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Thomas Tutton: My Autobiography x Hi Miss Emily, here is the autobiography you asked for.

I was born on October 1st 1997, on my mother’s 29th birthday, in the Pitie-Salpétrière hospital in the 13th district in Paris, France. I lived there happily for 3 years, playing with my friend Arsène I had met at 3 months old.When I was 1½ years old, my sister Maya was born. Then, just after my third birthday, we decided we had had enough of Paris and moved to a small town, Auriol, very close to Marseille. Here, I lived well until I was 9 years old. When I was 7, my little sister Gemma was born. Then, against my will, my family decided they were bored of life in the south of France and we moved to Seville, in the south of Spain. We had a nice year in Spain, and my dad really wanted to stay but it wasn’t my mum’s choice, so we went back to France. After a poor year in France, because I had changed into a secondary school I did not like, we decided we needed to move again. This time, we chose Costa Rica, because we’d been there on holiday and liked it. Last year in Costa Rica was the best year of my life. My favourite thing to do was to go to Pelada Beach with Storm, Stone and Dakota and jump into the barrels. We went back to France this summer and it was great, but we were not going to live there, so we moved again, this time to Berkeley, California. Berkeley has been great, but after our 5-week stay in Costa Rica, we’re moving to a place I’ve never lived: England, my home. I have travelled a lot in my life: I’ve been to 17 countries in my life. My earliest memory of a trip was in 2003/2004, to Sri Lanka in Asia. We were there exactly one year before the tsunami that claimed thousands of lives. My first trip to the U.S.A was in 2001, but as I was 4

I don’t remember anything. In 2005 we spent a month just north of San Francisco. Other places I’ve been to include Morocco, Norway, Nicaragua and Panama. I’m a sporty person. My favourite sports are soccer, ping-pong and tennis. Unfortunately, right now I’m injured with a growing condition, Osgood-Schlatter. I also like to play cards and read.