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By definition, what is spirituality? Can we truly go beyond the mere definition of spirituality and discover the essence of its meaning? Not the idea of it, but the fact. Can we actually transcend the verbal definition of the word? Surely, no dictionary or any religious book can answer this question for you. To depend on another's reply has no meaning. Perhaps, probing into such a thing as this may not be of much importance to you. Especially, in your busy everyday life, this may seem insignificant. However, if you listen, just maybe you may find out that through spiritual understanding the quality of your life may change, exponentially. Spirituality is not something you can define by mere words. You must see this within yourself. Words are so limited and belong to describing things. Spirituality is not a thing of the mind. It is the inexpressible beyond the mind. Therefore, the mind as thought can never touch it, grasp it, or make sense of it. In fact, to be spiritual is to discover for oneself if there is something that transcends this world, which is an actuality, but it is not a reality. Spirituality is the ultimate reality that does not change. It is beyond time-space and causation. Clearly, spirituality is the seeking and awakening to the sacred within you. Without realizing your spiritual existence, your life has virtually no meaning. To come to it, there is no path, religion, or philosophy that can awaken you. All such means have been attempted and have not produced any effect. It is completely up to you to understand and realize truth for yourself. This truth has to awaken within you when you begin to understand yourself. Not through any form of guided meditation, prayer or philosophical ideology. The pure beauty of discovering this inner peace cannot be expressed from one person to another. The more one tries to speak of it to another, the further the finish line to that realization recedes. To awaken to this sacred essence means to know thyself. This is the ultimate in understanding what you are no matter how busy your daily life. You are going to learn everything about yourself by observing and perceiving your everyday actions. Listen closely to everything you say and do. Be completely vigilant. Throughout the day, from the

moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep, pay close attention to your outer actions and inner processes. Spiritual watchfulness is the art of not resisting any thought that comes to mind. Instead, listen and observe all thoughts no matter what it is. There is no trying to change the thought, let the mind flow and simply observe it whole-heartedly. When your life is in complete order, you will see, clearly. Clarity is intelligence. And, in this seeing, there is endless love. Not the kind of affection that corrupts through jealousy and attachment. But, the wholeness of spiritual love that awakens within you that can never wither away. Does this sound like the eternal love you would be interested in seeing for yourself?

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==== ==== Self-help and spirituality presented with humor and straightforward language. ==== ====

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This book is about learning to live consciously. It is a unique blend of self-help and spirituality presented with humor and straightforward...

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