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Interview with Julie from Almost Paradise By: Stone Van Timmeren

Stone: What do you recommend? Julie: The Stephan with potatoes and my homemade cereal, because it has no sugar at all, it took a while to find all the ingredients and it took me months to finish it. Stone: To you think you have a good location? Julie: Yes because it is easily accessible if you live in Pelada or Guiones and also the view is outstanding. Stone: How long have you been open? Julie: Only a few weeks. Stone: Do you have any secret recipes? Julie: Yes, we have the homemade muesli, seasoned potatoes that take 3 days to prep and an alcoholic cocktail which is called granny’s juice. It’s called granny’s juice because it’s a recipe that my grandmother made with fresh fruits, wine and vodka. My grandmother never cooked or drove but she always could make great cocktails, so to keep the tradition I offer one glass for 1000 colones. Stone: Do you serve breakfast, lunch and dinner? Julie: No, we only have breakfast and dinner but breakfast goes until two o’clock and we also have snacks if you don’t want to eat breakfast. Stone: What kind of food do you sell? Julie: German food.

Julie and Stephan from almost paradise hail from Germany and are starting up a hostel and restaurant this season in Playa Pelada. She always wanted to have a hostel near the beach, anywhere was fine for her, Australia, Costa Rica, and basically anywhere with a beach it didn’t matter. Julie accidently met the owner of Almost Paradise, so Julie and Stephan came to Costa Rica to check it out. They went everywhere around Costa Rica for three months and loved Playa Pelada the most because it’s less touristy and she really liked the fact that the Ticos are opened minded. She also enjoyed that there is a mixture of Ticos and Foreigners. When I first went into the restaurant the first thing Julie did was offer me a glass of water with lemon and mint. I really enjoyed how it seems the restaurant and hostel is built ecologically, it’s hidden in the jungle. The hostel is only 13 dollars for one night! If you don’t have a place to stay and you don’t want to spend a fortune, go to Almost Paradise for good vibes, great breakfast, and most importantly great hospitality!

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