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Introduction If you are ready to put your home on the market, and are trying to sell it yourself, there are some things that you should know. In the following pages, you will learn the 5 biggest tips for how to sell your home fast. While selling your home may seem overwhelming, it can be made easier with the expert advice you are about to learn. Keep in mind that selling your home can be a time consuming and, at times, frustrating process. The following tips will be most beneficial for the homeowner who is lacking the knowledge and experience of a professional realtor. The following tips will also help you avoid the common mistakes made by homeowners who, in a rush to get their home on the market, harm their chances of a successful selling experience.

De-clutter, Clean, and Stage: Making Your Home Look Its Very Best When you decide to put your home on the market, the first thing you should do is go through each room and figure out what you want to keep, what you want to get rid of, and what you want to put into storage until you move into your new place. Clutter can bring a feeling of chaos into your home that is hard to ignore. Additionally, clutter will prevent buyers from seeing the true layout and spacing options that make your home attractive to them. By removing all of the clutter from your home, you are allowing the buyer to get a true picture of your space. Once you’re done de-cluttering your home, it is time to deep clean. Deep cleaning will remove surface stains and smells, and give your home a well maintained appearance, something that is highly attractive to potential buyers. In order to deep clean effectively, it is best to hit all the surfaces that are visible to potential buyers, as well as spots that they may find upon closer inspection. Pay attention to appliances, blinds, windows, and the inside of closets and other storage spaces, like your garage.

Finally, you will want to stage your home. Staging is a term used to describe the process of setting your home up in a way that showcases its best features. This may include arranging your furniture to provide a more spacious layout, putting out fresh flowers, and keeping each room tidy. During the staging process, you may also consider removing family photos and other highly personal items from your home. When a potential buyer walks into your home they are imagining themselves in that environment; living there with their own family and their own belongings. Seeing how your family has grown into the space may be a distraction for them which, for a certain type of buyer, can be a turn-off. Finally, on the day of an open house or walk through, it may be beneficial to light a candle to help create an inviting atmosphere. You can also place fliers and other important information, such as your homes layout, on the kitchen counter. Giving buyers a few take-home items will allow them the option to look over your information in their own time, and will keep your home fresh in their minds as they ponder other options.

Boost Your Curb Appeal If you drive by a home that looks unkempt on the outside, chances are you will assume the home is not kept on the inside. Buyers use this same logic when they are shopping for a new home. As someone who wants to sell their home quickly, you will want to make sure you are enticing your buyers from the very moment they set their eyes on your home. What does this mean exactly? Well, curb appeal includes anything that buyers can see from the curb. This often includes the lawn, porch, front door, windows, and flower beds. By making a few inexpensive upgrades to the areas just listed, you can make a huge impact. Upgrades do not have to be expensive, either. With some fresh mulch and a few flowers from your local home improvement store, you can give your home a fresh and cheerful appearance that will make potential buyers excited to see what the inside of your home looks like. You can also put a coat of fresh paint on your front door and add new house numbers, something that makes a big statement with little out of pocket cost. Regarding your front lawn, it is always important to keep it mowed and free of any children’s toys, dog toys, and clutter. Creating a streamlined appearance for the exterior of your home will improve its curb appeal and garner the attention of potential buyers.

Fix Problems That Are Likely to Turn the Buyer Off Everyone wants to move into a home that’s ready. If your home has fixtures that are broken or shag carpeting that dates back to the 70’s, then chances are you will benefit from making changes before putting your home on the market. Unlike basic curb appeal and staging, making improvements can become expensive if you aren’t careful. The best way to go about fixing problems is to first find out which ones directly affect the buyers decision to choose another home over yours. In order to do this, you need to get inside the mind of the buyer and think about what you would be looking for in a home. Obviously, important appliances like the washer, dryer, dishwasher, and refrigerator should be in good condition. If they aren’t, make those improvements first. While these improvements can be expensive, it will be hard to sell your home without them.

