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September 12, 2009

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Did y ou know ? On September 11,1977 Roots, a mini-series based on Alex P. Haley ’s novel, Roots, received several awards at the 19th Annual Emmy . Roots depicted Haley’s family history in Africa and America.

On September 11, 1966, Henry W. McGee was appointed as the first Black Postmaster of Chicago, IL

Our prayers go out to the families of the 9/11 victims.

Our Review. (PBS) A Bronx Princess on final page

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Health Care Reform P.2

Is it Healthcare or is it Racism P.3

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Welcome Readers

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By Patrick A. Sellers for The Populace Now What was formerly known as the 3 rd Ward Communicator has evolved into The Populace Now. We are excited about these changes and look forward to continuing to serving each of you. Readers can still count on receiving great articles that inform, educate, enlighten, and uplift them every month. Although our name has changed, our commitment and dedication has not. We will remain grounded, focused on our mission, and continue to work towards our goals.

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Volume 2 Issue 19

The Populace Now

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Health Care Reform By Buffy Griffin for The Populace Now Health Reform has health rebeen the heated topic form, as we over the past few know it. It's months as it greatly simple, the affects everyone. old system no longer works and haspointing fingers and playing the Strong opinions and n't for some time now. Statistics blame game. Doctors are on board fears have been exshow that Medicare will be in the to help ease the cost and still propressed in numerous town hall meetred in the next 8-10 years. Meanvide quality heath care offering ings and other forums. while, the funding alternatives and open to While many are in -People are literally dying cost of health ideas that may work for all indisagreement on how care is going volved. Still no agreement has been the change should be each day while congress is up (insurance made on this long on-going probmade, most, if not all p o l i c i e s , lem. battling back and forth.are in agreement that medications, People are literally dying each day a change is imperative doctors fees, while congress is and should sooner than later be imetc) and salaries battling back and plemented. are going down forth. Where are as people are I had the privilege to listen in on a the priorities at taking massive few town hall meetings herring hear this point? Why is pay cuts and from Obama's (health reform) adthere so much oplosing employministration, physicians and those position instead of ment everyday. receiving health care. Mixed emoprogression? What tions and inappropriate behavior are What caught my amazes me most is certainly less desired hindrances to attention most we can pay enterprogress for the many people needwere the physitainers and ball ing assistance with the rising costs cians and paplayers of various of health care. tients telling sports millions of Capitol building Washington, D.C. their experiences dollars but can’t It seems as though fear of change is and bringing ideas to help remedy find a way to acquire resources to what has many in opposition. Even the current problems rather than keep our country healthy! though change, is what’s needed for

Ronnie Bush Third Ward Alderman 815-233-1027 (home) 815-238-8530 (cell)

Volume 2 Issue 19

The Populace Now

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Is it Healthcare or is it Racism By LeNie Adolphson for The Populace Now During the historical happened on the way to reform. The presidential camhealthcare debate has dissolved into paign of 2008, then mob scenes and brawls. Why? ObviSenator Obama ran ously, insurance companies resist on a campaign of mandates and new regulations. hope and change, Furthermore, some members of clearly, the majority Congress receive large financial of American people sought change contributions from insurance comas proven by President Obama’s panies. Consequently, they encourextraordinary victory. During the age the mobs to disrupt and intercampaign, healthcare was a major rupt any genuine discussions about theme. The idea h e a l t h of healthcare recare. How-Freedom Work’s website form in the ever, over the opens with “Help us defeat l a s t United States is fe w not new. Healthweeks, it is Obamacare.”care has been a apparent major issue for that there is sixty years. another more potent and ugly face to the healthcare debate. This is the face of hate. Harry Truman sought to enact healthcare reform and it never occurred. In later years, Richard Many of the individuals at the Nixon enacted some reforms, but town halls despise President the problems of the uninsured, Obama. Many of the town-hall prohigh deductibles, and highhanded testers have taken their lead from insurance policies remained in radio show host Rush Limbaugh force. Bill and Hillary Clinton also who proudly proclaimed during sought to reform healthcare in President Obama’s inauguration 1993 and they too failed. The key that he hoped President Obama goal of ensuring that all Americans would fail. It is clear from the signs receive healthcare has crashed and at the rallies that the protesters are burned repeatedly. At this time, more upset that a black man is in there are over forty million Amerithe White House than the proposed cans without health insurance. healthcare bill. Undeniably, these Moreover, high deductibles prevent mobs consist of the same type who many with insurance from seeking question if Barack Obama is an care. American citizen. These are the same mobs that went to Sarah Palin rallies and shouted, “Kill Once a medical crisis occurs, the him.” The so-called healthcare uninsured languish in emergency town hall meetings reveal that for rooms for hours. Those with major many attendees, the meetings are illnesses normally die sooner than not a true discussion of healthcare those with insurance. Ironically, policies but a scrap. Senators and the uninsured are very costly, since congressional representatives who the emergency room is the most host these events experience people expensive form of medical treatscreaming and shouting. Obviously, ment. However, while everyone the mobs are out in force not to talk admits that the healthcare system about healthcare but to prevent it needs reformed, a funny thing has

