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Chrissy Meleady MBE:

Chrissy Meleady is the Chief Executive of Early Years Equality. Early Years Equality is a UK and an internationally based organisation championing multi strand equalities whilst placing a primacy upon matters of race and racial equality.

Chrissy’s previous roles have included being the Head of Centre, followed by a period as the Chair of the Centre of the award winning and innovative Sheffield Children’s Centre, (the first Children’s Centre in Europe and a trail blazer for many of the UK 's current policies and practices around diversity, inclusion and anti-discriminatory service development and delivery. This Centre was one of Britain’s Early Excellence Centres).

She has also been the Chief Executive of Sheffield Racial Equality Council, the Chief Executive of South Yorkshire Equalities and Ant-Discrimination Service, a Human Rights Commissioner and author of several publications including:Racism and Enslavement - Learning from the past for a racist free and equal present and future. By Chrissy Meleady, Chief Executive EYE. Early Years Single Equality Strategy (EYSES) – Essential Advice and Guidance. By Chrissy Meleady MBE, Chief Executive EYE.

ENCO Handbook – Equality Named Co-ordinator. (Inclusion Co-ordinator, Equal Opportunities Co-ordinator, Equality Co-ordinator). -2011 Updated By Chrissy Meleady MBE, Chief Executive Officer, Early Years Equality.

Children, Families and Community – Creating and Sustaining Integrated Services. By Pat Broadhead, Chrissy Meleady and Marco A. Delgado Celebrating Our Families with Pride By Chrissy Meleady

Intergenerational Delivery and Early Intervention in Early Years Provisions By Chrissy Meleady Cohesive Communities the role of Children’s Centres By Chrissy Meleady Anti –Discrimination, Equality and InclusionEarly Support Programme – DfE by Chrissy Meleady

Chrissy has worked in various European countries, as well as in Jordan, Ethiopia, USA, Poland- Auschwitz Museum – Holocaust profiling work, other European countries, Pakistan, Mexico and other Latin American Countries etc. and has been proactive in anti-racism and other anti-discriminatory work on behalf of Governments, Peace and Humanitarian agencies along with other NGOs.

Chrissy herself is from a minority ethnic community she has three children one of whom is disabled.

She brings to the Early Years field a combined passion for the sector's issues as well as a trenchant commitment to ensuring that the Early Years is strategically recognised as an integral player in Britain’s civil renewal and that the inclusion and cohesion agenda is one which fully recognises multiple identities whilst actively combating multiple inequalities and discriminations. Chrissy was awarded an MBE in the 2000 Honours List for her work with Children, Families and Communities in the UK and Overseas.

She supported the British Government’s National Strategies in their formulation and also the recent Review of the Early Years Foundation Stage and also their Guidance to the Early Years sector on Black Children’s achievement and Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Children’s achievement and the Primary Strategies Consultants Handbooks for all Local Authorities. Her publication on developing a Single Equalities Scheme (EYSES) in every Authority and the embedding of ENCO’s in all early years settings is included in the National Primary Strategies Guidance documents detailed above as part of this Guidance. She equality proofed the Early Support Programme for the DCSF and assisted OFSTED with their review of their Early Years Inspection processes and Training now in operation. She has been assisting in reviewing the SENCO Handbooks for the UK with the National Strategies and is currently in putting into the development of the new EYSF, Chrissy is also currently writing the

Equalities Guidance for Ofsted Inspectors in the UK that will link to the new ‘EEYSF’ Chrissy has also written the Equality and Diversity components for the NPQICL and a range of Training and Further Education Qualifications for the UK and was party to the formulation of UNICEF’s Rights Respecting Award for the Early Years which is currently being piloted across the UK also.

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Chrissy Meleady Bio  

Chrissy Meleady Bio - CREC trainer

Chrissy Meleady Bio  

Chrissy Meleady Bio - CREC trainer