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Part 3: As part of our research we had to produce a handful of trailer reviews. Whilst looking for traielrs to research there was 3 that mainly helped me with my idea for our horror trailers and ideas on shots and framing. The 3 trailers I chose to research at home were The Possession, The Wicked and Mama.

I chose to research trailers that were all based around the paranormal genre. As you can see from the images below, we tried to recreate shots similar to already released trailers. By picking out the best shots from each of the trailers, it gives our trailer the best opportunity to appeal to the mass audience.

To conduct my research and planning, I found all of the above trailers on YouTube as well as all of the trailers I needed for my movie trailers reviews. This helped me gain a quick visual insight to the movie and was very easy to access many other horror trailers as well as being free of charge. So that they would appear on my blog, I had to get the embed code from YouTube and paste it into my post to make the trailers visible and playable for anyone reading my reviews and needed references.

To present all my posts, I used the website Blogger. To make my blog easy to use and more presentable I created new posts to separate each piece of my work and provide labels for each set of tasks that was given. These were listed at the top of my blog for easy access.

To make all my posts look more professional I used the website Issuu. This made my work into an online booklet making it easier to read and larger documents more pleasing to the eye by splitting the pages up into double page spreads. It also offers more interaction such as being able to include links to access videos when the final product is finished. Before I could upload my file on to Issuu, I had to use Microsoft word to type up my document. So that Issuu could create my document into a double page spread flip book I had to save it as a PDF file using Adobe PDF. Once I had done that I could then upload my file to Issuu and embed the code onto my blog

One of the websites I used to find out about the information I needed for my trailer and film was IMDb. This contained information such as the date the film was released, the horror genre and a brief plot outline, which were all essential for my movie trailer reviews, as well as picture from the movie and the movie poster itself. This was my search result for sinister. IMDb also helped me to research films I had never heard of. When the search engine relaised I was looking for horror films it came up with recommendations for me to look into. To present ancillary product, I used the website flickr. This was more of an interactive way of presenting my work as I was able to annotae images without writing all over the it or surrounding it by lots of text boxes. Once finished I was able to upload my work straight to my blog by pasting the link onto a post where viewers were able to hover over the image to be presented with singular boxes of annotaed work, once at a time.

To create my ancillary products I used Photoshop to edit all the effects on to my original image as well as creating layers and text to overlap onto my main image. This is the professional way to edit and offers a wide variety of modifications

Here you can see just some of the many layers that made up my final poster. The layers included the title, credits, age rating, brightness and contrast. I renamed all my layers so it was easier for me manage them and know which one was which without having to go through them all one at a time.

One of the effects I used on Photoshop was ‘Liquify’. I used this to create an arch to the eyebrows and to widen my eyes so that the black was more visible. This tool was handy to manipulate my main image in many ways. I also used it to give my main image a old looking style collar and to narrow my cheeks to make them look more gaunt.

Another tool I used in Photoshop was the bush tool. This is what I used to blacken the eyes and to make my skin look paler by colouring it in white and changing the opacity of the layer. This was also used to create the dark rings around my eyes in a dark grey, again changing the opacity of the layer. I also used it to add some detail to the scar on my neck by creating thin little lines to look like stitches.

To get rid of the background of my main images, I used the magic wand tool to delete it all. This sometimes proved to be quite tricky as it did not always cut around the edges very neatly. I also used this tool for imported images that came with unwanted outlines or had a background behing the hole of letters, for example, the title of my magazine.

To create the look of dead skin and skin cells appearing to the surface of the skin I used the clone tool. This replicates a small section of an image and softens the edges to make it look as though it’s blended into a different image. To make the effect look realistic, I changed the opacity and didn’t go over the top.

For my sub headings and titles on both my magazine and poster, I used This is an online website which lets you download a variety of fonts to your computer, allowing you to import them into Photoshop and then lets you use them like any other standard font. Because I created my magazine and poster from home, I was able to save the fonts and use them like a standard font which helps improve the over all quality of the writing. I was also able to be specific with the font I was searching for, e.g I could type in horror or scary font into the search box and would be presented with a variety of relevant fonts suitable for my magazine and poster.

The programme used to construct out trailer is called Premier Pro. This is video editing software which allows you to cut and place clips onto a timeline creating a long sequence of videos. The only clip that used effects was our titles. These were created on Adobe after effects which we then imported into Premier Pro

The technologies used for my evaluation stage was mainly Issuu. Just like my trailer reviews I created the document on Microsoft word, saved them as a PDF file, then uploaded them to Issuu and then to my blog. This kept my documents looking smart and presentable and easy to read. As part of our evaluation, we conducted a focus group for each one of our trailers. This was filmed by a camcorder and was then uploaded to YouTube where people could view it from the comfort of their own home. This helped us with feedback and how we could improve it if we were to do it again. By uploading our trailers to YouTube this meant we could then easily upload them straight to Facebook, thus gaining more audience feedback. Now that our blogs are public, there has been a survey added to our profile where people can rate our trailer there and then. The feedback does not stop there though as this also means our trailer can be promoted through other social networking sites such as Twitter and Tumblr. There were other ways we could have conducted audience feedback such as a survey via survey monkey. This would have meant too much feedback to analyse and sometimes anonymous surveys are not very reliable.

Final evaluation part 3  
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