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Top 7 Hair Transplant Clinics in United Kingdom

Hair transplantation surgery is may be one of the hardest decisions a person has to made. Years of denial of losing hair continues as hoping to find a way to solve the problem without having to have surgical operation. And the last stop is actually undergoing surgery. So, without exaggeration, finding a place you can trust to give yourself is crucial. In this article, we listed the top 7 hair transplant clinics in United Kingdom, for you.

1- Elite Hair Restoration

Elite Hair Restoration Clinic is backed by extensive experience spanning 14 years, providing successful hair restoration surgery and first class quality service to local and international patients. The clinic has multiple branches across UK: London, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle. With their extensive team and experience they provide hair transplantation service across United Kingdom.

Before — After of Beard Transplantation Operation Elite Hair Restoration Clinic has 4.8 points on their Facebook page and one costumer made this review: “ I’m 4 half months into my my hair transplant procedure (fue) and I can honestly say at this early stage can already feel and see good results, can’t wait to see the final result. Dr Diaz and his team are very welcoming and professional in every way. I would recommend Dr. Diaz and his team to anyone looking to get an H/T. I would also like to say a big thanks to Andrew Cooper who as been there for me regarding any concerns or questions I’ve had before and after my procedure”

2- Restore Hair Clinics In the Restore Hair Clinics, Dr. Raghu Reddy uses cutting edge techniques and provides state of the art FUE hair transplant surgery at his clinic in London. They promise healing in a very short amount of time, 10 days, and most clients see growth begin around 4 months. Approximately 50% growth by month 7, and full growth by 1 year. Restore Hair Clinics has 4.8 points on Yelp and 4 points on One of the costumers wrote an extensive review on the clinic on Yelp. I will share you a part of it: I had a great support staff the entire day! Josh and Danny are truly magicians on how they took care of me during the procedure. A friendly suggestion to anyone looking into this procedure having a support team who is knowledgeable and clinically proficient is just as important as the surgeon trust me! Dr. Katona was there from start to finish doing what he does best performing at a high level.

Before and After Images of a Hair Transplantation Operation

3- DHI Scotland DHI Scotland is a member of the DHI Global Medical Group specialized in hair restoration since 1970. The doctors and nurses are specially trained by the London Hair Restoration Training Academy through strict educational protocols and SOPS (Standard Operating Procedures).

Before and After Image of Hair Transplantation Operation

DHI Scotland has 5 points on Google Reviews and 4.8 points on their Facebook page. One costumer wrote this review on their Facebook page: I was really surprised how special I was treated with DHI and I was so comfortable after being really nervous the team talked me through the treatment step by step and where extremely patient with me the surgeons where amazing as I never felt a single thing and the aftercare was explained to me step by step …now I’m back in the gym few weeks after training healed perfect ..recommended for anyone as you are in safe hands it’s amazing the technique they use.

4- The Maitland Clinic The Maitland Clinic is based in Harley Street and recommended in magazines like GQ. They use contemporary techniques like FUE for Hair Transplantation Operations. They promise the recovery would took 10 days after operation.

Before and After Images of Hair Transplantation Operation

Maitland Clinic has 5 points on Trustpilot and over 48 reviews. One of the costumers wrote this review: What can i say about Dr Ball in a simple way, He is Master Of Perfection and Patient Caring. He will not let you go out from his procedure room untill he feels it’s done most perfectly and his team follow same ideology. The amount of time he spent with me for pre operation












I have sooooo much respect for him and his team. Everyone is very polite, welcoming , comforting and making sure am i ok and am i feeling any discomfort.

5- Hair Growth Centre Hair Growth Centre is one of the largest hair re-growth centers in the UK equipped with latest technology and expert medical team. They have several branches in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Center specializes in all hair loss treatments.

Before and After Image of the Hair Transplantation Operation Hair Growth Centre has 4.5 points on Google Reviews and they are reviewed by costumers 171 times. One of the costumers wrote this review: I was wary of spending money on this treatment, but having a thick and full head of hair again is priceless. I was thrilled that the fallout I was experiencing decreased dramatically after the first couple of months, and since then I have had a lot of regrowth and the general

condition of my hair has improved a lot. I now get lots of comments on how great my hair is looking — thank you Hair Growth Centre.

6- Wimpole Hair Clinic Wimpole Clinic established at 1975 uses their years




perfecting hair

restoration operations.

Before and After Image of the Hair Transplantation Operation Wimpole Clinic has 4.3 points on their Faceebook page and 5 points on Google Reviews and 14 costumer reviews. One of the costumers wrote this review about their experience: I recently visited the Wimpole Clinic to receive 2,000 grafts as my early hair loss took its toll on me and my confidence. The service I received was exceptional.. I would like to thank Warren for his immaculate service throughout my consultation and then the handling of my account throughout the build up to my surgery. I would also like to note that Billie and her team were amazing, comforting, clearly highly skilled and their service lead on with the same excellence as that I received during my build up — leading to an amazing and seamless process.

7- UK Hair Transplant Clinics

The UK Hair Transplant Clinic is registered and regulated with the Governments “Care Quality Commission” (CQC). The CQC’s role is to ensure the Clinic providing the treatment meets the required standards and is performed in a Safe environment. They guarantee ultimate safety and hygiene regarding their operation with this commission.

UK Hair Transplant Clinic is reviewed on Trustpilot 428 times and has 5 points total. One of the costumers reviewed the clinic as: Excellent from start to finish. Advice given by Paul who I found to be a very honest person was just incredible, he took the time to explain everything to me about the products I need to use to get my hair back into shape after using medication that has caused problems for me and

I have ordered all of the products Paul advised me to use. I can’t thank him enough for pointing me in the right direction. I would most certainly recommend this clinic to anyone that has any hair problems because they listen to everything you have to say and they are completely honest with you. Thank you so much for your help and advice.

Bonus: Hair of Istanbul

Hair of Istanbul is founded 2012 in Istanbul. By providing professional and safe service for hair loss patients Hair of Istanbul is one of the most successful Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey. Hair of Istanbul specializes in FUE and FUT Techniques and have performed surgery on celebrities like Jeremy McConnell. Hair of Istanbul has 4.9 points on Google Reviews and has been reviewed 370 times. One of the costumers reviewed them: Absolutely the best in the business !!! From the Airport pickup to the hotel and clinic these guys were fantastic. Special mention goes to Mehmet who helped me from the very start. He answered all of my questions and i still keep in contact with him 5 months post op. I traveled all the way from Australia to visit these guys and they are the real deal. The hotel is beautiful and located right next to a large shopping center. The whole team including the drivers,

medical staff and admin were all very friendly. I would highly recommend Hair of Istanbul to anybody.

Before and After Images of Hair Transplantation Operation We prepare list of best hair transplant clinics in the world, considering surgery results, customer reviews, and hospital quality. You could check that article by clicking the link below. “Top 7 Hair Transplant Clinics of the World�

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Top 7 Hair Transplant Clinics in United Kingdom (2019-2020)  

Top 7 Hair Transplant Clinics in United Kingdom (2019-2020)  

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