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Celebrating 75 Years in Seattle


ohn Sellen, my grandfather, was only 31 years old when he purchased J. W. Bailey Construction Company in 1944 and made it his namesake. For the next 39 years, he watched as the company grew with Seattle and the greater Puget Sound area until his passing in 1983.

While 39 years is a feat in itself for any firm, I’m sure that what has transpired over the past 75 years for Sellen goes far beyond what John Sellen ever imagined. We have built some of Seattle’s tallest towers and most iconic structures; we have weathered economic downturns; we have grown to become one of the Northwest’s largest locally owned contractors; and we have supported the Puget Sound community as it has supported us. Through it all, we have managed to retain our focus on what John Sellen believed – and what I continue to believe – are our firm’s greatest assets: our people and partners. It is thanks to you – and I’m speaking to each and every Sellen employee, and all our client, design and subcontractor partners over the years – that this has been such an incredible journey for Sellen. When Sellen turned 50 in 1994, we wrote a book about the history of Sellen. It is in that spirit that we now present you with this commemorative issue of Craft to celebrate our 75th anniversary. Instead of rehashing the full 75 years, we’ve chosen to focus on Sellen’s growth over the past 25, told through some of our most impactful projects and a few of the partners with whom we’ve had the pleasure of working throughout the years. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to relive and revel in some of the significant accomplishments we have achieved together these last 25 years. As we celebrate 75 years and start planning for what the next 25 may bring, thank you for your service and partnership, and for giving all of us at Sellen an inspiring 75 years as your hometown contractor. Best,

Scott Redman Chief Executive Officer Sellen Construction

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Craft Issue 9 - 75th Anniversary Special Edition  

Craft Issue 9 - 75th Anniversary Special Edition