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AVAYA 6006.1 Avaya Aura(TM) Communication Manager (R5.2.1) Implementation Exam 10 Q&A

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-2- Q: 1 What are two ways of obtaining the RFA Module ID (MID) and System ID (SID)? (Choose two.)

A. From the CM Linux prompt issue the command "statuslicense¨CV. B. From the CM SAT issue the command list configuration software-versions. C. From the CM Linux prompt issue the command 'systat'. D. From the CM SAT issue the command 'display system-parameters customer-options.

Answer: A, D Q: 2 At a new deploymentthe customer has the total of 2000 subscribers at their main location. They do not need redundancyin their solution. Which Media Server gateway combinationshould be usedfor this deployment?

A. S8800Simplex with G450 B. S8300D with G450 C. S8300D with G430 D. S8800 duplex with G650

Answer: A Q: 3 Which three settingsneedto be configuredon a Layer 2 device? (Choose three)

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A. RIP B. Port speed C. IP address D. Default gateway E. Routing interface

Answer: B, C, D Q: 4 Whichtwo statements about theinstallingand cablingof the Media gateway G650 are true?

A. Mount the A carrier at the bottom of therack B. Mount the A carrier at the uppermost position in the rack C. In a Multiple Media gatewayG650 configuration, the G650s can be allocatedin different racksif longTDM/LAN cables are usedto interconnectthe G650s. D. In a multiple Media Gateway G650 configurationput the G650s in therack with no verticalspace between them

Answer: A, D Q: 5 Before IPSI cards can become activeon a new CommunicationManagersystem, which screenmust be accessedto enableIPSI control of the port networks?

A. System-parameters IP-options B. System-parameters IPSI-option Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,


C. System-parametersport-networks D. System-parameters IPServer-interface

Answer: D Q: 6 A customer has1200 OP phonesin their solutionand they are looking forredundancy andload balancing. How many CLANs are recommended for their IP phone registration and signaling?

A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5

Answer: B Q: 7 A technician is testingcalls from IP phonesat a remote locationon a G450/LSP to main locationserved byS83XX/G450 over theWAN. Busy tones are receivedwhen multiple callsbetween the two locations arealready active. The network regionsand G 711 and G 729 codec set have been set up. Which two steps must be takento ensure the branch IPphonesare using the minimumWANbandwidthwhen calling main locationstations? (Choose two)

A. Assign branch IP phonesto the G450LSP as its callserver in IP-network-region-2 form. B. AssignG.729 as primarycodecin station formfor the branch IP phones. C. Use the IP-network map form to assignthe branch IP phonesto network region 2.

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D. Create a third codecSetand assign to theG450 gatewayin IP-network-region 2 form. E. Verify calls betweenNR1 and NR2 useG729 codec in IP-network-region 1 form

Answer: B, C Q: 8 A customer asks that the currentsubnet mask assignedto a remote Avaya G450 Media GatewayPrimary ManagementInterface(PM) be verified. Which two commands identify theinformation requested? (Choose two)

A. Show IP-info B. Show running-config C. Show interface VLAN (vlan #) D. Show configuration media Gateway E. Show system

Answer: B, C Q: 9 A customer uses aS8510 serverwith a Media GatewayG650. No more circuit packslots are leftand thecustomer has alreadyorderedand receivedthe necessary componentsfor adding additional DCP phones to thesystem, including a new G850. Which three tasksneed to be performedwhile installing the additional equipment? (Choose three)

A. Cable the two G850 carries with a TDM/LAN Bus Extender cable. B. Set the proper carrieraddress ID for the secondG650 carrier.

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C. Add additional2GB of RAM to theS8510 server. D. Remove the rightTDM/LAN bus terminalfrom the bottom G850 carrier and install the bus terminatorat the left end of theTDM/LAN bus onthe G650 carrier directlyabove. E. The new digital linecard must beinstalleddin slot 2 of new G650

Answer: A, B, D Q: 10 The Avaya G450Media Gatewaycan be configuredto function as a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) client. DHCP client enables the G450 to receive an IP addressfrom a DHCPserver, according to the DHCP client-server protocol. As an option, the G450 DHCP clientcan also requestto receivewhich three types of IPrelatedinformation? (Choosethree)

A. A list of H 248 Mediagateways in the system B. A domain Name C. A list of default routers D. A list of all registered IP Phones E. A list of available DNS servers

Answer: B, C, E

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Selfexamprep 6006.1 Exam - Avaya Aura(TM) Communication Manager (R5.2.1) Implementation Exam  
Selfexamprep 6006.1 Exam - Avaya Aura(TM) Communication Manager (R5.2.1) Implementation Exam  

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