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Selim Kafafy Dr. Mike Gibson RHET102-02 July 21st 2011 Cover Paper !

At first i thought that it would be an extremely boring experience to take this

summer course. But as we come to an end I now can see how interesting it was, i got to learn about different techniques of argument, i knew how to convince someone with what i have to say. And most importantly, the most interesting things that i got learn is how i was able to analyze different peopleʼs arguments in life normally. For example, a couple of days ago I was watching the movie “Remember The Titans”, and I was able to point out different parts where the director wanted to reach a certain part of the audience to convince them of something, or to deliver a certain message. After I Finished the course I remembered Mubarakʼs speeches and i was able to identify each persona he was trying to prevail in order to win the peopleʼs satisfaction. !

Throughout the portfolio you will be able to read a lot of ideas that I went through,

some of them in free writes, and others in essays. But I also faced a big problem when it came to identifying the emotional extreme of any argument, since i have never been there, I am a person who always uses his mind while engaged in an argument. But overall after I finished the course, I am now able to identify one, and use it to come up with a synthesized point of view. !

There is only one essay, the final one, in which the final draft underwent minor

adjustment. Since I was arguing different political parties, and I got confused between

the definitions of “leftists” and “right wings”, so after submitting the final draft I realized the mistake, and corrected it on the portfolio. !

Throughout the course I was able to achieve most of my targets. Although i had

minor problems in my writings, as far as grammar, and manner in which i explore my thoughts. But overall on a personal level I achieved what I wanted. I really was able to come up with different arguments, and quickly to the extend that while i was writting my papers I go overwhelmed with ideas, and this resulted in many points that are not explored that well. Since I am writing really fast, and by mistake i always jumped thoughts.

Cover Paper  

This is a reflection of what i've lerned in this course.