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Region of Peru As part of the celebrations for Blessed Marie Rivier, our foundress, we celebrated in thanksgiving the Golden Jubilee of Sister Marthe LaramĂŠe, the Pearl Jubilee of Sister Jobita Ubaldo Charqui and the Silver Jubilee of Sister Carmen Luz Chiroque Bonifacio. It was a great joy for us to celebrate these years of fidelity, of journeying with the Lord and his people as a sister of the Presentation of Mary. The strength of a consecrated life rooted in the Gospel is always present and active in the Church because it is a response filled with love for God and for neighbor. Persevering faithfully in their vocation, our sisters profess the firm belief in the Lord of history, whose hands are at work in the time in which we live, the places and the people. God never stops calling us because his gifts are irrevocable. He invites us to enter ever more deeply into the covenant of love which his tenderness proposes to us. This is reflected in the way of life of our sisters who have worked in different missions to consolidate and spread the Kingdom of Christ, announcing the Gospel everywhere even in remote regions like Caballo Cocha, Guadalupe, San JosĂŠ de Lourdes, Vinchos, Jauja. Throughout these years of consecrated life, our sisters have shown, by their prophetic witness, the primacy of God and of the Gospel values in our life as Christians. By their testimony of a life of poverty, humility and chastity, impregnated with a fraternal love for all people, they have been witnesses of the Gospel incarnated in the world of today, in communion with the Church and the Congregation Happy feast day, dear Sisters, and thank you for your witness of joy and devotion!

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