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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Throughout this course I have used many types of technology from programmes to social network sites. One of the main technologies I used for this task was Photoshop. This is the programme which I used to edit my front cover, contents page and double page spread. Advantages: The advantages of using Photoshop was that if I had taken a picture that I really liked but there was just a small something that needed to be adjusted, I could then edit that on Photoshop instead of leaving it on the picture or taking a new picture which could take a lot of time if the picture doesn’t come out as intended to. I had never used Photoshop before making my media magazine so this was all new to me. Now I know how to make peoples skin look smoother and touch up flaws in their skin, I also know how to give a picture a different back ground by cutting out the original background using the magic wand tool. Another advantage of using Photoshop is that I can put other pictures onto pictures and not just text which is what I need to do on all of my pages. I have also learnt how to edit text on Photoshop for example giving it a shadow and making it bolder. Now that I have used Photoshop I know what angles are best to take pictures from and what kind of lighting pictures need to optimise editing results. I can also save files as jpeg’s when I have finished which are smaller files and can then be uploaded on to websites such as blogger where everyone can view them. Disadvantages: One of the disadvantages of using Photoshop is that it is very time consuming so if something goes wrong and I lose my work I would have to re-do it all again if hadn’t saved it in stages. This did happen when I first started my music magazine so I learnt from my mistake of not saving it as I went along. Photoshop files are also very big which take up a lot of memory. I do not have Photoshop at home because the programme is quite expensive so I could only edit my magazine during lesson time.

One of the other technologies I used was sites on the internet to upload my work and to write about them. One of these websites was called Flickr which allowed me to edit my work on the website and link it to my media blog. Advantages: Flickr lets me see my own work but also allows other people to see it in an organised layout. I can add notes to my pictures which means I can write about them and then when other people or I hover the mouse over the picture it comes up with the notes that I have written about the picture. It is free to use and keeps me updated when someone comments on my work. I can also access this website at home. Disadvantages: I do not find Flickr very easy to use as there are so many options to choose from. Before you can even being to use flickr you must create a google or yahoo account which means giving out your details and receiving updates via email as well as on the website itself.

The other site that I used to present all of my work on was blogger. This is one of many social networking sites on the internet bus is used more for college work purposes Advantages: Blogger lets you organise your work on to labels.

Each piece of work for this course has a category, for example: finished pieces, evaluation. With labels I can put each piece of work onto the correct label so that when other people view my work they will know what they are looking at and when I view my blog I can easily see what parts of work I am missing. It is quite simple to use and can be personalised, for example you can change the background and font type on your blog. I can also access this website at home as well. Disadvantages: Because other people can view my work, this could mean that people could use my work or even copy it as everything I do is posted on to blogger. Also if you was to do your work straight onto blogger and not on a word document and save it, then there is a possibility that when you publish your post you could lose all of the work you have just done, either because the internet has gone down or if there was a problem with the site while you was using it.


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