from ever occurring. Paradoxically, many of the individuals screaming the loudest at these forums are on Medicare, which by the way is government healthcare. There are organized groups such as Freedom Works, which is dedicated to preventing healthcare reform. Freedom Work’s website opens with “Help us defeat Obamacare.” Freedom Works and others like them are whipping individuals into frenzies about “pulling the plug on grandma” death panels, and lies about the healthcare bill. The truth is that we have a healthcare system that does not work for many Americans. For many, it is too expensive, inaccessible, and unsympathetic. This is a crisis for the uninsured part time worker in Freeport, Illinois to the waiter with cancer in Des Moines, Iowa. One must wonder where these uninsured people are and why we have not heard their stories and struggles at the town hall meetings. We have only heard from those who have a plan of hate and obstruction. This issue is about the forty million uninsured and the thirty million under-insured who pray every day that they stay healthy. If healthcare fails again, it will be a victory for the haters and those who have become wealthy on the current system. Even the town-hall brawlers will lose in the end once they see their premiums rise and services drop. Nevertheless, if healthcare fails yet again the Democrats and President Obama will certainly have a political defeat. However, the real losers will be the American people who voted for hope and change.

Not What The Critics Expected By Patrick A. Sellers for The Populace Now It is a shame that some parents did not allow their children to view President Obama’s address to school aged children. What did they think he was going to say? Children are not policy makers; they are not legal voters, so why would the President attempt to push any form of political agenda on them?

How long will people allow fear tactics to control their psyche? Could it be that every ridiculous accusation that comes across the media, spoken at rallies, preached at church or discussed in a public forum will be held as the gospel truth? We will never advance as a country, if members of Congress and certain media personalities are determine to undermine the efforts of the people allow President.

The thought process of some people have been contaminated by politicians -How long will and this is a clear fear tactics to control their example of one those To the peocrazy phenomena in ple that did psyche?which people are not allow lead by off-beat politicians that just so their children to view the Presihappen to be in conjunction with loud dent’s address, you and your mouth media personnel. child missed a power, thought It is apparent that things have gotten provoking and encouraging out of hand when you have an opposing speech. I totally understand politicians accusing the President of that you as a parent reserve the attempting to “Brainwash” children! right to do what you feel is best

President Obama addressing students for your child, but please do not continue to allow your own personal feelings or the persuasive power of the media to control your ability to think logically.

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A Bronx Princess Airing September 22, 2009 on PBS

Our Review By The Populace Now smart, sassy, college bound and truly a high-achiever. With college life and freedom so near, she rebels against the rules of her mother; with tensions between them she decides to flee to her father, a chief in Ghana. This film is great! This is definitely one of those publications that you simply must watch! The story is about a young teen age girl born to Ghanaian parents in the Bronx. This young lady is no push-over; she is

Her American way of thinking, her strive for independence and dreams of success conflicts with her father’s traditional African values. The story will inspire both parents and children alike, this is one film you and

your family will truly enjoy. A Bronx Princess will air on September 22, 2009. Ratings = 5 out of 5

The Populace Now Volume 2 Issue # 19  

The Populace Now