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Gun control: How much is too much? By: Michael Santagata

With the election approaching, many topics are on the table for debate and one of which is gun control. There are different extremities to gun control, ranging from banning all guns, to banning only automatic rifles, to instead of placing bans, simply enforce slightly harsher laws. It’s a controversial topic, because listed in The United States Constitution, are 27 amendments (the first 10 known as the Bill of Rights). The second amendment, “The right to keep and bear arms”, states “In a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Many people would agree that the idea of ‘gun control’ directly violates the second amendment, because it openly infringes the people’s right to keep and bear arms. “Some people feel that guns kill people, and that they should all be banned, and that anyone with a gun will face a heavy penalty. This radical idea of gun control is absurd.” Jason Bornheimer, a former United States Marine, said. “People who use guns to kill innocent people are criminals, and a criminal doesn’t necessarily follow laws as it is. Banning guns will simply disarm law-abiding citizens, as a true criminal will most likely refuse to turn over their guns, and they can always get more through illegal arms deals.” Florida’s gun laws favor personal ownership of guns. There is no special license (other than a verified State ID) needed to purchase any rifles, handguns or assault rifles. Age restrictions do however apply; you must be 18 to purchase a rifle, and 21 to purchase a handgun. In order for an individual to carry a handgun, the weapon must be fully concealed, and the individual must obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit. In order to obtain this permit, the individual must be over the age of 21, and not a felon. Next, they would have to take gun safety courses with a certified instructor, and have their fingerprints run through an AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) which matches ones fingerprints against known, or unknown fingerprints. Only after they are verified, will an individual in the state of Florida be allowed to carry a handgun. (A concealed weapons permit is not required to purchase a handgun, only to carry it.) Some Seminole State College students don’t think eliminating ownership of guns is the proper solution. “I don’t feel it’s appropriate to ban any guns really,” Seminole State Student Roxanne Molina, said, “I think a better solution is to make people take classes before they purchase a gun. You know, make sure they know who to operate a gun the right way.” Some may argue that Florida’s gun laws aren’t very tough. However, many citizens are unaware that if an individual over the age of 21 attempts to purchase a handgun, they have to wait at least three days from the time of purchasing the weapon, to the time of picking up the weapon. This hiatus is known as the “cooling off period,” which is

used to run background checks, and allow an individual time to ‘cool off’ or calm down, if they bought the weapon in a ‘heat of the moment situation.’ Founded in 1871, The National Rifle Association is one of the largest advocates when it comes to defending the constitution, and the rights granted to us by the second amendment. Anyone can join the NRA, but must contribute. A one year membership costs $35, a two year membership will cost $60, a three year $85, five year $125, and a life membership costs $1000. The cost of your membership will go towards the organization defense of second amendment freedoms. Some employees of the Shoot Straight Gun range feel that making guns harder to obtain won’t help either, and will only harm civilians. They feel, joining the NRA is the best way to keep people safe.

“I own eight handguns,” John, a Shoot Straight Employee said, “and I keep one in every room of my house, and another on me at all times. The people that do use guns to do wrong are criminals. They lie, steal, and kill, but they don’t follow laws. Overturning the second amendment, would only disarm people like me. People who only want to protect their family, and what’s rightfully theirs. I urge people to stand up for themselves, and stand up for the constitution. Fight for what you believe in! Every day the NRA (National Rifle Association) takes a stand against anyone wishing to take our guns…Go on, and stand up with them. Join the NRA. I’m a life member myself. ” “Banning ownership of guns, in terms of Gun control isn’t the answer. Not everyone who owns a gun is a criminal, or plans to use guns to commit a crime, but sometimes these weapons do end up in the wrong hands.” Matt, a second Shoot Straight Gun Range employee said, “In case people don’t know, or have forgotten, allow me to remind them that if they purchase a gun for someone who legally cannot, they will be dealt with severely.”

Women: How do they want to be approached? By: Kyle Yeoman

The question of how women prefer to be approached depends on the woman, and also depends on what men want too. Some women could prefer the bad boy or the nice guy, but it is the first impression that counts. For Seminole State College student Damaris Koo, who said that guys have become more disrespectful; a good way to start is by a normal conversation and humor. “I like it when a guy makes me laugh, and calls me beautiful,” Ms. Koo said. “I don’t like it when a man calls me names like ‘shorty’ or whistles at me.” However, she said likes a man that is respectful and romantic, “but not too mushy,” Ms. Koo said. Seminole State College human sexuality professor, Rebecca Padilla, said that she would want a man to treat her equally when

approaching her. “If a man wanted to approach me, then he should realize that I have a mind and a spirit that’s important,” Ms. Padilla said. “However, I don’t like when a guy uses pick-up lines, or sees me only as a sexual object.” Yet, Ms. Padilla said, she thinks women are treated more equally than they were in the past. For males like Harold Noel, a Seminole State College student, said when approaching a woman it’s important to be yourself. “I would just walk up to a woman to say hi, introduce myself, and ask how they are doing,” Mr. Noel said. “I wouldn’t just call a woman hot when just meeting them.” In addition, Mr. Noel said, when men approach men, it depends on what they want. “There are some guys who only want sex,” Mr. Noel said. “There are also guys who really want a relationship.”

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