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The Perpetual Profession of Sister María Beatriz Fonseca Perú

The Perpetual Profession of Sister María Beatriz Fonseca « As the Father loves Jesus and gives himself to him So also Jesus loves us and gives himself to us. This love between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is like a fire that sparks forth from the communion of God.”

Aware that all life springs from Him and for Him, and that later, this life acts through us to give abundant fruit, on June 18th we gathered to celebrate with joy the perpetual profession of Sister María Beatriz who chose to live total love of God in common life as an eternal offering to Him. She pronounced her “Yes”, professing the vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience. She gave a clear response; “Yes, with the grace of God and the help of the community”; she expresses her desire to be totally to God, in the parish church of Santa María de la Reconciliación, in Los Olivos. Mgr. Lino Panizza, bishop of Carabayllo, presided at the liturgical celebration, concelebrated with Father Gionanni Paccosi, Paolo and Father Ronald Gogin. All together, we shared the joy with her parents, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, neighbors, friends, associates and the people of the village that accompanied us, we saw in this event of the Church and of the Congregation a special gift from God, a real blessing for the Region of Peru. Sister María Beatriz is now forever a member of the religious family of the Presentation of Mary, a congregation that she has chosen freely. From now on she will share all with us, so that TOGETHER, according to the wish of Marie Rivier, in the heart of the world and of the Church we may be a sacrament of the mercy of God.

Mons Lino Panizza

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The Perpetual Profession of Sister María Beatriz Fonseca