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TU Bergakademie Freiberg: international university with a tradition Try studying one of 8 Masters programs in English! you can see the signs of that great heritage everywhere in Freiberg and on the campus.

Agata Blinkiewicz: TU Bergakademie Freiberg is a research university, but with a strong focus on specific subjects. Can you list them? Torsten Mayer, International Centre, TU Freiberg: It’s my pleasure! We have 64 degree courses in four areas: 1. Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences; 2. Geoscience, Geoengineering and Mining; 3. Engineering; 4. Economics.

HISTORIC What is the most characteristic of your university? Definitely it’s our long mining tradition. The Bergakademie Freiberg is the world’s oldest higher school of mining, founded in 1765. It has even served as a model for other schools of mining in Russia and Latin America. Today


How does the university cooperate with industry and region? In third-party research funding we rank among the top 10 universities in Germany. Which means: not only a lot of companies cooperate with us, but they also pay a lot to receive the best for their research projects. Also the students of engineering degree courses have to take several internships and field trips in order to graduate. This requires a large pool of cooperative companies and contacts, which our institutes and professors have. What is more, PhD students can finance their studies with a position in a company (so-called industrial doctorate).


Who are the most famous researches that worked at TU Freiberg? Freiberg has had a number of great scientists. Among them are: Alexander von Humboldt, the world-famous naturalist, who studied mining engineering in Freiberg, and Clemens Winkler who discovered the chemical element germanium (order number 32 in the periodic table of elements). In 1811 the chemist Wilhelm August Lampadius introduced the first gaslight in the European mainland. That’s really impressing. And what are your current initiatives for young researchers? We have ProRat – a board for all our PhD candidates. It has been founded to represent all PhD students of the university. It works as a political agent that attempts to influence the higher education policies. Another example might be the financial support for female students to complete their PhD, which comes from the funds of the Rectorate's Commission for Gender Issues. The "YoungGEOMATENUM international" program offers scholarships for the international mobility of young researchers. Our Scientific Diving Centre teaches and trains young researchers in under-water techniques. This applies then to research in various fields, such as: hydrogeology, hydrochemistry, geoecology, (micro)biology and also engineering. At the end of the training, the participants receive a certificate of European Scientific Diver (ESD).

INTERNATIONAL Do you have an offer with programs taught in English? Yes, we have currently 8 degree courses in English. All of them are Master’s. The most popular is the MBA course "International Management of Resources & Environment" and also "Computational Materials Science" (Engineering sciences) as well as "Sustainable Mining and Remediation Management" (Mining and Geosciences). Every year, they attract students from all parts of the world. For a complete list of our courses, please visit our website: TU Bergakademie Freiberg is truly an international university. How many of your students come from abroad? Currently 24% of our students are the international ones. The top 10 countries of origin are: China, Iran, India, Mongolia, Russia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Ukraine, Poland and Chile/Cameroon/Colombia/Turkey.

FRIENDLY Is there any kind of a buddy program for the international students? Yes, we have a buddy program for the international students, especially for the new ones. The buddy usually helps with the flat, with formalities after the arrival and often guides the new student through the town and the campus.

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