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IBM 00M-194 00M-194 : IBM InfoSphere Guardium Sales Mastery Test v1 (000-M194) 10 Q&A

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-2- Q: 1 In the European Telco case, one of their immediate needs is to _________.

A. protect privacy of call records for compliance with data privacy laws B. meet governance requirements C. optimize database usage D. migrate from Oracle to Microsoft database technology

Answer: A Q: 2 Which of the following is false?

A. Oracle Audit Vault does not rely on native logs. B. Oracle Database Audit/Vault does not enforce separation of duties. C. Oracle Database Vault does not support heterogeneous DB environments D. Oracle Database/Audit Vault does not provide real-time monitoring and alerting.

Answer: B Q: 3 According to Verizon Business 2009 Data Breach Report, the majority of compromised data__________?

A. occurs on database server level

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B. resides outside of the firewall C. is a result of laptop theft D. happens because of insecure storage devices

Answer: D Q: 4 Guardium 7 does NOT contain which of the following functional modules?

A. Assess & Harden B. Monitor & Enforce C. Audit& Report D. Mask and Archive

Answer: D Q: 5 Which Guardium product provides granular access controls, including blocking privileged users from unauthorized access to sensitive tables?

A. Vulnerability Assessment Module B. S-GATE C. S-TAP D. Aggregator

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Answer: B Q: 6 As a result of deploying the Guardium Solution, Dell is able to:

A. Automate compliance reporting and get real-time security alerts B. Use a SPAN port analyzer to monitor database activities C. Produce significant reduction of overhead in database and gain closed-loop change control D. A and C

Answer: D Q: 7 Which question CANNOT be answered by Guardium 7?

A. Where is my sensitive data and who is accessing it? B. How big are my databases and should I re-index them? C. Where are my database configuration vulnerabilities and have things changed? D. What changes to database schemas (no change control ticket) have not been authorized?

Answer: B Q: 8 Which of the following is NOT an important part of Guardium's value proposition?

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A. Prevent data breaches B. Encrypt data efficiently C. Assure data governance D. Simply compliance process and reduce cost

Answer: B Q: 9 Which is NOT a key weakness of the previous solution at McAfee?

A. Lack of separation of duties B. Lack of automated PCI controls C. Lack of PeopleSoft support D. Impact on database server performance

Answer: C Q: 10 Which of the following is key weakness of Imperva's database activity monitoring solution?

A. Not really a scalable and enterprise level solution B. Lack of robust auditing support C. High total cost of ownership D. All of the above

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Answer: A

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