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Rural Mailboxes

Compiled by Elaine Bakewell

Take a trip around rural Australia and New Zealand where you will find little treasures in the form of road-side delivery points for mail and packages

Selected from my collection of photographs 2003 – 2013

Photographs taken by me And a few helpers who keep Their eyes open for me Special thanks to Helen and Marion

My collection contains inspired adaptations of the humble mail box inventive recycling of old milk churns, rusty oil drums, all manner of broken machinery, unwanted appliances and water tanks

There are plenty of Demonstrations Of Creative thought Bringing art to the bush with planes and trains, people and animals, as well as the downright odd

Unknown location in Victoria Groups of Mail Boxes Unknown location in Victoria

Off the Great Ocean Road, Victoria The Groups Somewhere in Western Australia

Unknown location The Groups Coonabarabran, New South Wales

Ned Kelly amongst others in Coonabarabran, Queensland The Groups The Circular Saw in Turondale, New South Wales

North-West Victoria Groups of Mailboxes Bremer Bay, Western Australia

Diverse group in New South Wales Groups of Mailboxes Diverse group in St Albans, New South Wales

The rusty Milk Churn The Oil Bottles Unknown location

Gas Bottle in Warranup, Western Australia The Gas Bottles Cairns, Queensland

The Chef Oven housed near Burketown, NEW South Wales From the Kitchen

The Chef Oven housed near Burketown, NEW South Wales From the Kitchen The Slow-combustion Stove near Coonabarabran, New South Wales

Oven on stilts in North-West Victoria From the Kitchen Another oven again in North-West Victoria

A Refrigerator in Victoria From the Kitchen Somewhere on the Nullabor, South Australia

Wedged in the fork of a dead tree at Wishaw Station, Prairie Queensland The 44-gallon Drums Somewhere in Victoria

Study in Pink somewhere in North-West Victoria The 44-gallon Drums Stripes somewhere in North-West Victoria

Somewhere in Victoria The 44-gallon Drums Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia

Barcaldine, Queensland The 44-Gallon Drums

The Hammer in Warialda, New South Wales Creative Uses of the 44-Gallon Drums The Car in Frfogmore, New South Wales

Golgandra, New South Wales The Wheels Cecil Plains, south of Toowoomba, Queensland

The Cannon at Coonabarabran, New South Wales The Wheels The Bicycle at Texas, Queensland

Banana, Queensland The Wheels A Wheel somewhere in Victoria

The Helicopter near Coorow, Western Australia Transport by Air The Bi-plane near Garfield, Victoria

Delivery by Air in New South Wales Transport by Air The Propellar Assembly at Temore, New South Wales

The Train near Heron Creek, New South Wales On the Rails Unknown Location

Moree, New South Wales On the Road Cecil Plains, South od Toowoomba, Queensland

Cowra, New South Wales On the Farm

Corrigin, Western Australia Cobbled Together On the Farm Temora, New South Wales

Dannewirke, New Zealand On the Farm Westport, New Zealand

Echuca, Victoria He Animals

The Great Northern Highway, western Australia The cows Three Springs, western australia

Dubbo, New South Wales The Cows Gooloogong, near Cowra, New South Wales

Rust in Queensland The Cows Cairns, Queensland

Coonabarabran, New South Wales The cows

Western Australia The Cows

Capricorn Highway Barcaldine,Queensland The Pigs Unknown Location

South of moora western australia The Pigs Moree New South Wales

Unknown location The Pigs Wyong Creek New South Wales

The Emu in Harvey, Western Australia The Birds The Double-Headed Emu

The Duck near Coonabarabran, New South Wales The Creative Drums Reindeer in country New South Wales

A Cat in Cairns, Queensland The Creative Drums A Kangaroo holding the mailbox

Elleker, Western Australia The Fish

The Saddles

The Horses A Horse along the Kurrajong – Penrith Road New South Wales

Watering Can unknown Location

Unknown location The cement mixers Unknown location

Yungaburra Queensland Recycled and Rustic Machines A Redundant Water Tank

Tyre at Coonabarabran, New South Wales Recycled The Water Tank used to Shelter the School Bus Passengers

Natural wood Unknown Location

See the Kookaburra Natural wood

Angelsea, Victoria

Moora, Western Australia The Naval mine and the spaceship On the Pinnacles Road, Western Australia

The House and its Owner The Houses In a Suburban garden in Cairns, Queensland

Unknown location the houses Turondale, New South Wales

Rainbow, Victoria The Houses North-West Victoria

Napier, Western Australia The Houses Bremer Bay, Western Australia

Warialda, New South Wales The Houses Gunning, New South Wales

Kyuna – Julia Creek Road, Queensland The Houses Kyuna – Julia Creek Road, Queensland

Bringalily Creek, Queensland The Houses Angelsea, Victoria

Scarecrow The People Yeppoon, Queensland

Unknown location The people Dannewirke new zealand

The people Our very own Ned Kelly Unknown location

Tthe road from Coonabarabran – Wurrabungle National Park, New South Wales The people Our very own Ned Kelly Unknown location

Coonabarabran, Queensland The People Newell Highway near Dubbo, New South Walse

Coonabarabran, New South Wales A Little Bit Whimsical Coonabarabran, New South Wales

A Chainmail Ram in Cascade, Western Australia A Little Bit Whimsical

Crocodile Cairns, Queensland Whimsical Animals The Bee

Where mail cannot be delivered to a house, property owners provide a container to receive mail

Here are some of the creative efforts found in Rural Australia And New Zealand

Rural Mailboxes  
Rural Mailboxes  

When mail cannot be delivered to a house, property owners provide a container to receive mail. Here are some photos of the mailboxes I have...