is key, and the maintenance hardly looks up to date, anyway. The ALT campus has it right with just a couple metal benches. I see no need for gazebos and “bus” bench looking smoking areas! Honestly, if the SLM campus becomes smoke free, I would definitely consider dropping out of classes and attending another school. There is no possible way that an avid smoker can spend a whole day in a stressful environment without a cigarette. Thank You,

The Film Club and The Scribe reporters joined about 60 members of the media from various TV stations, along with another group of students from a local high school TV prouction class, in the exclusive press office at the Kennedy Space Center before sunrise where familiar news anchors like Greg Pallone handed his business card to one of the reporters, along with Homan Machuca, news anchor for Telemundo, the international Spanish news channel. Then, once face-to-face with the astronaunts, the magnitude of the event was clear when astronaut Doug Hurley started talking to the younger generations about space. “The flying in space part,” he said to The Scribe reporters. “It’s pretty neat. Just being able to float, bounce off the walls you know the typical dumb astronauts tricks we do up there. Obviously, you’re very, very busy on your shuttle flights but you do get a few minutes to look out the window and enjoy it.” The event marked the end of Atlantis’ 30-year career in space so, to celebrate, NASA held a ceremony welcoming Atlantis to its new home. Along with astronauts and the diverse news media, the general public gathered to watch Atlantis move 10 miles to its new home at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, which took more than 11 hours. Astronauts and NASA members not only paid tribute to Atlantis during their speeches but they also talked about Atlantis’ new purpose as an exhibition to the public that will inspire new generations of students. Astronaut Hurley gave advice for students who want to go to space or work for NASA. “Study hard,” he said. “Math and science, engineering…And people are going to tell you, ‘No,’ and you’re going to have failures along the way, but just keep working towards that goal and, you know, NASA is a great place to work.” Most of the astronauts agreed that if students wanted a future at NASA, they would have to study a lot. Along with Mr. Hurley, Astronaut Chris Ferguson, last commander of the Atlantis, said students are “very curious” about space.

Kirsten Wilson (via email)

“They want to know how things are done and they look at things that are very complex and understand them,” he said. “They want to look at things that people don’t understand at all right now and find the solution for it. If you’re

Photos by Matthew Jezak

curious, you know, if you want to know how to do great things, then NASA is looking for you. It’s great being part of it.”

Mr. Ferguson also talked about what the future for NASA and said Space Shuttle Atlantis, as the last Shuttle launched, is not the end of NASA; it’s just the end of the Space Shuttle program. “We’re not just closing a chapter of a book that will never end,” Mr. Ferguson said. “The Space Shuttle was around for a long time and it became a way of life, but in the end it’s really just a stepping stone. It really was just another way to further our intentions and ultimately we’re going to leave Earth.” After closing the shuttle program with Atlantis, Astronaut Rex Walheim said NASA is currently working on new programs.

Join the co nver sa t io n o n T w itter and t weet us:

@S eminoleS cr ibe We wa nt to h e a r fro m you a b o ut w h at we’re d o in g r i g ht a n d w ro n g !

“We’re working on the commercial crew program, which is sending astronauts to and from the space station,” he said. “NASA is working on a new spaceship called the Orion spacecraft, which is going to send people to the moon, Mars, to an asteroid; not to a destination in specific, but to go to a lot of different places. So, we’ll have a lot of opportunities for students to graduate and come work on those programs. It will be exciting.” Regardless of what NASA is working on right now, Space Shuttle Atlantis made history by closing the country’s shuttle program and will now serve to inspire other generations. The museum display of Atlantis is expected to open in July 2013 and it wouldn’t be a surprise if more students joined the Film Club or reporting for The Scribe for the all-access passes to places they’ve only dreamed about.


