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Check Out What Your Fellow Warriors Are Saying: Quote: Originally Posted by mulder68

Wow is all I can say! I requested a review copy and Ron sent me a pm with a link to fill out the form for the page I wanted promoting. I completed and submitted the form and had the results back in less than 16 hours. My article was submitted to 53 links. I check these and realised that like an idiot I had provided the URL to my blog page which contains only snippets of my posts. This menat that the submitted article didn't really make much sense to anybody reading it. I contacted Ron to thank him for the quick turnaround on the service and I told him of the error I had made but that I would obviously still leave a review for him for the great service. Ron then offered to resubmit the page for me if I filled out the form again with the correct information. Talk about going out of his way for a customer! All I can say is thanks Ron, I really appreciate your efforts. My new report has 34 links to the newly submitted article.

Great service and even better 'customer' service. Let's see how things go. Quote: Originally Posted by mesmerist

Excellent service and fast delivery! All links are looking good and delivered exactly as advertised. Some of it are already indexed too! Thank you Ron! Quote: Originally Posted by mattjay

Ron is an honest dude with whom I had the chance to work on a few things. He's as dedicated to his customers as I am and works hard to keep everyone he works with happy. He's genuine and sincere and you can't go wrong with his services, for sure. Congrats on an awesome offer RON! Matt Quote: Originally Posted by miki123 Here is my review: I received 33 backlinks on high pr doc sharing site. Job is done very fast. Report is provided.

Very good job! Quote: Originally Posted by ColouredRice Just received my review copy! Overall, I would have to say this is a very solid PDF service! Everything has been delivered under 24hrs as advertised and the OP over-delivered 7 links. One or two of them were "pages not found" but it's fine due to the over-delivery Thanks a lot and good luck with your service! Quote: Originally Posted by creativeways My Review! Well Ron here gets a 5 star review as his service is quick and like he says it is within 24 hours of when he said he would send us the report. Great Job Ron keep up the great work!!!!! Quote: Originally Posted by zenichanin

Got my review copy super quickly. Total links I received was 37. It all looks good to me. I'm not sure what impact it will have on the rankings, obviously it is too early to tell, but

I will update this thread in a week or two and report back on the full results. Thanks again! Quote: Originally Posted by BlackpoolHolidays Here is my review: Within 2 hours of submitting my website details I had received the submission

very fast. Some URL's have already been picked up by the big G. I used this for my tier 2 links and will update in a couple of weeks to see if helped report,

with my website's ranking. Quote: Originally Posted by robertstr REVIEW.. Got a review copy and it does EXACTLY what it says on the Tin. Nice work delivered perfectly, at a great price it looks like. PDF submissions are a way

underused link source so will be a repeat buyer for sure...Good luck on your wso mate... Quote: Originally Posted by aldem Had a review copy done for me two days ago. Took less than 24 hours. Great

turnaround time. Will be ordering more now You Get 30+ Guaranteed Live High Authority Links from over 1200 unique account / service combinations!

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Check out this submission that reached PR2 in only a couple months with NO ADDITIONAL link building or work on my part AT ALL.. Plus its got over 50 views!

The page rank and authority of these sites is so high.. It leaks all over the place, like right on to your submissions! Your Content Will Be Syndicated To The Top Doc Sharing Sites: slideshare.nEt/ docdroid.nEt/

How it works: We will submit your content to the top doc sharing sites, resulting in 30+ high authority links from some of the most trusted and trafficked sites on the internet. We have over 40 accounts on each of these sites, so there will be no obvious ‘footprint’ for your links.

We are adding new accounts weekly as well, so as some accounts grow and age new accounts are coming into the mix. What this means is that our network has 40+ accounts (and growing) x 30 PDF sharing sites = 1,200 unique places for us to post your docs! So it looks like 30ish different people (different accounts) are sharing your doc with each ‘run’ of our service! This is a smart practice for you to do with your new posts or old posts you want to bring more attention and rankings to. Once your post is live on your site and indexed, order a run of our service. These Docs will sometimes rank on their own and bring in some traffic to your site. Submitting your content to PDF Sharing sites is 100% natural and it is an accepted practice and generally considered white hat. These docs will get you some natural referral traffic which Google loves to see… and these links are oftentimes used by colleges and other educational institutions, it has been this way for years.

DETAILS ABOUT WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: 1- Email Address for communication 2- URL of the page you want to syndicate / rank We are going to copy the content from this page and syndicate it to these high authority doc sharing sites, with a link back to the original article, which is the correct way to syndicate content 3- Keyword you want to rank for and 4- Five related keywords We will build the links with only 10% of the anchor text your exact keyword you want to rank for, and the rest will be URL links, your 5 related keywords, and natural random ‘click here’ type of keywords.

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This menat that the submitted article didn't reallymake much sense to anybody reading it.I contacted Ron to thank him for the quick turnarou...