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You want to know some simple self-defense tips for women, but you are not sure where to go to get the information. Well there are things that you can do as women to prepare against threats. Typically during confrontations you are not thinking straight (most men), and your imagination will not usually be fast enough to invent weapons. This is why intended objects should be carried at all times. The best way to prevent confrontation is to avoid it all together. Here are some suggestions of how this can be done: * Awareness is very important in Self Defense, and by being aware of the environment around you many threats on the streets can be avoided. * The best thing to do if you see or sense something that is not right is to change the route you are taking or enter someplace that will make you feel safe. If you cannot change routes, then go to the opposite side of the street and prepare to defend yourself or run if you need to. * Be cautious of what you wear when you are walking in the street, do not bring any attention to yourself. * Take a bus or taxi, never hitchhike. * Walk with confidence and carry yourself like you are not afraid. You will be less likely to be bothered with. * Most aggressors will back down if you maintain eye contact with them and maintain yourself in the proper manner. Using the environment around you. Everything around you that you can pick up can be a potential weapon. There is only one rule if you are attacked, that is that you must survive. Any person being attached will do whatever necessary to protect him or herself. This will require you to do anything you have to including screaming, scratching, biting (which is not recommended due to the diseases that can be spread), hit or kick, attack with a common object, do all that is needed to end the threat or to have sufficient time to getaway. Striking the attacker with stones, knives, pencils, iron sticks, crochet or knitting needles, etc, anything you have available to you. Maybe using your cell phone will work as well. Sprays: Any aerosol cans, hair spray, spray paint, pepper sprays, mace, tear gas etc.

Unfortunately, due to the awareness of violence, people take it upon themselves to carry illegal self-defense weapons. This is not a good idea and can definitely ward off attackers, but they can bring a lot of legal difficulties for the user. In many states, the use of a firearm even in a perceived use of self-defense can land you three years in jail if you are convicted of aggravated assault. There are many effective, perfectly legal weapons which still produce the same results, should be carried instead. If you stop and look at what is in your bag or purse you will find that unconsciously you have been carrying many potential weapons. For example, if you have an accessible belt it may be used like a whip with the buckle. Or maybe you can stun them by throwing coins in their face. Articles of clothing are known to be used as choking items. Let's not forget the bag itself can be used to strike the attacker. Citizens are often unconscious of the possible legal weapons they are hauling around. Sorry to say during a conflict situation your mind will not as a rule be fast enough to invent weapons out of these objects, so planned objects should be carried. Whiles planning how to use common objects, consider the following: * How many different angles an items can be held to strike from. * How many different surfaces that can be used. * How many different targets that it could strike, all over the body. Being quick and efficient in using weapons is very important; so when you are in danger, do not be uncertain about using them. Hit quickly, and if doable, attack weak points by using a lot of power, for instance, the groin, effective against both men and women. Remember, do not panic, think, be aware and strike hard. This might be the only chance you have of saving your life.

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==== ==== Self Defense Moves you can do at Home, Work or School. Fast, Easy and Fun! ==== ====

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