6 December 6, 2012

Review: Assassin’s Creed III Going from England and then get thrown into Colonial-era America wasn’t what I was really expecting. My character goes from assassinating someone at a theater in England to getting on a ship making its way to what looks like Colonial America. The fun part of the game was all the stunts your character can pull off without really dying. While playing the game with my friend Claudia Velez, who has more experience playing this game than me, we agreed that the stunts you can pull off with your character is like hardcore parkour, a military training disciple of random stunts. Being chased by the red coats was also fun especially when you had to find a good hiding spot where they wouldn’t find you. The story of Assassin’s Creed is about Desmond Miles, a descendant from a long line of assassin’s which dates back to the times of the Crusades. The assassin’s spent centuries fighting the Templars which is an evil group focused on re-establishing world order through a device called the Animus. Desmond uses the Animus to go through time and revisit the memories of his ancestors. Assassin’s Creed III took me through various stages. When you initiate the storyline option, you get a summary

of the story and where it left off. Then it takes you to a cave where the story begins. I thought the cool part of the game as a beginner was that it takes you through a tutorial so you can get used moving as well as getting used to the controller. I wasn’t much of a PS3 player before now. I used to play a lot of Nintendo and Game Boy; so, getting used to the controller was very important to me. The great thing was that the controller was fairly easy to use. Another cool part of the game is that I always knew when I was in trouble or someone was persecuting me. The music changes when you’re being persecuted. I thought that this was very useful. Also, the game gave you a lot of liberties to explore and interact with the people. Photos by Ashley Vazquez

By Ashley Vazquez Staff Writer

The new multiplayer option lets the player go online and play with others. There’s also a tutorial for the multiplayer feature which guides you through what you need to know to survive in this feature. I thought the tutorial was helpful and it gives you a chance to get better at the game. I would recommend this game to anyone who is interested in strategy games or who simply likes a game with a story. As a first timer playing this game, I thought it was cool, but I do recommend playing Assassin’s Creed I and II to fully understand the story of this game. I could easily say that this game could become a favorite.

Review: Just Dance 4

By Cindy Villalobos Staff Writer

Sweat dripping to the beat of the music and the movement of the body. That’s what you get with the newly released Just Dance 4 game, in stores now just in time for the holiday season.

Special to The Scribe


t was February 16, 2008, the day that I was leaving to serve in Iraq. My bags were packed, and I was ready to embark on this journey. As we all crammed into the busses like sardines in a can, my only thought was why the hell would I put myself in this situation. We finally reached the flight line after a two hour bus ride where we would wait for hours until our plane was loaded and ready for takeoff. As I sat in the waiting area, I looked around and saw the marines that were new to our unit and had never been deployed to a combat environment. They looked as if they were going to have a panic attack. My heart sank into my stomach when I heard over the intercom that our plane was ready to be boarded. As I started to walk towards the gate to board the plane, I dragged my feet as if they were made of concrete blocks.


e arrived at Al Asad airfield in the Sunni Western province of Iraq. When the whine of the engine ceased I feared what was beyond the rear door of that C-17. I could hear the creaking sound of the door opening slowly and as the sunlight peered through the opening, I saw breathtaking mountains surrounding our base. “Welcome home,” said our commanding officer as he hurried us from the safety of the plane’s walls. The place smelled of death and burning hair and the heat was the worst thing I’ve ever encountered. It was 120 degrees without the slightest chance of a breeze blowing through. I thought I had about a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving in this wasteland. I was frozen with fear; it was such a frantic madhouse at the receiving tent. Everyone was running around like chickens with their heads cut off. y sergeant, who was built like a rock, leaned over and said


Just Dance 4. Developed by Ubisoft, the latest installment of the Just Dance game franchise was released for the Wii, Play Station, and Xbox 360 for the Kinect.

According to Ubisoft, the new features of the Just Dance 4 include, but are not limited to, a dance battle mode and a “I love the Just Dance 4 game, puppet master mode exclusively for the especially because I can play with new Wii U, which would allow a player my family” to control the Stephanie routine and FEATURES Martinez, a visuals with student at the Wii U’s Just Dance-Off! Allows players to challenge Seminole controller. friends in 6 rounds of dance battles. State College, said. “It keeps me wanting to play more and more.”