Next on the list are simple updates. If you notice a broken door handle, fix it. If you notice the screen door has a ragged screen, replace it. These fixes, though simple, make a big impact. Not only do they give your home the streamlined appearance that helps to sell, but they also show potential buyers that you have maintained your homes condition. The key to getting this step right is not to go overboard. Giving your home too big of a makeover can make your home stand out, and not in a good way. Not only can big projects raise the cost for you, but it will also create a situation in which your home becomes too different from the other homes in your neighborhood. Avoid unnecessary additions, appliances, and other bells and whistles that you think might attract a buyer. Stick with making the basics shine, and you will be good to go.

Pricing it Right: How to Find Your Pricing Sweet Spot Without a good realtor, it can be very difficult to find your pricing sweet spot. As a homeowner that is trying to sell without a realtor, you will need to take the time to do research regarding the market, and how to price your home in a way that attracts buyers but still gets the price you deserve. The best way to do this is to check out other homes for sale in your area. Often, homes will have information online or in a box near their mailbox. You can even attend open houses in your area to get a good idea about pricing, as well as what to do and what not to do when you put your house on the market. Where pricing is concerned, it’s important that you only research homes that are similar to yours in size, as well as amenities. If you are looking for how to price your home, don’t look at homes that have an extra bedroom and an extra bathroom, when your home doesn’t. Deciding on a price is often the most complicated step for homeowners who are trying to sell themselves. If you find the process too daunting, it may be best to consult a professional. A broker, or realtor, prices homes for a living. It is their job to scour the market for similar properties and to find a price that will attract buyers and close the deal sooner, rather than later. Hiring a professional to find your pricing sweet spot may

Spreading the Word In today’s world, social media marketing cannot be stressed enough. While conventional marketing techniques should still be used, such as word-of-mouth, open house events, and fliers, social media marketing is truly the route to take. You can begin by taking advantage of your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles to let people know your home is on the market. Other non-traditional ways to market your home online include eBay, a website that has long been used to sell goods, but is relatively unknown to the world of homeowners. Social media and online marketing is so effective that you may be able to sell your home by using those avenues alone, however, traditional marketing has its place as well. One of a few ways to market your home traditionally include open house events, during which you open your home up to potential buyers. During the open house, people will be walking in and out of your home for a specified time only, say from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. You can also print fliers and brochures, two marketing methods that make it easy to pass information along in person - which you can do at work, at your child’s school, your local coffee shop, or anywhere else that you find convenient.

When you’re trying to spread the word about how fantastic your home is, and when it will be available, you can take all of the suggestions outlined here, or customize them to fit your specific situation. For example, if you are heavily involved in your community, you may benefit more from word-of-mouth marketing. If you are more of a homebody, you may benefit more from social media marketing. The bottom line is to put the spotlight on your home, which can be done in a variety of effective and easy to manage ways. If you feel overwhelmed by the marketing process, this is another time when hiring a real estate professional may prove beneficial for you.

Conclusion Selling your own home is sure to be a stressful, time consuming, and lengthy process, but with the 5 tips included in this book you will be in a good position to sell your home fast. If you do not have the time or resources to sell your home yourself, you can hire a realtor. A realtor is a real estate professional who is highly qualified and proficient in how to sell your home fast and get the price that you deserve. A realtor can take the stress you feel about selling your home and turn it into fuel for achieving their goal: to find your home a buyer that is not only qualified, but ready to close today. Because you will likely choose a realtor from your area, you will be getting someone that is knowledgeable about your area’s market. A local realtor will also know what buyers in your area are looking for, and how to market your home to their specific preferences. By doing this, your realtor will make your home standout even more. Hiring a realtor is the best option for a homeowner who wants to sell fast, with little to no effort involved. A realtor will take care of the entire process, including helping you to stage your home, marketing your home for sale, and negotiating the price. They will also see the sale to its conclusion, which means they will take care of closing the deal and helping you complete all of the legal documents and paperwork involved.

Whatever route you choose to take, whether it is to sell your home yourself, or to hire a realtor to take over for you, keep these 5 big tips in mind:

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De-clutter, clean, and stage Boost your curb appeal Fix problems that are likely to turn the buyer off Price it right Spread the word

By following steps 1-5, you will not only make your home more attractive to buyers, you will also enjoy a less stressful and more successful selling experience.

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