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Opposite and below is the Smugglers trail, which

and white universe where the darker rock seems

Praz sur Arly has made into a winter attraction.

detached, intense and imposing. The descent

Used by Louis Mandrin in the 18th century and the

continues, a fun passage through the stream bed,

decades that followed, and more recently in the

a bit like a narrow natural half-pipe, and already we

1920s and 1960s. Many farmers, often through

can see the col that we re-join with a few pushes

necessity, profited from their strategic location

on our poles to return to civilisation, to the lifts of La

between France and Switzerland for a somewhat

Cote 2000, where we come out near the summit

disorganised trade in butter, meat or cheese in

of Les Lanchettes. Since the journey is not a loop,

exchange for the tobacco, chocolate, coffee or

we need a second vehicle, but there is no need to

spices that were much more expensive in France

have left one at Cote 2000, as the free shuttle bus

than in neighbouring Switzerland...

will take you back to the centre of Megève.

Today, we use these slopes for fun! From this point

This route is an ideal introduction to ski touring,

we follow the ridge to the summit by a small dip,

with a small vertical gain - about a hundred meters -

a little climb and then we can start to ski, with the

with some ups and downs. It can also be made on

back of the Croches as a point of reference... A

downhill skis, in either direction, and in all seasons

run on snow that may have transformed in the

as the view in winter, spring, summer or autumn is

spring, over a gentle and broad slope that invites

as impressive as it is varied.

smooth turns and grants a tremendous sensation of freedom! The traverse under the Croches is impressive, a place devoid of tracks or life in the early morning. Snow that has been formed by the wind offers is left with ridges and marks, and the cornices that form on the ridges; a bright blue


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Megève sur la Terre n°24