Bring Your Crew: Features 4 concurrent dance routines for groups and allows each player to get their own moment with unique choreography.

The Just Dance 4 game features more than 40 new songs that range from billboard hits to classic favorites, like Maroon 5 to Elvis Presley. My favorite dance routines were Justin Bieber’s Beauty and the Beat and the classic Livin’ la Vida Loca by Ricky Martin.

Just Sweat It Out: Major upgrade - features new workout sessions, personalized programs, live feedbacks and a real calorie counter. Alternative choreographies: Allows players to unlock alternative choreographies for songs that include challenging and eccentric routines.

“The problems I had before with the game seem to be fixed now,” Robert Green, a loyal Just Dance gamer, said at a local game store recently.

Online forums regarding the Just Dance Dance quests: Allows players to discover 4 game said and win up to 6 challenges per song and unlock Ubisoft is more rewards. doing a great Dancer Card: Allows players to create and job by adding personalize their own dancer card to see favorite new modes tracks, best scores, and challenges. and adjusting features of Just Can’t Get Enough: Just Dance 4 still the past has everyone’s favorite modes like Duet Mode, installments Mash-up Mode with 45+ mash-ups and more. and providing new features to make sure players stay entertained. “I like how this game has newer songs Personally, I could not stop dancing than the other Just Dance games,” Ms. to the battle mode against my family Martinez said. members. The infamous song Gangnam Style by PSY, which is holding YouTube’s title of the most viewed video, is also available as downloadable content for the all new

Departure to a New World: My first day as a Marine in Iraq By Steven M. Byrd


don’t worry, it’s almost like paradise here… think of this as a paid vacation just slightly less enticing. Instead of steak dinners you get an M.R.E. that is colder than ice and as hard as a brick, and it tastes like death. Shortly after he said that, we heard the distinct whistle of mortar rounds coming towards us. I plugged my ears trying to squelch the deafening sound, then I looked at him and said like hell this is paradise, we’ll be lucky if we don’t die before we can take our first shower. The ground shattering explosions finally stopped and all my extremities were still attached. We were finally moved into our quarters where we would spend the next seven months of our lives. The walls were concrete, the ceiling was metal, and the bed felt like a dream compared to the rickety seats in the plane. As I settled into my room, I thought one day down and too many to go. Thank God, for my first day in hell was now over.

The Just Dance 4 is already proving to be a hit with all of its new features and billboard songs, making it the perfect gift for all holiday gatherings.

Going Vegan? By Ambar Wessin, Editor No matter what reason people have for going vegan, some people don’t do it because they don’t know what food to eat as a vegan. But the vegan diet is “accessible and easy to get into,” according to nutrionist Samadhi Artemisa, PhD in Holistic Nutrition and owner of In Joy Healthcare, a wellness center in Orlando. She creates food plans for people seeking ideal health through proper nutrition. Through her work and teaching, she shares her enthusiasm for nature, being a good steward of the environment and her love of good quality food and right living. AW: What does it mean to ‘go vegan’?

Dr. A: Being a vegan is more than a way of eating; it is a way of living and being. Not only does being vegan imply eating no animal products, it also implies that the individual doesn’t use an animal product, which means no leather shoes, belts, purses or accessories. AW: Does that mean basing a diet on vegetables?

Dr. A: A vegan diet consists of no animal products or animal byproducts. This means no meat, no dairy, no poultry, no eggs, nothing containing lard (animal fat) or honey and nothing that has touched animal products or been produced using animal products, such as sugar, which is produced from sugar cane processed over animal products. Yes, ‘vegan’ just denotes no animal products. However, if someone doesn’t eat vegetables, they will be very hard pressed to call themselves healthy. AW: How going vegan is going to help

It’s easier than you think

the environment?

Dr. A: Confined animal feeding organizations (also called CAFOs) are a tremendous source of pollution to the surrounding areas where commercial, large scale farms are raising animals for harvest. Minimizing the demand for this will help reduce the production.

AW: Why would you recommend people to go vegan?

