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Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. Getting married ! Especially getting married on Crete. Getting married on Crete is romantic because of the enchanting venues, lovely sunsets on Crete. It is something special with delicious Greek food, something different with Greek traditions who can be used on your wedding day. The concept wedding planner comes from America, where much more use of the services that a wedding planner offers. Here in the Netherlands for many people getting used to when they get handed the idea to start using a wedding planner. Many people think that a wedding planner just for the rich and famous, on the contrary. Moreover, a wedding planner knowledge and experience which they can prevent undesirable situations. A wedding planner may not seem cheap, but the right contacts in the wedding planner on Crete may also provide for cost reduction.

Even better is when you consider that for the same money for a wedding in your home country, an exclusive wedding in Crete with a great holiday for your loved ones in Crete and a honeymoon for both of you can be booked.

Your wedding day, the first day of the rest of your life! You may have thought about the date, venue, the dress and suit but .. In order to achieve your dream wedding everything must be perfectly prepared. A weddingplanner can help you realise./ Getting married abroad is not as easy as thought, each country has its own rules and procedures. The wedding planners Crete Weddings and more have decades of experience with the beautiful island of Crete, getting married on Crete, and the Greek language. This extensive experience with knowledge of procedures at Crete, combined with our passion for weddings, our wedding planners are able to make on professional, creative and personal way all your wishes and ideas come true. Whit the result : a perfect wedding. You have the dream to get married in Crete. We take care, you enjoy the wedding day. Looks as wedding planners aren't even there. A wedding experience you and your loved ones will never forget. We looking forward to meet you.

Useful tips,

Androniki weddingplanners assist in organizing the wedding, this can be for the whole day or just the ceremonie. We can arrange a dream wedding for every budget.

In July and August the price of the airfare and accommodations is more expensive than in the period of early September to June.

Between May and October most of the people getting married.

You can also choose to get married between November and April. This is the quiet period in Crete, but this way you will learn to know the real Crete. The Greek way of life.

Crete has an average of three hundred sunny days a year.

Keep in mind the season protection against sun, at the wedding pictures you see this, and you do not want it.

There are many Greek traditions that you can apply to your wedding, such as Cretan dancers.

At all times there must be two witnesses present, if you have decided as a couple to travel to Crete we can arrange this for you.

For larger weddings with family and friends, we can arrange accommodations and transportation to and from the location or multiple locations.

Most wedding ceremonies take place Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).

Please note that some town weddings only run on certain days and at specific times.