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Jason Lun Kit - Ng Graphic Design Year 3


The original Dogme 95 video gave me the inspiration of this project; I am totally in love with the simple style and creative filming skills such as the use of colour; language; individual story and those challenge rules. This video is representing the style on my art works which are mix media and textile. I am in love with black and white film and a big fan of Charlie Chaplin; his unique acting and silence comedy has engaged with those audience from different generation, it still working and simply show the blue side of society at that time of period. In this video I was using black and white for the first 2 minutes as it’s the simply colour also express my graphic design skill are basic on fine art; the beauty of art. I would love to let people know that I have my own culture, background and Chinese traditional though but I am very much open mind, easy to adapt new environment and willing to try and learn different things. I have simply explain my life journey and studying process from the beginning of the video and finally I am filming in colour in the last part of this film, which I am trying to explain that I think I have found the light in art and what I really enjoy to do with my works. I did not break any rules in this project as I want to challenge myself and personally loving the style of Dogme 95, it makes me think that we can and should be able still to work on the limit equipments and environment, everything should start with simply then try to express the complex story after, I agree the concept of less is more as I think people seem to start getting lose in latest technology and forgotten the classic creation of art.

Video Link; 910408ADOEgsToPDskJo1bFPwfPchQHtfV7KD83R

I did say ‘I found a light’ in Dogme 95 project but yet I think I still have more space need to explore and I would like to experiment even more media throw this Independent Practice Study.

I have realised Independent Practice is not just a project that we need to hand it in on time or give you a chance to show off what you can really do, it is really a good opportunity for me to explored what I can do and try something new everyday, I do not need to fear failing or scare of any negative feedback, just need to try and enjoy the experiment. I thought that I am only good at mix media and fine art but somehow I can think I am quite talented in making movie, not yet perfect but something I could try more when I have time. However I do think I am very enjoying photography and started to realise I do not need to change course to do photography at all as I did think of change course 5 time in past 2 years. I start picking up the camera again this year and try to capture the moment of true and in the mean time try to create the moment of reality in my pictures. This portfolio may seems un tidy or there is no final outcome but this is my point of exploring.

Starting point and Introduction

This part of the project is all about how do I feel about my Identity and my own culture, I was born in 28th of December 1988 in China, then I had moved to Hong Kong in 1997 Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to the People’s Republic of China ever since, After all those year I was living Hong Kong then I started realise that every Chinese People think the greatest economic and freedom place to live in which is the place that drive me crazy and make me mad, that is why I have decided I must leave home and this country travel to somewhere complete new that no know will ever recognised who I really am anymore. Human are the greatest high level of animal in this planet; how we view thing and place are totally personal, I wish we all can only see the side of beauty but unfortunately I do see the ugly hole of Home. I used to love the art of Photography but recently I started to judge and failed to believe how photography really is as can we really see the real moment when people start photographing natural? When people using professional camera to take pictures does that mean the image is more believable? Because it’s token by a professional camera or would little kid using mobile camera to take picture more real as they actually catch the real moment of reality? I start asking myself what is artist and what is reality?

I see things differently of Hong Kong now compare to the past, I used to love the sounds of running engine machine; looking up the never end roof building and exploring the ‘Rock Forest’. I criticise my own Country but doesn’t mean that I do not love my home. I love the people as most of them do have good heart but I totally dislike their old traditional unopened mind thought such as male still better female; there still has arrange marriage; people still think art is useless and hopeless. Male and Female still treated differently by the Chinese society nowadays. Those problems we do need to deal with it carefully but in this project I am mainly focusing on the variety of pollutions, environment damaged and how could we face those negative issue positively.

Fortunately I am a boy?

If I were a Boy, then?

Patrick Haemmerlein Patrick Haemmerlein is a freelance designer and artist living in Los Angeles. He explores themes of nature Vs. industry and how they can coexist and clash, the images are all designed from photographs that Patrick has taken. The buildings and cityscapes are from Los Angels while the animal and farm photos were mostly taken around his hometown area in upstate NY. There are not only a juxtapostion of nature and industry, but a combination of imagery from his two hones – one rural and one urban. I am going to study his artworks and aim to learn some new skills that I don’t know of and make it to my own verison and my styles.

This is my experiment of mix media design, the images are all designed from photographs that I have taken, and the building and cityscapes are from Hong Kong, those images are simply to explain what is happening in Hong Kong and how do I obvious feel about what is happening. I do like and interested in this kind of design as you can pretty much put everything together and very playful as well, there is lots freedom to create whatever you have in your mind and the images doesn’t need to done professionally. I will definitely kepp trying out different stuff in this kind of style and use it more often in my last on project.

Research and Analysing

People non stop working hard in Hong Kong, is it Good or Bad?