Dr. A: As a nutritionist, I would recommend my patients to go vegan for health reasons, usually relating to cardiovascular health and cholesterol issues. A vegan diet can be beneficial to someone’s health. For example cholesterol can often (not always) be lowered by simply eliminating all meat, dairy and eggs from the diet. There is no cholesterol in any plant food. Many people switching to a vegan diet eat salads, smoothies and plant substitutes for things they ate as a meat eater, such as veggie burgers, hot dogs, bacon, chicken and cheese. This is a start, but certainly isn’t a balanced vegan diet that will make someone healthy. A balanced vegan diet includes beans, peas, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. AW: What’s wrong with eating dairy


Dr. A: Some people eat huge amounts of cheese and other dairy products. These can be very addicting and habit forming because there is a protein in dairy that binds to morphine receptors in the brain. Eliminating animal foods can be helpful for weight loss but isn’t a primary suggestion I give my patients for weight loss. Weight loss Continued on next page



December 6, 2012 7

The New York Giants: An NFL Enigma lose their only playoff game in the Divisional round to the Philadelphia Eagles.

By Joseph Chalbaud Sports Columnist The New York Giants have been the NFL’s Jeckyll and Hyde team for quite a few years now. They struggle to beat below average teams, while usually emerging victorious against the league’s elite. They blow huge leads, and rally past huge deficits seemingly week in and week out. With disappearing acts for eight weeks a season and dominate performances sprinkled in at various moments, they are putting together a winning formula that seems foreign to the rest of the NFL. It all started in 2007 when the Giants had four regular season defeats to the Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, and New England Patriots, allowing a ghastly 37.25 points per game in those four matches. The last loss came to the Patriots in the last week of the season, after the Giants had locked in a playoff berth and the Patriots were fighting to retain their undefeated season. A 38-35 loss in the closing moments of the game left the Giants with a feeling of confidence, knowing that they were going blow for blow with one of the best teams ever assembled. They didn’t look at that Patriots game as a loss, but as a lesson on how to win.

Then in 2009, a 5-0 start couldn’t even get them into the playoffs, dropping eight of their last eleven games and missing the post season all together. The Giants hit a weird low in 2010 though, with a 9-4 record and three conference games remaining to end the season; the Giants needed just a win against the Eagles or Packers to clinch a playoff spot. A 31-10 lead of the Eagles with seven and a half minutes remaining had the Giants firmly in position to clinch the NFC East, but then their collapse began. The Eagles scored 28 points to end the game, including a

snickered and not for no reason; Manning was just a few months removed from an NFL leading 25 interception season. In 2011, Manning wasn’t doing much to change the mind of his critics. The Giants entered a week 13 matchup against the undefeated, reigning Super Bowl champion, Packers, at 6-5 having just lost 3 straight games and only a week earlier lost 49-25 to the New Orleans Saints. The Giants would go on to lose to Green Bay in the closest matchup the Packers had seen yet. This loss started to look identical to the Giants’ 2007 loss to the Patriots. The team finished the season winning seven of their final eight games, including victories over the heavily favored Packers, 49ers and Patriots.

Suddenly, when the playoffs rolled around, the Giants were finding way to pull out wins. A wild-card victory of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers set them up to play their divisional rival Dallas Cowboys, who had already beat them twice in the regular season. Both regular season losses to the Cowboys were by double digits and Dallas scored an average of 38 points in the two games. The Giants finally beat the Cowboys to advance to the NFC Championship game to play Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers.

