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When it comes to teaching children about self defense, the lines are a little more blurred from those that adults abide by. Children are smaller and less able to fight off an attacker than an adult. For that reason, some people believe that children should not even be taught to fight. However, there are self defense DVD programs designed specifically with children in mind; and it certainly cannot hurt for a child to learn some moves that they may be able to use if they ever needed to. It is understandable that one would assume a child could never fight off an attacker with bad intentions. However, there are certain martial arts moves and self defense tactics that are made for just such scenarios. Self defense is not only about strength. Sometimes a smaller weaker victim can earn themselves freedom through wit alone; and through training in some martial arts moves or other self defense tactics. For instance, throwing a nice hard kick or punch to the groin of a bad guy will throw him off balance and get him to release his grip. This has nothing to do with strength and everything to do with knowing where to deliver a good strike. When talking to children about self defense and personal safety, it can be helpful to have a self defense DVD program handy. This way, if you do want to arm them with some martial arts moves or self defense techniques; you have a reliable source to do the teaching for you. You can also be there to watch and to practice with your child. The thing about teaching a child how to fight; how to improvise weapons, etc. is that this gives them a higher degree of awareness and of confidence. Both are necessary should your child find that they cannot simply run away from an attacker. Sure, if they can run, they absolutely should. But what if they have been grabbed from behind or by the wrist? In such an instance, a child does not have the ability to run. When a child is taught moves to get out of a wrist grab and can employ it; they have given themselves the ability to then run. However, just as an adult would learn to do, a child could and likely should wiggle out of the grip and then punch or kick to the groin as hard as they can. What this will is buy extra time for them to get farther away from their assailant - and will discourage the assailant from giving chase. All parents want to do everything we can to keep our children safe. We cannot be with them all the time as they go about their days (as much as we might like to). Teaching kids about stranger danger, personal safety and self defense are parts of the complete puzzle in giving our children the ability to protect themselves when we are not physically present with them. There is no better way to give them the best chances for personal safety than that.

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==== ==== Parents can teach their children self defense moves at home. Fast, Easy and Fun! http:// ==== ====

Simple Self Defense At Home For Your Child