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Sandeep Eli Mathew Industrial Design Portfolio

Lok Helmet Lockable bicycle helmet for students

A bicycle helmet developed for the student population that tackles two prominent issues. Firstly, users are frustrated about what to do with the unwieldy helmet when they reach their destination. Second, there is a conflict between the sporty, aggressive aesthetics of the helmets currently on the market and the fashion sense of today’s urban student.

This is a group project with team members Sandhya Kumar and Casper Sudak. All renders and sketches are my own.

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Lok Helmet Defining the problem and user persona

Target Market

Design Drivers

Avid bikers


Style conscious

Snell standards

Urban living

Fashion statement

Ages 19 - 25 “I don’t know what to do with my helmet when I reach my destination.” Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Lok Helmet Initial exploration of function

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Lok Helmet Initial form exploration sketches

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Lok Helmet Aesthetic model and form refinement process

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Lok Helmet Context shot and features

Locks along with bike via U-Lock or similar lock. Plastic channel to protect foam. Durable grey denim-like fabric covering. Modern, urban styling.

Sectional view of injection moulded insert

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Whirl! A fun waterbottle for kids

The Whirl! is a fun water bottle for kids that has a water wheel in it that spins as the child drinks. Children often lose water bottles, but rarely lose sight of their favourite toys. Adding a playful feature to a water bottle greatly lowers chances of the bottle getting lost.

The water wheel comes off with the lid for easy cleaning. The bottle will be made out of blow molded PETE and the Lid/ wheel component out of injection molded PP.

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Whirl! Initial sketching and concept ideation

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Whirl! Form refinement and prep for vacuum forming

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Whirl! Features and catalogue shot

Water wheel attached to lid for easy cleaning. Clear plastic body frames the water wheel. Makes forgetting the bottle at school harder. Encourages drinking of water.

It’s a hit with the kids!

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Tippo A quirky watering can for you garden.

The Tippo is a watering can designed for people who enjoy elements of humour or quirkyness in products they purchase.It has a form reminiscent of an elephant or a pig that that is subtley comical.

The design will need to be rotomolded out of Polypropylene plastic for the desired surface finish and durability.

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Tippo Initial form exploration

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Tippo Cardboard crossectional models

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Tippo Mid fidelity foam model

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Tippo Technical drawings

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Beluga An intuitive sampler for beginner musicians

The Beluga is an electronic instrument that has a simple, intuitive interface. It resembles a maracca, an instrument many inexperienced musicians gravitate towards, and functions similar to one. The beluga has an authentic ‘weight’ to it and also has its own uniqu acoustics thanks to the sound box. Most electronic instruments on the market do not have these attributes.

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Beluga Understanding the user and market

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Beluga Interaction and form exploration

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Beluga Initial foam sketch models and works like model

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Beluga Painted aesthetic model

Sandeep Eli Mathew |


Beluga Features and internal components






Shake to play back sound






Virtual drum pad areas


Volumetric diagram of internal components

Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Beluga Sequence of steps

Step 1: Turn on and set volume

Step 2: Set virtual recording area

Step 3: Record a sound

Step 4: Set start and end sample times

Step 5: Roll up or down for desired effects

Step 6: Shake to replay the sound Sandeep Eli Mathew |

Thank you for your time! There are three traits that I have always had that led me to industrial design. I like working with my hands, I like figuring out how things work, and I like figuring out people.

Good design begins with empathy and ends in a thoughtful and effective product with a definable character (fun, ordinary, whimsical, etc.) Designers must be willing to step into their users’s shoes and understand where they are coming from and their specific requirements. Communication is key and the act of finding the problem should be treated like a design problem.

Sandeep Eli Mathew |