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Cisco 642-982 Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Design Specialist 10 Q&A

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-2- Q: 1 What two key network aspects are attained when implementing a Cisco Data Center Computing Solution? (Choose two)

A. Throughput B. Storage capacity C. High availability D. Cable management

Answer: A, C Q: 2 Implementing the Cisco UCS would provide which benefit?

A. Application Mobility B. Decreased Storage Access C. Data Consolidated Management

Answer: C Q: 3 Which two statement regarding CNA M71KR and VIC M81KR mezzanine adapters is correct? (Choose two)

A. Both adapters support up to 128 vHBAs

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B. Neither adapter supports HW failover C. The CNA M71KR adapter supports up to four vHBAs with two per fabric to support failover

Answer: B, C Q: 4 What are three types of business pressure that data centers are experiencing? (Choose three)

A. Language barrier B. Collaboration C. SLA metrics D. Global availability E. Separate infrastructures and support organizations

Answer: B, C, D Q: 5 Refer to the exhibit. What is true about the UCS cluster ports L1 and L2?

A. They are FCoE ports B. They are Ethernet ports C. These ports are part of an 802.3ad channel and is configured to run PAgP D. The interface part of the cluster link only carries cluster heartbeat messages

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E. The interface part of the cluster link only carries high level message between Cisco UCS Manager elements

Answer: D Q: 6 Which of the following design criteria would be considered an environmental criteria?

A. Increased Security B. System cabling simplified C. Management effort decreased D. Data Center architecture was simplified

Answer: B Q: 7 Which two environmental conditions are the most important when planning a Data Center facility? (Choose two)

A. Humidity level B. Cabling infrastructure C. Operating temperature D. Emergency fire sprinkler system

Answer: A, C Q: 8 Which is a characteristic of the End Host Virtualized? Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,


A. Creates virtualized desktops B. Requires border links to be single links only C. Provides the ability to support remote control of virtual machines D. UCS appears to the external LAN as an end station with many adapters

Answer: D Q: 9 Scan Point is a part of which recon and analysis package?

A. Linuxconf B. Wireshark C. VMware CapacityIQ D. Akorri BalancePoint

Answer: D Q: 10 What is the purpose of the L1/L2 ports on the 6120 Fabric Interconnect?

A. Supports LACP B. Carries cluster heartbeat messages C. Used for out-of-band Management D. Connects directly to the 2104 Fabric Extender Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,


Answer: B

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