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Selim Kafafy 900091057 Free write 3 Dr. M. Gibson !

Because iʼve read the book, and i know how it was going to end, i was extremely

frustrated. Because the story is an amazing one, and i wouldn't have wanted it to end this way. The very idea that George, Lennie, and Candy were going to get their own place, and it was all going so good, and then this incident destroyed everything is just annoying, it adds drama to the story, but it has a very bad ending. but i can tell why this story is extremely famous. There is a lot of events going on in it, there is a lot of emotions going on in it, such as the relation between candy, and his dog; George and Lennie, and so on. and the very idea of geoge killing his best friend is just wild. Its a Dilemma it for Lennieʼs own good, and still it something that George is going to regret for the rest of his life. !

One more thing, i would have expected that Slim would have reacted differently,

and the same goes with Carlson. The two of them know Lennie for who he is, and they know that it must have been an accident. they knew that he was mentally disabled, and couldnʼt be accounted for his action. Slim should have controlled curly more, even though he is the ownerʼs son, but Slimʼs word is the law, so he should have calmed curly, and dealt with Lennie in a manarable way. He now cost George his, best friend without getting a fair trial

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