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The assurance of collection Household waste and related matter Semaer uses its professionalism and experience, acquired over 40 years, to serve the general interest and the interest of the communities in matters concerning waste collection. Semaer is attentive to the elected representatives and the special local features of each territory and provides recommendations, expertise and personalised solutions to meet each expectation. Semaer therefore supports the communities to implement high-quality service at the best price for citizens

Personalised solutions for high quality collection at the best price For public service that is always more effective and adapted to the needs of the communities A fleet of lorries at the forefront of the latest technology: ▶ lorries that meet the Euro 5 standards; ▶ lorries that function with Natural Gas for Vehicles; ▶ lorries equipped with automated technologies.

Expertise that serves the territory ▶ expertise in the collection professions; ▶ in-depth knowledge of town planning and of the special local features; ▶ continuous monitoring of collections in order to optimize the services offered

The assurance of collection

Quality, Security, Environment QSE certification for all of the activities: • ISO 9001 • ISO 14001 • OHSAS 18001 Semaer has had Quality, Safety and Environmental certification since 2008 Thanks to this approach of integrated management, Semaer guarantees the quality of its services, complete control of environmental risks as well as the safety and health of its employees and the populations

Collection of household waste Collection of bulk refuse and plant waste Collection of waste electric and electronic equipment Collection of special household waste The rental, maintenance and sale of bins and containers Management of waste collection centres Urban waste management

What are the advantages of Semaer collection for communities? ▶ responsive service within easy reach; ▶ a range of services that cover all of your needs; ▶ equipment that is changed regularly for better efficiency, to limit nuisances and better preserve the environment; ▶ a dedicated sales representative to monitor your services and requests; ▶ a personalised audit to optimise your waste management; ▶ managed costs through the exploitation of your waste treatment units by the Semardel Group; ▶ a vision of the future for the transformation of your waste with the implementation of additional innovative technical procedures



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The assurance of collection - Household waste and related matter