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Photography techniques   Try  and  see    

Selma Gulbahce   22.02.12   24.05.12    

Daniele BueA  

  "Do  not  follow  me  I  am   already  gone",  2009   Lightbox   Unique    

"Does Kme  distorts   memories",  2009   Lightbox   Unique    

"The reflecion,  the  image,  is   me,  but  I  am  not  the   reflecKon",  2009   Lightbox   Unique    

Analysis of  Daniele  BueA   This   image   is   portrait   and   has   been   taken   in   studio.   He   could   have   been   inspired   by   negaKve   life   experiences.   This   message   gives   me   think   about  whether  memories  ever  fade  away.  I  will  be   taking   the   ideas   of   Daniele   BueA   because   I   like   the  way  his  presented  his  piece  of  work,  with  an   ordinary   image   which   is   printed   out   and   is   pined   in  small  wholes,  then  places  on  the  light  box.    

Mind Map  Of  Ideas     I’ll  be  my  own  model  for  my  own  project  I  am  going  to  be  using  natural  images  in  a   studio,  so  I  will  have  to  find  someone    to  take  them.  This  image  is  an  example  of  how   my  photos  will  be  like.  If  the  Images  don’t  come  out  like  how  I  expected  it,  then  I’ll  be   using  natural  lighKng.    

Planning First  photo  Shoot   •  •  •  •  •  • 

LighKng –daylight     Models  -­‐  Me   Studio/locaKon  –  home  or  studio   Date  –  between  this  week  or  next  week     Equipment  -­‐  tripod     Health  and  safety  consideraKon    

first slide of major project  

my project