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Water and Compressed Air



Deadline: January 21, 2011

Shanghai China March 15-17, 2011 Please return form to: SEMI China Rm.201, 295 Zuchongzhi Road Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, Pudong Shanghai, 201203, China Contact: Ms. May Pu Phone: +86.21.5027.0909*202 Fax: +86.21.5027.4829 E-mail:

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Unit Price(RMB)


Total Price

Water Supply and Drainage Water supply to booth with 10m pipe up & down. Ø 15mm, P. 4kg/cm2


Water supply to machine with 10m pipe up & down. Ø 20mm, P. 4kg/cm2


Water connection to booth, per point


Water connection to machine, per point


Compressed Air

≤ 6HP-10HP (≤0.9m3/Min & 8~10kgf/cm ), Ø19mm

0.5HP-5HP ( 0.4m3/Min & 8~10kgf/cm2), Ø10mm 2


10 Bar 1m /Min, inner size 25mm Compressed Air connection, per point

4,000 4,800 5,500 600

For water supply and air compressor services, exhibitors are required to bring along their adaptor to connect to their equipment.

All water and compressed air orders must have a drawing indicating the location of the water and compressed air points.

Please use Form 7 (Location Plan) to indicate the locations and fax this to SEMI China before

January 21, 2011. Any relocating of the power points at show site will incur a 50% additional charge from SEMI China. 

Exhibitors with very sensitive equipment are advised to bring their own stabilizer.

Exhibitors must bring their own special regulating units if they require very specific water temperature or water pressure.

Payment must be made after receiving the invoice from SEMI China.

Full cost of equipment or services will be applied for any cancellation of an order beginning

Late order (after the deadline of January 21, 2011) will be surcharged 30%. Any order received after February

January 21, 2011. 21, 2011 and any onsite order will be surcharged 50%.

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