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Artist: Selena Seifert Title: ‘You Never Know What Is Enough, Until You Know What is More Than Enough’ mixed media on paper 2011

What can you see in this painting?

Artist: Selena Seifert ‘Charred Leaves’ mixed media on paper 2009

What colours are in this painting? What type of leaves are they? This painting is called ‘Charred Leaves’ what do you think the painting is about?

HINT: Sometimes in Summer the Australian bush is very dry, and this can cause…

Artist: Neridah Stockley ‘Quiet Dog’ oil on board 2011

This Painting is of the artists dog called Ruby. Do you think Ruby looks excited or peaceful?

Do the colours in painting make you feel excited or peaceful? Why?

Artist: Peter Shoemark ‘The Old Dog’ Recycled Sculpture 2012

This sculpture is made from recycled parts. Can you guess what the dog’s head is made from? HINT : It has 2 wheels

Artist: Selena Seifert ‘Amalagm’ Recycled 2D Sculpture 2009

What shapes can you see in this sculpture? Look closely. Do the pieces of wood all have the same patterns and colours?

Create your own. Use this box to draw something from your visit today that inspired you. Would you like to make your own, painting, sculpture or print.

Art Explorer Book  

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