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The assurance of performance In 2010 the Semardel Group created a new subsidiary, Semapro, in order to develop expertise, consultancy and engineering services for communities and businesses. With the wealth of its professional expertise in the collection, treatment and transformation of household waste and waste from economic activities, Semapro’s goal is to offer a panel of administrative and technical competences. Semapro also aspires to lay out the full details of the semi-public model used by the Semardel Group, so that communities responsible for waste can be supported in setting up semi-public companies in the general interest of their territory

Competences and values to serve the general interest The semi-public model

Semi-public companies are public limited companies created by local communities (or their groups). They have at least seven shareholders including one who is required to be a private person. The local communities must be majority shareholders and must have at least 50 to 85% of the capital. Private shareholders provide their expertise and contribute to the proper governing of the company. Semi-public companies are competent in operating industrial or commercial-type public services as well as all the other general interest activities. Their range of territorial action is not limited. They can intervene for other customers besides their shareholders as well as for themselves. Local communities can only entrust them with missions after competitive tendering. To date there are approximately 1,050 semi-public companies including about thirty in waste management

Semi-public companies are connected by a community of values based on 6 guiding principles ▶ the general interest as a goal; ▶ the longevity of actions; ▶ transparency as a method of operating; ▶ control by the elected representatives as a guarantee; ▶ the territory as a field of intervention; ▶ the corporate spirit as a method of action.

The Semardel Group values ▶ to develop any treatment method through which the transformation of treated waste can be reinforced; ▶ to preserve a share capital held mainly by the communities; ▶ to treat waste at an identical price for all the communities; ▶ to anticipate changes in regulations related to the collection, treatment and recycling of waste; ▶ to ensure development by facilitating the establishment of companies that can mutualise their activities with waste activities; ▶ to be irreproachable in terms of environmental regulations by anticipating them or being more demanding in terms of preservation; ▶ to reinvest the profits earned from the private activity to serve the interest of the communities; ▶ to effectively treat and recycle community waste.

Quality, Security, Environment QSE certification for all of the activities: • ISO 9001 • ISO 14001 • OHSAS 18001 Semardel, Semaer, Semariv and Semavert have had Quality, Safety and Environmental certification since 2008. Thanks to this approach of integrated management, the Semardel Group guarantees the quality of its services, complete control of environmental risks as well as the safety and health of its employees and the populations

The assurance of performance Semapro offers assistance in the following areas: ▶ administration and legal issues; ▶ technical and developmental issues; ▶ financing and accounting; ▶ commercial and communication issues.

The assurance of expertise Semardel, a Semi-public Company, has been developing and managing the collection, treatment and transformation of household waste and waste from economic activities, since 1984. The Semardel Group head office is the knowledge, assistance, control and strategy centre for its subsidiaries Semaer, Semariv, Semavert and Semapro. ▶ Semaer, the assurance of collection Collection of household waste and waste from economic activities, urban waste management and waste collection centres. ▶ Semariv, the assurance of transformation An automated sorting centre, energy recovery incineration units and a bottom ash maturation platform. ▶ Semavert, the assurance of transformation A composting platform, an energy wood platform, an energy recovery storage centre and an aggregate and fine sand quarry

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91810 Vert-le-Grand Tel.: +33 (0)1 64 56 75 00 Fax: +33 (0)1 64 56 09 11

Semapro, expertise, consultancy and engineering services  

With the wealth of its professional expertise in the collection, treatment and transformation of household waste and waste from economic act...

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