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Beautiful & Mobile-Ready

Give your fans a solution as beautiful as your publication that just works on any device.

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You control what previews and cover price work for your business.

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Let your readers buy your magazine as a single issue or as part of a subscription.

Sell Anywhere

Drive sales with free previews of Stories inside your publication. Share on your website and social channels.

Fast & Fair Payment

Get paid directly by your readers through Stripe.

Controlled Access

Only verified purchasers get full and easy access to your content via Issuu. Allow or disallow PDF downloads.

Available on the Issuu Premium Plan
With Issuu Premium, you’ll also get customizable embeds, full statistics access, priority support and no banner ads next to your publications or highlighted Stories inside.
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Issuu Premium
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Publishers Trust Issuu
“We’re thrilled to leave our old digital subscription solution behind – the user flow is amazing on Issuu, both for our setup, and for our readers’ purchase experience.”
“Being able to sell on Issuu has given NKD the resources to create more high-quality content while still giving readers what they've grown to expect from NKD: stories.”
“Getting our issues set up for sale on Issuu was so easy. Also, I love being able to track our sales in real-time in our dashboard.”
Catherine Powell
Jennifer O'Bannon
Luca Magazine

Everything else you need to know about selling magazines on Issuu

What countries and currencies are supported?

To sell magazines on Issuu, you must be based in a country supported by Stripe, our payments partner. You can choose to sell your magazine in USD, EUR, AUD, CAD or GBP, but readers can purchase it from nearly anywhere in the world with a major debit or credit card.

Are there any restrictions?

You must own the rights to sell your content and you must operate in a country supported by Stripe, our payments partner. See our Terms for more.

What are the fees?

First, you need a subscription to a Premium or Optimum publisher plan. For each sale, Stripe, our payments provider, will automatically take out a transaction fee (generally 20-30 cents, plus a percentage usually under 3%) and a 30% Issuu commission fee. The rest of your revenue will be automatically posted in your Stripe account.

What is Stripe? What if I don’t have an account?

Stripe is a leading online payments platform, and we’re partnering with them so publishers can charge for their publications and collect credit and debit card payments from their readers. When you first set up your publications for sale, you’ll be able to connect an existing Stripe account or create a new one for free.

How do readers purchase and read my magazines?

Readers can purchase your magazine from directly within the preview edition or via a direct link. Readers can then read the full edition on issuu.com, and in the free Issuu iOS and Android apps. Readers can use any device; no need to download any Flash plug-ins.

How do magazine subscriptions work?

Readers will pay in advance and automatically receive access to your latest issue and future issues. Subscriptions do not auto-renew. You’ll be able to customize subscription duration, number of issues included, and price. You can also choose to not include a publication in a subscription, and make it available for single-sale only.

How do preview editions work?

To entice readers to purchase your magazine, you can select which pages to include in a free preview edition, which will appear on issuu.com and in the Issuu mobile apps with a prominent BUY button. You can also embed it on your website, blog and social media.

Will readers get a PDF download of their purchase?

During the upload process you can choose to allow purchasers to download the PDF. However, for the best experience, we recommend that readers access and read their purchases on issuu.com or in our free iOS and Android apps.

Can I offer my audience any promotional codes or discounts for a free edition of my content?

Yes, with Free Access Codes users can access a particular Digital Sales publication for free. Free Access Codes are created and shared by Issuu publishers that sell their content on Issuu but want some of their readers to access the publication(s) without the need to purchase it. Learn how to create Free Access Code as a publisher here.

I still have questions. Can I talk to someone?

Absolutely. The fastest way to get in touch with our Customer Success team is to email digitalsuccess@issuu.com plus you can read our case study to see how other publishers have used Digital Sales to reach a wider audience online selling their content.

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