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A. CE1-PE1-PE3-CE3 B. CE1-PE1-PE2-PE3-CE3 C. CE1-PE1-CE2-PE2-PE3-CE3 D. CE1-PE1-PE2-CE3

Answer: A Q: 7 Which roaming option will keep them on the same IP subnet when client traffic is being bridged through LAN interfaces on two WLCs?

A. Layer 1 intercontroller roaming B. Layer 2 intercontroller roaming C. Layer 3 intercontroller roaming D. Layer 4 intercontroller roaming

Answer: B Q: 8 You are the Cisco Network Designer in P4S. Which of these practices should you follow when designing a Layer 3 routing protocol?

A. Never peer on transit links. B. Build squares for deterministic convergence. C. Build inverted U designs for deterministic convergence.

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