Craft Issue 10 - Summer 2021

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lmost everyone has a Seattle Children’s Hospital story. Within each of these stories — which often originate in times of great anxiety and uncertainty for parents or loved ones — is a moment of realization and appreciation for the incredible level of care provided by Seattle Children’s and the magnitude of its impact on the health of our community. For some, these experiences live on as a heartfelt appreciation for Seattle Children’s, which is consistently ranked among the top pediatric hospitals nationally. For others, including many at Sellen, it’s the beginning of a lifelong journey to support the institution in any way they can. Sellen has been fortunate to build projects with Seattle Children’s for more than two decades, completing large-scale expansions, infrastructure upgrades and interior renovations. Throughout the years, Sellen’s crews have had a unique vantage point, working inside the hospital and building new spaces next door under the watchful eyes of patients, families, doctors and nurses. Many on the construction team have found it deeply moving to work in such close proximity to healthcare professionals who have committed their lives to providing care for the most vulnerable members of our community. These experiences have inspired Sellen’s teams to go the extra mile to make even one child smile; to push through the late nights, weekend work and challenging moments to build critically important spaces for those in need; and to forge lasting commitments that extend far beyond the boundaries of the job site.

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