Research and Analysing

As one of the world’s leading international financial centers, Hong Kong has a major capitalist service economy characterised by low taxation and free trade, and the currency, Hong Kong dollar, is the eighth most traded currency in the world. The lack of space caused demand for denser constructions, which developed the city to a centre for modern architecture and the world’s most vertical city. Hong Kong has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. The dense space also led to a highly developed transportation network with public transport travelling rate exceeding 90 percent, the highest in the world. Hong Kong has numerous high international rankings in various aspects. For instance, its economic freedom, financial and economic competitiveness, quality of life, corruption perception, Human Development Index, etc., are all ranked highly. But there are lot of sub issues beside this amazing city such as lot of company are growing their business and expending their working area, but working space are running out that is why they needed more and more new building and offices, which government rather build up even higher up building or need to hunt down the natural environment to get more living and working spaces; Economic are increasing and so is our general goods prices, so people need to work harder and react faster to earn a bit more income to live on; Hong Kong also named ‘Rock Forest’ as they have so many buildings in such a small city, Hong Kong do get bigger as they cut trees and fill up the sea to extend the use of land, but their sea is getting smaller and animals start run out space to live. In the Next Media Newspaper report Hong Kong citizen increased 30% of their depressing and stressed in 2010 compare to 1999. However, I would love to demonstrate those issue of Hong Kong is facing in my following pages. I have expressed my feeling of Hong Kong throw my drawing and shown in my creations.


Those picture evidences has proved Hong Kong is non stop expending and keep on repairing to make it better city, however, it does increase the variety of pollutions, also make our world seems smaller as there is no more forest for us to explore. Sadly, Hong Kong government still haven’t not realise the damage they have done to Hong Kong citizen and community.

People do need to facing up their problem; so is government. However we do need to take it seriously but think of positive solution to solve the environment issues of Hong Kong.

Experiment I am using those materials that I made from Illustrator, Photoshop and my own drawing to create my following images, I have sketched different shapes of buildings and this allowed me to improve my drawing skills and better understanding of the use of layers.

Energy are running out in 20 years time also people are running out place to live as people born every seconds everyday in the world, and no wonder building are not just building up also going down to the underground. When will we reach the place of hell and touch the highness of heaven?

It is good to live in a quality life, but we cannot ignore and destroy the nature slowly. We have choice to choose where we want to live and how we live in but did you think of the place that animal give up for us?

Where can you run to when you want

t to peace of quiet? Temple or Forest?

When has natural countryside changed to popular tourist place? Home or Away?


People talk fasts; walk fasts; think fasts; east fasts‌in Hong Kong, please just Stop! We need to start looking around and enjoy our life just a little bit more, how often do we stop to listen what singer singing in the street; to see what is artist painting on the floor, to enjoy the quality of life? There is some issue in Hong Kong, in fact it happen in many different towns, cities and countries. But we still can appreciate what we’ve got and make it better for our citizens and communities. Thank you for those who spent time to sing for us, who paint for us, who tell us joke and make us laugh. Because of some people non-stop hoping, that is why they changed us and makes us to believe we can do it, we still can smile when SARS was there. I have point out different problems Hong Kong is facing. But I wish they can handle it positively and do it together as a whole.

Some people life to work and work for money, but some just life to enjoy, work for passion. There are so many people will give up their own time to do something what their really like although they are full time job, they believe we need to enjoy our life and don’t give up what’s our dream. They may not earning as much as business man and never know when is the day off but there is nothing could be better than this.

He may seem a ransom stranger on busy street, but he was standing there for more than hour just to enjoy his time with music and the performers. He was not alone because I was there with him.


I was thinking the concept of how to make people smile or chill out a little bit more everyday in their stressful life? I come out with some ideas is T-Shirt campaign. I have done research about what is the most happy colour and what can we do to change people’s behaviour without changing the environment but can still communicate with large group of audiences. I found out yellow is psychologically the happiest color in the color spectrum. It is the symbol for liberalism in many countries; is encourages communication and stimulates mental processes. Red is powerfully linked to our most primitive physical, financial, and emotional needs of survival and self-preservation; it is the color of physical energy, passion, and desire; it symbolizes action, confidence and courage; Determination to go after your dreams and the power to achieve goals; Boosts mental and physical energy; is associated with passionate love, sex, great energy, impulse, adventure; Bold and dynamic, confident and in control; willing to take risks; ambition and drive with a need for personal freedom.



Tim Walker is the most fantastic photographer who I really love and he inspirited me all the time, I was studying his work how to use the light and the location shoot setting etc, his pictures not just a normal images they are more then art, he spend long times to create a story behind those images and think carefully what his model should wear and how they should pose. He amazes me with his use of light; location; set up; model; stylising; drama; story line etc. People may think why am I studying Tim Walker as he is nothing to do with Graphic Design but I personally think Fashion photography and Graphic Design are both art also they are the same as Photography just use in different way. There is so much more I need to learn from Tim Walker and lots of that skill that I can use in my graphic photography media. My friend Charlie and I were both studying in the same high school also doing Fine art together, can now we both studying Graphic Design but we still passion about Photography, so I use Independent Study as an excuse to ask him to cooperate with me for the random fashion shoot that I want to show what I really learned from Tim Walker and how fashion photography can relate to Graphic Design.

