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7 Mar 2012

Geneva, March 7, 2012 – Yesterday CEO Carlos Ghosn met the world’s media at the Geneva Motor Show and joined in the excitement of Renault’s EV revolution as the alliance showcased a range of exciting vehicles on the stand.

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The world premiere of Renault’s compact electric hatch called ZOE saw Carlos Ghosn personally unveil the vehicle as he drove onto the Renault stand. With its dynamic looks and the latest technology, ZOE marks a new era in electric mobility. Commenting on the Alliance’s zero-emission vehicles, Ghosn said “Only now are we seeing EVs that represent a ‘compelling offer’ – cars that are priced in the same range as others with the same or better capacity and amenities. I’m very confident that in the next three to four years, you’re going to see a revolution in terms of EV charging.” Of course, no launch is complete without celebrity endorsement so Renault was pleased to announce that Twizy - the small electric quadricycle - is joining forces with renowned DJ David Guetta as part of the vehicle’s 2012 brand campaign. The partnership is great news for Renault as Guetta is a pioneer and like Twizy, he sets trends and is a symbol of fun and freedom. With these shared values, the partnership will give Twizy international star status.!ut/p/kcxml/04_Sj9SPykssy0xPLMnMz0vM0Y_... 16/07/2012

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Alongside the electric vehicle announcements, the unveiling of the new MPV compact called Lodgy dominated the Dacia press conference. Carlos Taveres, Chief Operating Officer of the Renault Group introduced Lodgy as the start of a new generation of Dacia vehicles as the stand was dominated by four colour and size versions of the vehicle.

You can find more information on the GMS Renault blog, where you can also watch the videos of the Renault and Dacia press conferences. Related Articles: - Nissan Employee Trackers: Reporting from GMS PRESS DAY 1... - INFINITI AT GENEVA MOTORSHOW 2012: Inspired performance just got better - INFINITI NEWS SUMMARY: 2012 GENEVA MOTOR SHOW - NISSAN at Geneva Motor show: on target for the top - Nissan Employee Trackers: Reporting from GMS 2012... - Nissan Employee Trackers bring you the action and highlights from GMS 2012! - A taste of what's to come in Geneva - Nissan's bold new world previewed at Geneva - Nissan's INVITATION to all!ut/p/kcxml/04_Sj9SPykssy0xPLMnMz0vM0Y_... 16/07/2012

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- Nissan Tracker contest: Be part of the action at GMS 2012

Find out more about hot topics direct from Geneva Motor Show through the eyes of 12 Nissan employees starting on March 5, 2012 via:

What is the Nissan Tracker program? Twelve employees from participating locations in Europe won the opportunity to attend the press days of Geneva Motor Show via a twoweek photo competition where they expressed what, in their view, makes Nissan different. Three local finalists were selected by popular vote and then the final winner by a local jury. Each ‘Nissan employee tracker’ will publish photos, video and written material on starting on March 5, 2012. To follow the action, all you need to do is register on the site (valid Nissan e-mail required).

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Español!ut/p/kcxml/04_Sj9SPykssy0xPLMnMz0vM0Y_... 16/07/2012


Internal news article of Renault products at the Geneva Motorshow 2012

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