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The Kubotan Ready at anytime for anything. The Kubotan is not a new concept and has been widely used in Martial Arts for many years. Some people use an ink pen for the same idea, except that a Kubotan is usually made from something strong and stiff like hard plastic or a lightweight metal, so it can't be broken easily. The Kubotan also goes by other names such as the Tactical Pen, or the Koga. I'm sure there are other trade names also. Makeshift stabbing instruments have been around since the first law breakers went to prison. There have been many stories of prisoners getting into fights and pulling out some sort of stabbing instrument. Many Correctional Officers are told to keep a similar device in their shirt pocket and under the flap of the shirt pocket. A Kubotan is quick and easy, unlike Pepper Spray where you must be downwind to avoid getting blasted by your own spray. How do you pick such a device? The Kubotan can be just as effective as a knife. Some have pointed ends that could be used as a stabbing type of instrument and some have blunt ends that are used in pressure points. Many come in various colors, mainly to appeal to different buyers. Most measure four to six inches in length and have ripples on the handle to prevent slipping within your hand. Today such a device is small enough to be concealed in a purse or pocket and many have key rings attached so you can keep them right with your keys.. Women especially should have a Kubotan in their self defense arsenal. These devices are made for close quarters, because in order to use this, a person has to swing or hit the attacker with the Kubotan. Not like a bat, but like a knife. Why a Kubotan? Just about everyone agrees that a firearm is the best Self Defense item a person could have, but not everyone can or wants to carry one. And for that fact, you can't carry them everywhere; but a Kubotan can be carried by everyone. There are no requirements or rules of who can carry one of these and they can be concealed so easily, no one would ever know that you have one. The bad guy won't recognize what this thing is or what it could do. Any spot on the attackers body could be the target. But then again a person should not think that this is the magic bullet either. If a fight or attack happens, a person should try to get away, instead of fighting the attacker. Fighting should be a last resort no matter what. A person also has to weigh the negatives too. If you were to drop

the Kubotan or if the attacker was to gain control of the device, it could be really bad scene. This should be one of many tools in your Self Defense tool kit.. It makes a great gift idea for a little Personal Security or peace of mind.

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==== ==== Kubotan keychain defense training and FREE Self Defense Book ==== ====

Self Protection With A Keychain Kubaton Device