My friend Charlie and I were both studying in the same high school also doing Fine art together, can now we both studying Graphic Design but we still passion about Photography, so I use Independent Study as an excuse to ask him to cooperate with me for the random fashion shoot that I want to show what I really learned from Tim Walker and how fashion photography can relate to Graphic Design. I found its harder to shoot in outdoor location than indoor studio as you need to find the right time also match with good weather etc. shooting with model is much more challenge than shoot the dead object in advertising as the you need to capture the right moment of model movement and angel etc. I normally spend most of the time to use Photoshop to get the right colour and matching contrast but in this case I perfect just using the lighting and nonPhotoshop editing in this shoot as make it more challenging. This shoot is simply about the princess is waiting for the prince come to pick her up from home to the party but unfortunately the prince did not come but the princess didn’t give up as she believe love will never die.

I have changed the hair style, make up and dressing style as I don’t it suit the theme in test shoot, it rather look messy then high fashion also the whole look did not look stylist at all, I am aiming to create high fashion and beauty shoot. hopefully the new hair style, make up and clothing do help to change the look and feeling of this shoot.

Photogrpahy: Jason Lun Kit Ng Assistance: Charlie Urmstrong Model: Amy Lighting: Andy Stylist / Make Up / Hair Stylist: Jason Lun Kit Ng Wardrobe Supplier: Ms. Painter Location: Leominster

I am loving the final photo shoot, it shows the make up, hair style and outfit style changed does help for the whole image, also the body languages of model increases the elegant images, there is a lot of story going on in this shoot and the light and theme setting make it comes alive which the princess has finally waited for his prince charming to come. This setting is very unusual as there is a fireplace and in door decoration in outdoors, is because I tried to recreate the unforgiveable images by Tim Walker. Just because everything is so accentuate in his photos and that is the reason why make it special. I set two sets of floor light and one extension flesh main light to create sharp lighting, it would help to bring out the bone structure of model, face expressions and clearer shadows. Although pictures done in outdoor but some of the images does look like done in studio.

Evaluation and Proposal for major Project In this independent practice I have learned that do not fear of failure, do not scare to try new stuffs and open to any options as well. I am very happy that I have more chance to try out more media than I ever have in the past two years. I always think I can only do just one thing in my independent practice and it always doing my headache, as I have to choose carefully what should I do and how I do it. I am really glad that I have finally done the fashion photography project that I was dying to try for 3 years now as I never have chance to do so before. I realised nothing is late to learn or to do as we all need just once chance and I was lucky got the opportunity how to make movie in Dogme 95 project, it was very fun and enjoyable, I do wish I can make more movie in the future and that is something I would love to experiment more, but I do find it is quite difficult to start learning new programme now, first of all, there is not many movie work shop available and I am personally too busy to learn a brand new thing, however, movie making will not be a option of my final major project tool as I am not good at it at all. Working on this project got me think I need to take real action to do things rather than think about it but works. Also it is good to study some artist but do not ever just copy their style; I need to learn from them then turn into my own style and make it unique. I have learned that Context is very important in design industry as they are soul of your artworks, they shouldn’t be create without a meaning, then it will not be alive and it won’t be able to communicate with our audience and readers. However, I think in the end of this project I have found my strongest point of my design skill which is digital design that basic on photography then explore it into different media. I didn’t know what was the different between Fine art and Graphic design and now I knew its all about communication; the context of works and engage with our audiences. I explored in different way media in this project and finally I think I have found the light that is Digital Media Art, which is basic on Photography, then expend into different media that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative or presentation process. Digital art could just be pure computer design but I do not like the idea of pure computer design as I think they lost the personal attitude, so I will mix my fine art skill into it make it into my own version, and hopefully I can make it unique and my own style. I do wish I can do more brand redesign, and poster design in my next project. I wish I can take this chance to developed what I can do in my future career and try to provides the production skills and develops the individual approaches and bodies of work, required for success in this fast moving, competitive Industry.

Proposal for FMP I am going to create a book of travelling. This guidebook will show my audience the place I went, food I ate, stuffs I did in London – England. This is not a normal guidebook that shows the most typical tourist place to go, food to eat and things to do. I am aiming to make it personal and memorable, as none of the guidebook seems interesting and fun to me personally. This project is targeted to everyone who travelling a lots, very interested in London – England culture, willing to discover something new and ready to explore their unique travel journey. A part from usual tourist place they can go also I will guide them to quite unusual restaurant that allow them to experience the food of science etc. This book will show the timeline of my journey and educate my audiences of all my knowledge that I known. But my only concern is where should I start it first? How many places I need to show will be enough? I will basic on photography to start with in this project, also it will be my main tool of document my timelines and stories. But eventually will develop to different presentation technique such as print making, pencil drawing, textile and mix media etc. However I would not mix too much complex technique into this project as guidebook supposes to be clean, easy to read, easy to understand and good educational. This book will be in A5 size as it will be easy to carry around and just the size of the pocket. I am thinking to DIY my guidebook to start with but will get professional prints as a final

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Independent P. Retake  

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