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Self Defense is as important for children as it is for the adults. All children should be given complete exposure to self defense tactics by not only the parents but also by guardians and educators etc. It's important that every child knows the basics of self defense. Since children are all the more vulnerable to attacks, their self defense involves training about abduction, sexual abuse, strangers, bullies and bullying and internet. Take time to give as much knowledge as possible to your child so that he knows what to do in case of an adverse situation. Basics of self defense for children: 1)Consider the situations where your child is most vulnerable to an attack. It can be in his school, playground, in the street or even in the house. Make sure you educate your child about the perils he can encounter in all the places and how to save the situation. The idea is not to scare him but to empower him in case need arises. It's important that the kids understand what stranger means and how they should stay away from them. 2)Try not to leave your children alone especially in unknown areas like yards and grounds etc. Always try and keep them under your supervision, in cases where this is not possible tell them clearly that you are not going to be around for some time and they need to be vigilant. One single bad experience can ruin your child's whole life. Hence always try and do your best to keep them safe. 3)Teach your child how to use a phone and his complete details like name, address, parents names etc. Let them know how strongly they depend on this information in case of a unfortunate situation. Also tell them that they need to run away in case they feel that they are uncomfortable in a particular situation 4)It's very important that the children understand tat their body is very private to them and they should not allow any stranger to touch themselves. Make them understand that no matter what no one in their school, playground of even neighborhood is supposed to kiss or touch them in the areas which are covered by a swimming costume. 5)It's very important that the children understand that shouting and screaming can be their weapons in case they feel they are under an attack as is running away. Enrolling them in some martial arts school is a very good idea. Also, be alert to notice any changes in his behavior. It might be a sign of harassment or bullying. Communication is very important make sure you explain to your children that they should openly talk to you even if someone threatens them against it.

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==== ==== Parents can teach their children self defense moves at home. Fast, Easy and Fun! http:// ==== ====

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