49ers (8-2). In between these wins were typical New York Giant losses to the NFC’s worst team, the Philadelphia Eagles (3-8), and an embarrassing 31-13 defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals (6-5). After consecutive losses to AFC North opponents, the Giants had a bye week to prepare for the red-hot Green Bay Packers, a team the Giants had success against in recent history. The Packers sat on a 7-3 record, having won 5 consecutive games in which Aaron Rodgers had a 17-2 touchdown to interception ratio. Rodgers was also well known for holding a grudge, so after a loss to the Giants in the 2011 playoffs, it was thought that a struggling Giants team was about to be in for a long night. The Giants, as they do, like to defy the rest of the viewing public, and promptly served the Packers a thick slice of humble pie, winning 38-10 and handing Rodgers the worst loss of his career. The Giants were able to get pressure with just four and five pass rushers each play, allowing them to drop six or seven guys into coverage each play. This strategy would typically allow Rodgers an ample amount of time, but Giants defensive linemen Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Osi Umenyiora were able to provide consistent pressure on Rodgers. Another weakness to heavily defending the Packers strong air attack is open running lanes, forcing pass rushers to play the run on the way to the quarterback. Green Bay was unable to take advantage in the running game; Packer running backs totaled just 82 yards on 22 carries, which is unimpressive when battling a defense who has placed stopping the run very low on their list of priorities.

It is strange that these Giants can’t do this week in and week out. Rushing the passer is a brutal, raw skill that doesn’t tend to encompass variance throughout the New York Giants’ Eli Manning finds an open receiver against the Green Bay Packers in East Rutherford, season. The Packers have one of the elite New Jersey, Sunday, November 25, 2012. The New York Giants defeated the Green Bay Packers, 38-10. offenses in the history of the NFL, so if the (Rick Wood/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/MCT) Giants defense can consistently control this The Packers had also experienced previous 65-yard Desean Jackson punt return as time Another Super Bowl MVP award on his resume dynamic Packer’s offense how is it that the success against the Giants. A week 2 35-13 expired. Still, all the Giants needed to do was and Manning had silenced many of the critics Bengals, Buccaneers, and Browns each scored victory for the Packers was the Giants worse beat the reeling Green Bay Packers, whose who scoffed at his “elite” claim. over 27 points? loss of the season. The Giants would avenge star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, was just the embarrassing regular season loss with an returning from a concussion that sidelined him The past few seasons had left the pundits and The questions will remain about the New York overtime win that sent the Cinderella Giants for consecutive weeks, resulting in two losses talking heads wise to the Giants act. No one Giants. Who are they? Are they the league’s to the Super Bowl where they would again for the team. Rodgers returned and torched was making the Giants favorites going into the best team, only showing up when they feel it is make up for missed opportunities in the the Giants for 404 yards and 4 touchdowns, 2012 season, the way the Packers were favorite necessary, and making sure they have enough regular season. A victory over the previously effectively ending the Giants season and following their Super Bowl victory. Viewers competitive fire left for the stretch run? Are undefeated New England Patriots left the send Green Bay on a six game win streak that wanted to see sustained success from the they just an above average but scrappy team football world shocked. culminated in a Super Bowl Championship that Giants, an unwavering dominance coming from that finds a sense of hyper-competitiveness the Giants had to watch from home. their front four and an explosive offense that when they face some of the league’s best? Over the 2008 and 2009 seasons, the Giants wouldn’t string together one unimpressive week There’s one question that no longer needs to couldn’t again find the hot hand that lead them In the NFL, nothing defines your team after another. be asked about this team. They may not be on their miraculous Super Bowl run. With early as heavily as your passing game, and by the NFL’s worst, or best, or most explosive, or success in 2008, an 11-1 start looked as if the extension, your passer. Before the 2011 season Of course, the Giants opened this season with most dominate, but they are certainly the most Giants were well on their way to another deep began, Eli Manning declared he was one of a fairly thorough loss to the Cowboys (5-6) puzzling. post season run. The Giants would go on to the NFL’s elite quarterbacks. Media members before manhandling the Buccaneers (6-5) and Football has been all that and more, throwing for more than Predicting this year’s Heisman Award winner 3,400 yards and 24 touchdowns this season; he also added another something very special by awarding There is often talk of a ‘Heisman 1,100 yards and 19 touchdowns on the honor to a freshman for the first Moment,’ and Johnny Football gave the ground. time. the world a ‘Heisman Game,’ passing for 253 yards and two touchdowns He would be the clear and away Johnny Manziel, or ‘Johnny in a 29-24 victory over one of the favorite for the award if not for Football,’ as he is known, set the best teams in all of college football. one simple thing: he is only a football world on fire leading Texas freshman. In the 77 year history of A&M to an upset over No. 1 ranked The Heisman Award is awarded the Heisman no freshman has ever Alabama. to the most outstanding player won the award. Historically, voters in college football. And Johnny have preferred to vote for juniors

