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The assurance of transformation An energy recovery waste storage centre The Ecosite non-hazardous waste storage centre has an annual capacity of 220,000 tons and is able to recover energy from non-hazardous ultimate waste from industries and households. The biogas produced by natural waste degradation is essentially comprised of methane and must be destroyed in conformance with the law. Nevertheless, it has a high calorific value which means that it can be exploited for energy, notably electric energy with an annual production of 37,000 MWh. It also enables heat production and to heat the premises and the liquid effluents treatment unit

Management of your waste with strict respect of the environment Using the wealth of its experience, Semavert exploits a nonhazardous ultimate waste storage plant in bioreactor mode. This centre and its cogeneration unit are a demonstration of highly secured exploitation that is respectful of the environment. ▶ The Ecosite storage centre has been “Quality, Security, and Environment” (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) certified since 2008. ▶ The storage centre is endowed with the most innovative sealing and effluent collection techniques. Semavert thereby ensures complete transparency through the methods of control that are implemented. ▶ The storage centre has a joint biogas recovery and leachate treatment unit

The energy recovery waste storage centre


Unloading platform


Material sorting platform


Storage cell


Electricity production with 4 dedicated motors


Storage centre retention basins


Percolating water treatment plant

Additional indicators ▶ The ‘nose network’ Semavert has about thirty volunteer residents in its ‘nose network’. The members of this network notify the Semavert services of odour nuisances noted, if any, in the neighbouring communes so that the problem can be resolved as soon as possible.

Quality, Security, Environmen t QSE certification for all of the activities: • ISO 9001 • ISO 14001 • OHSAS 18001 Semavert has had Quality, Safety and Environmental certification since 2008. Thanks to this approach of integrated management, Semavert guarantees the quality of its services, complete control of environmental risks, as well as the safety and health of its employees and the populations

▶ Sentry bees Beehives are implanted in the storage centre. Bees are actually excellent indicators in that they are extremely sensitive to the quality of the environment

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Semavert, a nonhazardous ultimate waste storage plant in bioreactor mode