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Daniela Manole Natalia Manole Pimentel Mendes

Tibi and QuequĂŠ the adventures in the grownups world

Graphic Project: Daniel Justi Illustrations: Guilherme JotapĂŞ Rodrigues

Who are Tibi and Quequé? ey are Natalia’s imaginary companions Since she was a little girl she played with them. ey are accompaning her during all heir growth. is book tells all this little tails, amusing and teaching whoever wants to join this adventure. Different from other children’s books that brings the battle between good and evil, witches, princes and princesses; this book is about day-by-day of any child. Reading it one will realize how fun and magical is to be together with them.

Played, stored…

Today I will play with the toys from the big box – says Nathy. Tibi, Quequé, let’s play! – Yes, let’s play. We will help took the toys from the big box. at’s fun! – Again, again! Tibi, Quequé, help me here. ere are more toys to take from the closet. Aer some time…long time… – Nathy, are you listening this voice coming from far away? – Quequé says feeling surprised. – Quequé, this is my mother’s voice. I recognize from far away her voice! – Tibi, have you understand what Nathy’s mother are saying?” Played, stored!” Nathy, what is that meaning? – Quequé it’s easy. Everyday I want to play again but I know that when I finish I have to store them all because the next day I will find everything inside the box again. It is a hard work doing that aer playing but it worth doing it and is also fun the next day my mother will let me play. – Now, let’s do it, help me out here! – says Nathy cheering up her friends.

Nathy, Tibi and Quequé starts pushing all the toys back to the big box. – Little ball, doll, come back home, good night, sleep well. We enjoyed a lot playing with you. Where is the other ball? – I am here Nathy, wait for me! Suddenly, Nathy sees her mother’s hand helping ball coming back to the box. – anks, mother. – Do you see how it is fun Tibi and Quequé “Played, stored! an, whenever my girlfriends, cousins or you come to play we will have a lot to do.

Other tails from the book:


Christmas time…

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Walking in the vegetable-garden and…time to eat Birthday party with brigadier* (*Brazilian chocolate delicacy) Took “little critters” from the tooth

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Tibi, Quequé and the adventure in the world without adults “Cuckoo” everybody... |

Tibi e Queque  
Tibi e Queque  

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