Johnny Football: By Michael Tennant @mtennant71 History will be made Dec. 8th in Times Square. Every year when the Heisman Trophy is awarded a little piece of history is created. However, this year voters have a chance to do

Going Vegan? Continued from previous page is a completely individualized experience because there are many factors that drive a person to eat or choose a particular diet or path for themselves. AW: Some people don’t go vegan because they think they going to starve. What are your favorite vegan foods?

Dr. A: For breakfast, a bowl of hot cereal with ground up nuts or seeds, bowl of rice with steamed vegetables, green smoothie with fruits and vegetables mixed together. For lunch, a salad with avocado and ground nuts. For dinner, bowl of split pea soup with whole grain toast. For a snack, celery with almond butter. AW: What about substituting the products that are used on a daily basis by many?

Dr. A: Substitute meat and eggs for beans, peas, sprouts, nuts, seeds. For milk, use almond milk or coconut milk; butter, use flax oil, hemp oil, coconut oil. Spaghetti is generally acceptable to eat on a vegan diet because it isn’t an animal product. However, spaghetti squash is a nice substitute for store bought noodles. Spaghetti is made from refined grains

and it is better to eat a bowl of rice or quinoa than a bowl of rice pasta or quinoa spaghetti. For dessert, try coconut ice cream, or cookies and pastries that do not contain eggs or butter. There are plenty available from all health food stores. AW: Have they come up with vegan alternatives for everything?

Dr. A: All health food stores have a complete selection of vegan foods. Essential Health Market in Altamonte Springs, Sustain Natural Market in Apopka, Artichoke Red in College Park, Chamberlins and Whole Foods.

AW: Do you think vegan food should be more accessible?

Dr. A: I think vegan food is accessible. It may not always be labeled ‘vegan,’ but if you are going to dedicate your time to this way of life, you should know how or learn how to read a product label. I recommend that all of my patients and students eat food that looks like it came out of the ground. For example a salad, a bowl of rice, a handful of nuts, a piece of fruit or some steamed vegetables. If you get in

your own kitchen and learn how to cook, it will not only insure you have control over the ingredients in your bowl of soup but you will cultivate your relationship to the food you are eating. I highly recommend buying food from farmer’s markets and local farms, or even better, start a garden and grow your own!

and seniors. Up until 2007, when Tim Tebow won, no sophomore had ever won it either. Now is the time for another first. The voters could simply choose another candidate. Colin Klien of Kansas State, Kenyon Barner of Oregon, or Manti Te’o of Notre Dame come to mind. However, the award is for the most outstanding player, and that player is Johnny Football.

you know of that is vegan or serves vegan food?

Dr. A: Dandelion Cafe, Ethos, Cafe 118, Infusion Tea. For more information, contact Dr. Artemisa at (407) 252-1397.

AW: Do you think is a myth that people think vegan food is less tasty than meat and/or dairy products?

Dr. A: I haven’t heard this myth. There are plenty of vegan foods that have additives such as MSG which makes everything seem like it tastes good; MSG tricks the taste buds into thinking that whatever food it is on tastes good and the person wants more and more of it. So many soy products, veggie burgers, fake meats, TVP (texturized vegetable protein,) and other vegan products contain naturally occurring MSG, which doesn’t need to be listed on the label. I do not recommend eating these types of foods because of the added ingredients. Just eat the basics: beans, peas, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. AW: When dining out, is there any place

Chart showing Whole Foods store animal wildlife rating system aimed at addressing consumer concerns over the way animals are raised for food/Chicago Tribune 2010

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