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It is one of the fifteen districts in the Province of Huamanga, situated in the Department of Ayacucho, Peru. This district was created by Law on January 2, 1857. Its capital is the city of Vinchos, made up of 96 communities, 7 villages, 16,745 inhabitants. 53% (8,387) of the population is made up of CHILDREN, ADOLESCENTS AND YOUNG PEOPLE under 19 years of age.


The district of Vinchos has a total population of 16, 307 inhabitants (census 2005), 50% male, 51% female. This district is classed as being one of the poorest among the 46 districts of this category in the Department. AGRICULTURAL COMMUNITIES

The ÂŤ altoandinas Âť (upper Andes) communities identified in Vinchos are : Occollo and Azabran y Manascorral, that is those that have the main economic activity of raising livestock (alpacas, llamas, vicunas, cattle and horses). Others raise crops for everyday needs. A conciliation meeting had to be convoked concerning the ancestral Inca society and the suffering caused by the Spanish presence of the colony. This resulted in the inhabitants of this region having to retreat in areas where the harsh and aggressive climate made for very difficult living conditions. However they were able to adapt themselves to the climate and formed a strong, noble race. EDUCATION

The problems in this area are very complex. There is very little attention paid to educational needs on the part of the competent authorities as well as on the part of the educators; there are no schools in the altoandinas zones and in the neighboring areas. A long time is taken to hire teachers, the infrastructure is deficient as well as any support for the teachers. There is very little furniture in the classrooms. The schools are situated in the areas of larger population so that children often have to walk 5 hours coming and going to attend classes. Then, we must also take into account the harsh climate which causes the absence of children, giving up on studies and increased illiteracy.



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